what happens when your best friends, move away and came back years later but are not who they use to be? They come back and just out of the blue do something that changed your life and now you can't see your friends or friends? will she fall for one of her five BFFs? Or will what happened to them scare her and never wants to see, talk or look at them in the eyes, without her thinking their blood suckers??
(this is my first movella hope yous like it!!!!)


2. Flash back



Me, Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis(  Or you know them as dan dan danOne Direction)  were all skipping down the brick road hand in hand, with each other. Giggling about random stuff as usual heading towards our house( yes we live together). 

Once we got home we all ran to the TV, cos first one their got to choose what we watched, as usual i got their first! " HAHA, i get to choose!!" i said. They all groaned cos they all knew we will be watching X-Factor!!!!! As i sat on Niall and Louis' laps i started to wonder if they should go on X-Factor. That's when it hit me " Guys you have to try out for X-Factor!! pack y'all bags and go!! you guys would win, I just know it!!!" They all looked at me and i could tell they were thinking about it. They Liam finally broke the silence and said " Guys that might be a good idea! but we will be away from you for toooo long! :(" i said "  I don't care go and  be amazing!! I will miss you guys!!" and with that they were gone on their way to the X-factor auditions. Little did i know that was the last time i would see them.


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