what happens when your best friends, move away and came back years later but are not who they use to be? They come back and just out of the blue do something that changed your life and now you can't see your friends or friends? will she fall for one of her five BFFs? Or will what happened to them scare her and never wants to see, talk or look at them in the eyes, without her thinking their blood suckers??
(this is my first movella hope yous like it!!!!)


5. Aren't i just lucky


"No, no, no this can't be happening, why did you let her lock herself in the room with blades!?? Don't you remember what happened last time!?? She almost killed herself we can't lose her!!!!!" i said. 

I remember the last time this happened it was when she lost her vampire besties to X-Factor and she couldn't handle them not being by her side. I hope she's not thinking of killing herself, but of course she is! I can sense it.

" I know but what do we do??! The boys will surely find her now because of her cutting herself, we are doomed!" Maddie said.

It's like the boys have perfect fucking timing, cause of course they choice now at of any other time to show up wanting to take Lilly with them!

" Can you please just come back another time?! She's upstairs trying to kill herself because of all this crap!!!"

i didn't realise that i just said that to five vampires that used to care about her and about the fact i'm choking Lilly's closet ex- best friend Liam.

"WHAT SHE CAN'T DO THAT WE MISS HER AND CARE FOR HER AS OUR BEST FRIEND??!!! AND CAN YOU CALM down Willow before she kills Liam Maddie?!!" Harry said.


" I don't think i will" i said as i watched my best friend choking Liam. Ha whose got the advantage now bitches!

" Liam WAS Lilly's bestest friend so he would surely make her stop and CAN or WILL save her if you tell WILLOW to STOPP!!!" yelled an angry Louis and Niall.

" FINEEE!!!!" i yelled.

i ran over to Willow and pulled her off of Liam and made her calm down by telling her in her mind if they don't save Lilly we can kill them cause the are a little bit sad now so they are probs weaker!

"Well what are you waiting for our best FRIEND is up stairs slowly dying go up AND SAVE HER!!!! NOW!! LIAM!" Me and Willow yelled angrily.

" We are going up now just calm your farm!" they yelled.


As I am waiting for me to lose most of blood i hear Willow, Maddie, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry yelling at each other. I couldn't quite hear what they were saying because the pain was too much for me to handle, but soon after the yelling stop and i started to hear voices coming up the stairs. No, no, no,no, no Stop i don't want you to save me!!!!  i said this in my mind because i knew they would be lessoning to everything i was saying and thinking in my mind. But before they could save me i finally see BLACK DOTS SURROUNDING MY SIGHT!!!! YAY I'VE NEVER BEEN THIS HAPPY IN FOREVER!!!!!! And the last thing i see is Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn crowding around me crying?! what????!!!  

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