That's Just How It Goes: A One Direction Love Story

Hai Dere!! This is a One Direction Fanfiction!!! SO yeah.


5. Chapter Three: Backstage


~Niall's POV~

 As we walked off stage, I was lost in thought about her. The girl we brought on stage. Sami. She's amazing. I can't believe she is depressed enough to cut herself. She has to be so popular. But I'm ranting. Back to walking off stage. I looked up from adjusting my mic, and she was standing right in front of me, looking into my eyes.


I really didn't know if I should be staring at her eyes, or her scars. I just wanted to kiss each and every one and tell her how beautiful she was.


"Thanks for singing to me, it was a really pretty song."

Her friends in the background squealed and jumped around in unison. “You’re so very welcome, beautiful.” She looked down and blushed.


There were so many things about her I couldn’t figure out. Like what types of music besides One Direction she liked or what movies she watched. What if she was actually really shy and that’s why she self harmed? What if they weren’t actually scars from cutting and I confused her with the song because she had some wild cats? Why was I so confused? Why wasn’t anyone saying anything?


My eyes grew big at the fact that the two of us were just staring at each other while I thought. Before I could say anything else, I was tackled by the boys and her friends, resulting in her being the only one left standing. She looked at me, under the pile of bodies, and started to laugh.

“You guys, get off of me. This is not how we behave around guests.”


“Oh, since when was Niall the mature one of the group?” Liam mocked.


“Shut up, Liam.” I said, squirming out from beneath them.


Suddenly, my back pocket vibrated. My cell. I grabbed it, and saw a text from Louis. “Dude, stop

with the googly eyes at Sami. Honestly, you’re pathetic. :P”


I glared at him and texted back, “Shut up. You’re looking at Crystal like she’s the last carrot on earth, Mr. Tyler,” The ‘Mr. Tyler’ part, from the twitter question Crystal asked him, to marry her on Facebook.


I saw a hand come out at me as I slipped my phone back in my back pocket. “Thanks.” I told Sami, feeling a bit embarrassed for myself.


“Anytime. I mean, in the next, like, hour or so, since after that, I’ll never see you again.” she said, smirking.


I tried making sense of what she was saying, until I realized what she was hinting at. “Now, Miss Sami. Did you really think I would invite you and your friends backstage, just so that we may never see you guys again in the future?”


She looked down. “Well, I just figured this wasn’t an uncommon thing, that it happened often.”

From that sentence, I could tell  those scars were purposeful, maybe because she downgraded herself a lot.


“No, this is definitely a first.” I looked around at the lads and her friends. Her friends looked uncertain, but I knew the boys had my back. “Now give me your phone.. Please.”


“Why?” she asked, uncertain.


“Just let me see it for a minute.” I said, smiling softly.”I won’t mess it up, I swear.”

I took the mobile device out of her hands. I pressed the home button and saw my face. How cute, I was her lock screen. “Um, Sami, can you please put in your passcode?”

She blushed. “I-it’s 0913.”

“My birthday.” I said, smirking. “Someone’s a Niall girl.”

She hid her face behind her hands to hide her blushing. One would think a celebrity would be weirded out by the ways of a fangirl, but being Niall Horan, I found it quite cute.


Paul walked into the lounge room. “Boys, back on stage. It’s been forty-five minutes.”


Forty-five minutes can sure go by fast when you’re talking to the most beautiful girl in the world. I quickly entered my number into her phone, taking a quick selfie.


“You think I’m the most beautiful girl in the world?” She asked, placing a piece of hair behind her ear. Shiz, did I say that out loud?

I blushed. Exiting her contacts page and going to Notes, I typed a quick, “Yes.” and handed her phone back.

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