That's Just How It Goes: A One Direction Love Story

Hai Dere!! This is a One Direction Fanfiction!!! SO yeah.


4. Chapter Two: The Concert

Previously: "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, PLEASE WELCOME............ ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


~Sami's POV~



"I LOVE YOU, NIALL!!" I screamed.

The others shouted, "I LOVE YOU, LOUIS!!" "I LOVE YOU, LIAM!!"



Electra turned to me, "SAMI! I'm so freaking excited!" "


I KNOW!" I agreed.


Just then the lights dimmed, and Harry said, "Alright ladies, we're gonna sing now."


The stadium shook with all of the screams. The first notes of "Nobody Compares" started, and Niall's solo began. I screamed through his entire solo, then it was Hayley's turn, as Zayn sang his part. Rebecca was next, as Harry sang the pre-chorus. We all screamed through the choruses. Crystal was next, screaming her head off during Louis' solo, then Rebecca again. All of us screamed through the rest of the song.


After "Little Things," "Live While We're Young," and "They Don't Know About Us," it was time for Twitter questions! We had all sent in a question for our favorite boy, and Electra's came up first. It said, "Liam, will you tell me you love me? My name is Electra."

He turned toward the front row where we were, since the questions said where we were seated, and said, "I love you, Electra." We all screamed our heads off, of course.


Next up was Hayley's! "Zayn, will you sing 'Diana' for me, but with my name instead of Diana? My name is Hayley, by the way. <3" He did. Hayley was crying and screaming, it was amazing!!


Crystal's came up later. "Louis, will you put your relationship status on Facebook as married to me? My FB name is Crystal Tyler." On the big screen, we watched as Louis relationship-requested her. "OHMIGOD!!!" she screamed.


After a couple more questions, they said, "Okay, song time!" They sang "Up All Night," "I Wish," "Save You Tonight," and "Moments." Twitter question time, again!


Rebecca's question popped up first. "Harry, will you take my iPhone up on stage and record for a bit?" He walked over and took her phone.


"Hello, beautiful," he said into the camera, "I love you!" Rebecca started to cry as well.


After some other questions, Liam said, "Alright, last question for today, loves." It was my question! 


"Niall, will you bring me up on stage and sing to me?" He walked over and said, "C'mere, babe." I took his outstretched hand, and he pulled me onto the stage. Paul brought over a chair, and I sat down.

Niall knelt in front of me and said, "What's your name, love?" "S-sami," I said into the microphone.


"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl." he said. I blushed and he asked, "What song would you like, love?"


"I don't care, it'll all sound amazing coming from you," I said, taking off my jacket. I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, so when he looked at my arms, he saw the scars.


"Oh. I have just the song," he said, "This is a new song, never released, never leaked, and the boys and I'll sing it just for you, Sami." By this point, I was dying inside, and the girls were screaming their heads off. The lads sat around me in a semicircle, Niall infront of me.


He started to sing, "You're perfect, beautiful, sweet, sophisticated. I love you, so please, take care, of yourself." Then Zayn started singing, "You don't need to listen to those haters, so don't take what they say, and tell yourself, you don't deserve, to live."


After they finished the song, which is called, "Don't," Harry said, "Okay. We need these people to go with Paul, Electra, Hayley, Crystal, and Rebecca. Sami, love, please go backstage." I walked slowly back, and saw the girls.


I ran over to them, screaming, "OH MY GOSH! Can you believe this??" They all shook their heads.

Just then, we heard Zayn say, "Ladies, we've got to go back for a bit. We'll be back, though." We turned toward the stage entrance, and One Direction started walking towards us. 



CLIFFIE!!! XD Hope you like it, guys, I tried SUPER hard to make it better than Ch. 1. By the way, I didn't use Crystal's real last name haha. Thanks, babes. ~Sami


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