what happens when your best friends, move away and came back years later but are not who they use to be? They come back and just out of the blue do something that changed your life and now you can't see your friends or friends? will she fall for one of her five BFFs? Or will what happened to them scare her and never wants to see, talk or look at them in the eyes, without her thinking their blood suckers??
(this is my first movella hope yous like it!!!!)


4. Where am I???!!!


I woke up with my head hurting like a bitch. I tried to left my hands but i soon realised i was trapped. I tried to remember what had just happened to me when the One Direction or my bestest fucking friends(note sarcastic).

"Hello, love great to see you finally woke up." Louis said.

" Where the hell am I??!!" i said.

" Your staying with us for awhile with your lovely lying friends Willow and Maddie. So why don't you ask them!?" Niall said.

For some reason they all had smirks on their faces, so i starting to think of how i could possibly escape from 5 blood sucking ex- best friends without them knowing. " Love we can read your minds you know." Harry said.

"fuck" i mumble but apparently they could hear cos Zayn said " You do know we can still hear you right?"

" Just fucking great!" 

After my comment they all just left me by myself with Maddie and Willow. YAY! " You have some explaining to do while we are away from those freaks" i said.

They told me everything and i mean everything from the day they left for  the X- Factor till now. All i really wanted to know now was what amazingly cool powers did they all have. I mean seriously who wouldn't?? Your in a room with your two best vampire friends now would be the perfect time!! " Sooo..... what are your powers and the boys powers?!" i said.

Well, mine is i can see into the future and Maddie's is to control people when they look into her eyes. Again we are so sorry please forgive us?!" Willow said.

" I don't know anymore guys, you did lie to me for like ever!" i said.

I don't know anymore maybe i should just give up and let them do what ever they want to me and then i can be freer if that's even possible!? I was soon brought out of my thoughts when i got dragged downstairs to the kitchen?! By Niall and Louis?! what the hell is going on?!!

" Love you might as well say everything out loud cos we can still hear you" Louis said.

" FINE! But one question what are your powers?" i said.

well, i am the fastest vampire and i can read minds, Louis can control your mind, Harry and physically stop you from moving and Liam can control all elements. Niall said.

" Just great! there is noway in hell i'm getting out of here anytime soon is there?! I hate you guys so much why can't you just kill me and turn me or whatever i'm done trying!" i said.

I ran up to my room really fast and saw that my window was finally open. I jumped out and made a run for it.  I was running so fast i didn't notice until it was too late, i had ran into a brick wall in a freaking dark ally way! Am i really that smart! uhhhhhhhhhhh I hate my life so much! I finally get away and run into my worst nightmare a brick wall in the dark ally way! YAY GO ME!! (note sarcastic) not long after that i see black little spots take over before i go into a deep dark sleep.


 " Leeyummmmmm wait up!" i said as i ran all the way to the hall at school to see  leeyum.

" Oh hehyyyyy Lill ! what is your last class for the dayyy?" Leeyumm asked.

" Math." i said.

" ohh i have English with the boys" Leeyumm said.

" kayyyy, see you after school. Tell the boys i said hiiii and mawahahahahahah." i said.

" kkayyyyy Byeeeeeeeee Lilllllllll!" Leeyumm said. The last thing we did was hug and then from then to the end of school my life was hell. I was called names, cause i hang out with five boys and the popular girls say i am their slave or i'm a bitch and i should go die cause they don't care about me, which makes me sad. I try everyday to cover up the marks from blades, but every time it's either Niall, Louis or Leeyumm who finds out. I swear they take turns in looking at my arms, legs and feet when we play football (soccer) outside. 


As i woke up i found myself in my home with Maddie and Willow looking like they had just survived a earthquake. As i am about to ask them automatically say " We saved you from them monsters" 

Before i say thank- you, the past comes back to me about what just happens and i run as fast as i can upstairs and find the nearest sharpest thing and cut deep enough for me to maybe never even wake up again which right now sounds the the best god dam thing in the world after all that has happened with my friends being vampires, the past coming back to haunt me and the fact that i will always look like a 19 year old girl in lest then a few days. Lets just hope this time no-one saves me..........



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