what happens when your best friends, move away and came back years later but are not who they use to be? They come back and just out of the blue do something that changed your life and now you can't see your friends or friends? will she fall for one of her five BFFs? Or will what happened to them scare her and never wants to see, talk or look at them in the eyes, without her thinking their blood suckers??
(this is my first movella hope yous like it!!!!)


1. A little about Us


Hi, My name is Lilly or Lil for short. I have long brown wavy hair with red at the tips. Im 19 and i live in London with my two best friends Maddie and Willow.


Hi my name is Maddie or mads for short. I have medium length blonde hair. Im 20. Living with my two best friends.


Hi my name is Willow, i think my name sucks cos i dont have a nickname :( cos you cant make it shorter. I have long straight brown hair. I am 21. living with the two bestest friends!!!!!


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