That's Just How It Goes: A One Direction Love Story

Hai Dere!! This is a One Direction Fanfiction!!! SO yeah.


6. Chapter Four: Beautiful

~Sami’s POV~


I really don’t know how to react to the last hour. To start off, I was at a One Direction concert. Not to mention the fact that Louis Tomlinson was apparently married to my best friend, and I had Niall Horan’s phone number. Also, let’s not forget that I may or may not be the most beautiful girl to the Niall Horan. So yeah, pretty normal day for me. I wish.


“OH MY GOSH SAMI!” Electra screamed from across the room.


I turned to her, smiling like an idiot. “Mhm?”


“WHAT JUST HAPPENED!” Crystal screamed out before Electra could.


“I just got Niall Horan’s phone number.” I said, still in shock.


“Ok, when did that happen. Did I seriously just miss something important?” Rebecca said, finally getting off the floor.


“Well, maybe if you hadn’t decided to tackle Niall to the ground, you wouldn’t have missed so much.”


“But.. But… But… Harry. He smelled so good.”


“Oh my god. You’re pathetic.” I laughed. “Whose idea was it to turn this backstage space into a giant puddle of people anyways?”


Suddenly, the screams we’d been hearing for the past.. forever, stopped, and it went silent. Before the girls could point to the random picture of Louis, the boys came in again, screaming and running around the room.


“Oh my god, what’s happening??” Electra and I shouted in unison.


“Last show before we get a few days off just ended.. Right.. About.. Now!” Harry shout-sang.


“Aw, we missed the last half of the show?” Hayley asked, slipping out a pouty lip.


Zayn looked at her, walking over, and poked her outstretched lip. “Sorry, babe, but I think you have it better than the girls out there.”

I could mentally feel her freaking out from all across the room. When I looked around to see if the other girls felt what I felt, I noticed Niall staring at me.

Oh my god.. Is my eye liner running. Why is he staring at me? How long has he been staring at me? I thought to myself, feeling my face. He watched me, smirking. Suddenly, Crystal pulled me away from the group, behind a couch.


“Uh, Crystal..? What-”




“WHO?!?!” I asked, trying to freak out with her.


She slapped me in the back of my head with her phone. “Who else girly?!?! LOUIS FREAKING TOMLINSON!”


I rubbed my head. “That hurt! Jeez! But seriously?! Lemme see!!” She gently tossed her phone over to me, even though we were only a few inches away from each other.


I unlocked it, since her passcode is 1224, and went on messages. Top message. The name is Louis Tommo. I clicked on it, nervous, though I don’t really know why. It was a picture. I clicked on it, and it’s the crowd of the concert, with a note that says, “Hey, Crystal. I don’t have a solo in this song, so I decided to text you.”

Guess I wasn’t the only one having some kind of luck with the 1D boys, but yay for Crystal. We walked back over to the crowd of humans, and I sat on a purple leather couch.


“Woah, you two are like ninja-fairies. Disappearing and popping out of no where.” Harry commented, looking in a bit of shock.


I laughed. “Haz, we just walked behind that couch. Not that disappear-y.” Oh my god. Did I just call him Haz? To his face?? I slapped my forehead, getting a laugh out of Niall. Oh golly, how his laugh made me want to melt. Niall walked over to the couch and sat next to me.


“So, Sami.. What did you think of the show? You know, the part you actually did see.” He asked, trying to seem cool. His attempt ended up failing when he slipped and fell upside down on the couch. I pretended to look in the other direction and not notice his clumsiness.


I glanced back at him, and smiled. “It was alright.. I mean, not the best.” I said, looking away with a smirk. He looked at me, horrified. “What? What better concert have you been to??”


“The Wanted.” I said, finally looking at him. “No, I’m kidding. It was PERFECT.”


For a moment I could hear our heartbreaks from how upset he was. Luckily, I recovered the situation from my terrible joke.


Crystal slapped the back of my head again. “What was that for?!”


“Why would you even compare The Wanted with One Direction?”


“Dude, it was a joke! Chill out!” I looked at Niall. He did not seem amused.


I put on a puppy dog face. “I’m sorry Niall.”


He looked at me, and his expression softened. “It’s alright, just please don’t do that again.” He stood up and opened up his arms, bringing me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around his neck, smiling.


In the midst of our hug, I felt something hit my head.


Why does everyone keep abusing my head today? I thought to myself. I looked around.

“Owww, what was that for?” I asked, letting go of Niall.


“It’s time to go girly, it’s almost curfew and we still have a half hour ride back home.”


I groaned. “Ugh, but I’m having fun!”


“Sami, it’s not like you’re leaving Niall forever. You’ll always have this day in memory. We have to go now though.”


“Actually Sami. Hayley is right. I was just about to ask you about some of the sights here. Since we’ll be here for a couple days on break, maybe I could take you out?”


I was dreaming. That’s what it was, I was dreaming. I pinched myself over and over again, only to prove myself wrong and that this was in fact, reality.


I nodded, blushing. “Of course.”


“Now, since that’s settled, WE HAVE TO GO!” Electra shouted, pushing me away from the ‘blonde bombshell’.


I looked back as we were walking away, and he bit his lip and winked at me. Holy mother of… Niall Horan just bit his lip and winked at me. Oh my god. This cannot be happening. I snapped out of my reverie when we walked outside. “Oh god! It’s cold out here!”


“Yes Sami. It’s cold. Because it’s the middle of winter. What do you expect?” I’m pretty sure Rebecca was done with my antics today.


“I was just saying! Jeez, Rebecca, take a chill pill.” I laughed and shoved her playfully.


“Just make sure you don’t fall under any spells. You’re driving now since Electra is gonna fall asleep and I don’t feel like crashing.”


“Now Rebecca, why in the world would I put myself in that situation right before my date with Mr. Horan.” She rolled her eyes at me.


“Crystal, I think it would be better if you drove.” She said as she saw me take out my phone. She looked over to Crystal whose face was glowing from the screen light as well.


“Hayley?” She said, seeming like she wanted to just walk home by this point.


“I’m on it.” Electra threw the keys to Hayley, who ran over to the driver’s seat. Rebecca took the passenger seat as Crystal, Electra and I got into the back, still distracted by the words on our phones.


“Aw, look what Louis just texted me.” Crystal bragged, showing us her phone.


“Crys, I’d appreciate it if you took that screen out of my face. I’m trying to drive right now.” Hayley complained, taking her free hand to push Crystal’s hand away.


Crystal turned the tiny screen to face me, extremely bright in the dark car. I rolled my eyes, pretending to care, for I was tired of her showing off her 30 minute relationship to everyone.


“Wow, that’s so cute Crystal.” I spoke, slightly sarcastic.


I glanced back down at my phone, and smiled again.


“What are you all smiley about?” Crystal peered over my phone, trying to get into some of the action between Niall and I.


I looked at her and turned my body, so the screen was facing away from her. “Nothing.”


“Well then. Someone needs food in her system, doesn’t she?”  


“Shut up Crys.” I rolled my eyes, annoyed. The next time I looked up from my phone was about 20 minutes later. The car was parked in front a some kind of fast food place, and for some reason I was the only one in the car. The perfect time to take random selfies.


To: Niall


Random selfie party?




Selfies? Randomness? Party? I’m SO in!


In a matter of seconds, I continuously pressed the button that sent pictures while my phone kept on buzzing from the photos Niall was sending me. I took a pause, and looked at his pictures. They’re hilarious! The typical duck faces, peace signs and derp faces.


Niall Horan, you are such a white girl. I thought.


The rest of the girls walked in in the midst of my laughter.


“Guys, I think Sami is having a stroke.” They all had fear in their eyes.


“I told you she needed food!” Crystal rushed into the car opening the bag she was holding. Confused, I went along with her antics until she started shoving french fries into my mouth.


“Woah!!” I said through a mouthful of french fries. “Why is my mouth full of fries?”


“BECAUSE YOU’RE DYING!! Now quick! Swallow before you choke!”


I swallowed. “Crystal, I’m not dying! What are you talking about??”


“But.. But you were being really emotional earlier. And just now you were having a stroke. And before we stopped here, we kept talking to you and trying to get you to come in but you wouldn’t reply or anything.”


“Oh. Well, sorry to freak you out, but I’m fine.” Just then, it hit me that I was exhausted. “Guys, can we just go home?”


“On our way.”


Hayley was back on the wheel before I noticed, driving down the street of where Rebecca lived.


“First stop, Rebecca’s.” We pulled over by the small white house that we were at before we showed up to the concert.


“Bye Beccaaaa!” We all shouted at different times.


“Bye guys! Love yaa!” She blew a kiss before Hayley continued the car’s motion towards my house.


“Crystal, are you sleeping over today?”


“Oh right, I totally forgot.” We both sprang out of the car. “Thanks for the ride Hayley. Drive home safely you two.” I said before slamming the door shut. Crystal and I looked at the girls in the car with small smiles, waving good bye as the car sped off.


The both of us ran inside to be met with s’mores and soda.


“MORE FOOD!!!” She shouted, tossing aside her empty bag of wrappers and opening the can of soda, causing it to fizz and shake.


I laughed. “Crys, really? Sure, just throw your trash on my floor.” I said, sarcastically.


“Don’t worry, I will.” she said.


I laughed and said, “Disney movies?” She nodded. I walked into the kitchen and got lots of popcorn. We started our marathon with the Toy Stories, ‘cuz they’re amazing. Just sayin. After all the Toy Story movies, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, and Peter Pan, I looked at the clock.


“Oh my god! It’s two a.m.! We have to go to school tomorrow!!! We better go to bed.” I exclaimed. Crystal agreed. We walked up to my room and changed into our jammies. I laid in my bed and Crystal laid on a GIANT beanbag.

“Night, Crys.” I whispered. “Love you.” She didn’t respond. She was already asleep. I laid my head down, and fell asleep.


Hey! It's been ages since we updated, I knoww. BUTOMGTHISCHAPTERTHOUGH. I loved writing it and I hope you'll love reading it as much. TTFN my lovely beautiful babes!!!! ~Sami<3

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