That's Just How It Goes: A One Direction Love Story

Hai Dere!! This is a One Direction Fanfiction!!! SO yeah.


3. Chapter One: The Arrival

~Sami's POV~

I was SO excited!! Today was the day!! We were going to a One Direction concert!!! We being me, Crystal, Electra, Hayley and Rebecca. That morning, I put us all on a conference call. "OH MY GOSH!!! I am FREAKING OUT!!!" yelled Electra.


"I KNOW!!" we all fervently agreed.


After we had all fangirled and calmed down a bit, Crystal wondered, "So what time are we meeting at Rebecca's house?"


"Well, the concert starts at six, so to give us time to get ready and get to the concert hall, around three, maybe?" Hayley asked. We all agreed. After a few more minutes of fangirling, we hung up.


Now, to sit and wait for three hours.. I went to my closet and found my "I love you Niall" t-shirt, my black skinny jeans, and my One Direction Converse. Now, let me just tell you, all of us loved every one of the boys equally, but we all had a bit of a favorite. Mine was Niall, Crystal's was Louis, Electra's was Liam, Hayley 's was Zayn, and Rebecca's was Harry. So at three, we all met at Rebecca's house, wearing our One Direction outfits.


"Face paint time!" Crystal yelled. So we all got "1D" painted on our left cheeks, "forever" on our right cheeks, and our favorite boy's name on our foreheads. We were all really excited! We piled into Electra's car and drove to the concert hall. We found our seats, in the FRONT ROW!!


We sat down and waited for the concert to start. The lights went down, and over the loudspeaker, we heard, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, PLEASE WELCOME... ONE DIRECTION!"



Hey guys! Hope you like the first chaptah!!!! XXXXX ~Sami

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