That's Just How It Goes: A One Direction Love Story

Hai Dere!! This is a One Direction Fanfiction!!! SO yeah.


7. Chapter Five: Snow

Crystal’s POV

I was waken up by the sound of my phone repetitively beeping. I picked it up and saw it was only 5 in the morning. I’ve only been asleep for 4 hours or so.


“Ughhhh..” I moaned into my pillow. I looked across me to find Sami’s phone glowing as well. I rubbed my eyes and sat up in my sleeping bag. Finally re-grabbing my phone, I dimmed the light of the screen so I could actually see the words on it.


“29 New Messages” A notification popped up, letting out a loud ding.


I went to  my messages and saw that all the text were from Louis.


From: Louis

Hey Crystal, I know it’s late, but I’m looking for someone to talk to


From: Louis

Niall said we can join him on his date with Sami


From: Louis

Nevermind. He says we can’t now.


From: Louis

This boy is being bipolar because Sami isn’t replying.


From: Louis

That means he said yes


From: Louis

Wow, I’m so lame


From: Louis

I’ll hopefully see you later. Sorry for being so lame and sending you so many texts.


That last texts was sent about a minute ago. He’s probably not asleep yet and neither am I so what the heck.. I thought.


From: Crystal

I have awoken great one! Don’t leave me! We can be lame together.


The sent beep rang and was followed immediately by a received ding. Before continuing to text, I went to my settings to turn off the sound. Back to the text.


From: Louis



I laughed at his overly hyper text.



What’s up Lou?


From: Louis

The sky. :P


From: Crystal

Aha ha ha *Note my sarcasm


From: Louis

Duly noted. So how’s life after the Tommo?


From: Crystal

Exhausting :(


From: Louis

I is sorry. Maybe you should sleep then?


From: Crystal

It’s 5 in the morning. If I go back to sleep, I’ll wake up again at around noon and then I’ll miss the date I think I’m going on.


From: Louis

Do you not go to school, love?


From: Crystal

Oh yeah. Dang. By the way, why are you not asleep?


From: Louis

This is usually how it is on my days off. Do you need a ride to school love? Don’t want you driving while you’re half asleep.


From: Crystal

Well, I’m at Sami’s, and we usually walk, but seeing as it’s snowing, that’d be amazing. And, if possible, bring the snowflake?


From: Louis

The snowflake?


From: Crystal

Niall. :D


From: Louis

You girls and your nicknames. I’m guessing you have to get out soon so I’ll be right there.


From: Crystal

How do you expect to get here if you don’t know where you’re going Mr. Tommo?


From: Louis

Oh. Yeah. Where’m I going then?


From: Crystal

222 east 1146 north Apple Avenue, it’s still in the same area as the venue last night


From: Louis

On my way love! <3


I smiled at the last text before putting my phone on the pillow. Curious about what it looked like on the outside world, I climbed onto Sami’s bed and looked out the window.


Ew. Snow. Gross, blindingly white, cold, annoying, sparkly. Sorta like Edward Cullen. I thought to myself, smirking at that last bit.


I hopped off her bed, picking up my phone. I relit the screen to it’s normal brightness and searched through the sounds trying to find the one that would wake up Sami.  I found one, a loud buzzing sound.


I’ll try this one. I thought. I turned the sound up all the way, and pressed the button.


Sami shrieked and sat up. “CRYSTAL! What the heck?!”


I pointed to the clock and watched her quickly scramble and trip a few times as she tried to grab her towel. Finally succeeding, I watched her go into the bathroom. Not wanting to stink for school either, I searched my bag for normal clothes and waited for Sami to get out. As I was waiting, her phone beeped. I, being the great friend I am, decided to check it for her. It was Niall.


From: Niall

Hey, Sami. IDK if you’re awake, but whenever you get this. Okay. Here we go. Goodmorning beautiful. IDK when I’ll see you, so have an amazing day, whatever you Americans do with yourselves during the day. ;)


I knew her passcode so I could text him back. These are the important questions. Should I text him back, or shouldn’t I? I think yes.Tee hee. What to text back though?


From: Sami

Morning Nialler :)


I started off simple, not wanting to seem too suspicious. Just then, the shower shut off. Crap. She’s coming. I’m dead.


He still hasn’t replied. Niall Horan: Slower texter than Louis Tomlinson. In a mode of panic, I recollected my shower needs and threw her phone back on her pillow. The door opened, and Sami walked out.


“Finally!” I exclaimed. “Is there even any hot water left?”


“Probably…” She answered, going straight to her phone. “Crys, did you text…”


Before she could finish, I avoided the topic by running into the bathroom. I turned the shower on and put my phone on the counter. Repetitive knocking from Sami was heard over the door.


After a few minutes in the shower, Sami had stopped knocking and started yelling.

“Crystal! Get your butt out here! Louis and Niall are here to pick us up!” I shut off the water and grabbed a towel.


“Tell them I’ll be out in like five minutes!!” I yelled through the towel, drying my hair.


I put on my change of clothes and opened the door to find a smiling Louis Tomlinson with arms wide open.




“Crystalll!” We gave each other a hug before walking downstairs.


“Wait, I have to get my backpack.”


“Already got it.” Louis smiled, handing me my bag.

“Ok. I think we’re ready now.”

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