Paris Potter

Meet Paris, the famous Harry Potter's long lost twin. Like Harry, Voldemort tried to kill Paris. Like Harry, he had no success. Luckily, someone adopted Paris and sent her to Hogwarts. Paris starts to remember, step by step, that Harry is her brother.


9. New Friends

 After the feast, some people called "prefects", who were supposedly to be perfect at school, took us to our dorms. The dorms, or dormitories where basically giant towers where you could hang out and shared rooms with your fellow Gryffindors (or other houses if you're not Gryffindor). The prefect told us where to go, girls on one side, boys on the other. The boys can't cross over to the girls side and the girls can't cross over to the boys side. The prefect, Percy Weasley, which was the boy, Ron's, older brother. He paired us up into 5 people in a group and directed us to our dormitories. I was with Hermione, a girl with curly, light brown hair, a girl with long, black hair, and a girl with long, straight brown hair. Our room was round, with 5 beds against the wall, all around the room. There were also curtains around the bed, for privacy. We awkwardly put our stuff away and it was the curly, light brown haired girl who spoke first. "Well, this is awkward!" she giggled. "My name is Lavender Brown!" "Hey, my name is Paris" I said politely. I may not be rich but I do have manners. "Paris what?" she asked. "What?" I asked, confused. "What's your last name?" she asked. "Uh, my last name is....Jennings! Paris Jennings." I said, flabbergasted. "Well, my name is Hermione Granger." said Hermione. "I'm Parvati Patil" said the girl with long black hair. "And my name is Fay Dunbar" said the girl with long, straight brown hair. "It's nice to meet you all!" we all said at the same time and giggled. "So, isn't this place just wonderful?" exclaimed Lavender. ''Yes! It's so big!" I said. "Hopefully, I don't get lost!" Fay said. "Same here!" Parvati exclaimed. "I just can't wait to see what kind of magic I'll learn!" Hermione added. "Yes! Exactly!" Parvati said. "I just hope it'll be easy enough to learn! I don't want to flunk out on my first year!" We talked and talked until night fell and we all agreed it was time to sleep; we all had a big day ahead of us!

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