Paris Potter

Meet Paris, the famous Harry Potter's long lost twin. Like Harry, Voldemort tried to kill Paris. Like Harry, he had no success. Luckily, someone adopted Paris and sent her to Hogwarts. Paris starts to remember, step by step, that Harry is her brother.


4. Harry and Paris

  Paris's P.O.V.

  After they were done, I saw he got a very pretty wand. While mine was smooth and swishy. I loved it. After that, Hagrid went to talk with my mom. I sat down next to Harry on the bench. "Hi Harry" I said softly. "Hi" he mumbled. "I'm sorry about what happened to your parents" I said. "Everyone knows, don't they? Everyone but me."

"But I just found out"


"It's okay. My parents are gone too"

"Are they dead?"

"I don't know"
"oh ok"

"Yeah" I said. This was awkward.

"What's your name?"



"Yes my mom named me after Paris, France since it's her dream to go there"

"But you're mom is dead"

"Well, she found me when I was a baby. She didn't know what to do so she just kept me. But I love her anyway. She wanted me. My mom probably thought I was a disgrace to the family. That's why I hate my real mom"

"But she might've died"

This shuts me up. I never thought about that so I shrugged. If my mom did die, I wouldn't hate her, just the person who killed her. The person who wanted to murder her.

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