It starts at a club as always.
Another screwover turns into a friend with benefits.
But what happens then?


1. Creature

Alexandria's P.O.V

“Where exactly are we going?” I twirl a strand of my medium-length, spikey, mystic black hair around my index finger, and sink further into the cab seat.

“This new club opened for under 21s, it’s their grand opening party thang.” Says Ciara, turning around in the front seat of the taxi, in a scarlet cocktail dress and twiddling her septum piercing.
“Yeah, everyone who is anyone is going!” Backs up Katie, smoothening her translucent black blouse, complete with a black crop top underneath and leather black trousers.
Man, they look stunning. I look down at my outfit, ashamed. My leather jacket, long-sleeved fishnet shirt with a gray t shirt underneath, ripped black skinnys and knee length converse had nothing on these stunning girls. I flicked my layered fringe, sighing and examine my eyeliner in the reflection of my phone.
 I’m 17. My mum decided to drop everything in Newcastle and move up to London, partially to avoid more crap from my dad, and well y’know, family stuff. Ciara and Katie both happen to live in the same block of apartments and our mothers thought it would be good to ‘get to know each other’, and that’s basically how I am where I am right now.
The rustling of Ciara rearranging her handbag suggests our arrival at the club. With one last sigh and final twiddle of my sharkbites in the drivers rearview mirror, I throw a ten pound note at the cab driver, hoping it will be enough, before clambering out of the cab and onto the pavement.

 “So… do we just go and queue or…?” I awkwardly gesture to the overflowing entrance of ‘Magnet’.
Ciara turns to me. “No, Katie and I are queueing. You, however, can be a darling and go and get us some cigarettes from the shop around the corner.”
“I don’t remember having a say in this…” I trail off, as I get ushered along the pavement.
 “Shush, off you go. Meet us at the bar in like, 15 minutes.”
“Ugh, fine, if I must. But keep this,” I pass her my small handbag.
“You’ve got the money?” She says.
“Yeah, I put it in my pocket.”
“Right, off you go,” She prods me again.
I roll my eyes and bury my hands in my jacket, before turning around and walking off.
The streetlights illuminate the damp patches of rain on the pavement as I walk along, the shop just up ahead. How my mum managed to convince me to even come out tonight is beyond me, because she knows I’m not really a party kind of girl.
I examine the inside of the shop before stepping inside and heading straight for the front counter.
“Pack of JPS Silver, please.” And surprisingly enough, the shop keeper just scans them straight through without asking for ID or anything.
“£4.99, please.” He holds out his hand for the cash, while the bell tingles signalling another customer has arrived.
“Right,” I say, delving into the pocket of my jeans and fishing around for the £5 I have. I feel my face start to redden as I realise, I didn’t take the money out of my handbag at all, because it isn’t in my pocket.
“Uh… just a second…” Desperately, I fumble around in all of my pockets in the hopes that somehow, money will magically appear, which of course, it doesn’t.
The shopkeeper taps his nails on the counter impatiently. “4.99 please.” He repeats sternly.

“I-I can’t find it…”
He gives me a look. “Then get ou—“
“It’s cool, man, I’ll pay.” A five pound note floats down onto the counter and I swivel around to see my life-saver. Tousled, wild brown curls tucked into a cap, twinkly bluey-green-brown eyes that focus on me, and soft-looking lips, with spiderbites that twiddle as he smiles at me.
“Uh, thanks—I, I could pay you back, if I mean, yeah…” I awkwardly trip over my words. I’m so bad with people for fucks sake.
“Nah, it’s alright, love. Not gonna let a good-looking girl just stand there and not get served.” He winks at me.
The man at the till coughs awkwardly and we both turn towards him.
“Here’s your cigarettes, and your 1p change.”
“Yeah, um, right… Do you want that…?” I turn to my saviour.
“Keep the change, mate.” He says casually to the guy.
“Why thank you ever so much,” The shop keeper says sarcastically. I grab the cigarettes and hurry out of the shop, after yelping a quick ‘thank you’ at the boy.

I lean against the shop wall breathing quickly. I mentally hit myself for being so awkward and stupid and ugh. Straightening up, I shove the cigarettes in my pocket and turn to walk back to the club, when a strong hand plants firmly on my shoulder. Without turning to face the person (presumably the guy from the shop), I shrug off the hand and strut, well, practically sprint, up the street towards the entrance of Magnet, where I see Ciara and Katie just entering the club. I sprint even quicker to catch up with them, and the bouncer nods at me, letting me in just after them. I don’t turn around to see if the boy followed me because, well, it’d be too awkward.

When we get into the club, Ciara and Katie head straight for the bar. Huh.
“Eager much?!” I yell over the ear-splitting, thudding dubstep coming from the stage.
“Yay! Alex!” Ciara grabs my wrist and drags me to the bar, with Katie.
“Didja get the cigs?” Katie yells.
I hand the cigarettes over, and take my bag off Ciara. “Yeah! Someone had to pay for me though, left my money in my bag.” I yell back.
“What did you say?!” Screams Ciara.
“Ugh! It doesn’t matter!” I grab a shot off the counter and down it.
“And you call us eager!” Laughs Katie.
I feel so embarrassed from the shop incident that I just have to drink it away.
“Shut up!” I down another one, and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand. Already I start to loosen up a little.
“Woah, slow down girl!” The barman smiles at me.
I laugh. “I refuse!” I grin at him wildly.
He just shakes his head, smiling, as I down yet another shot.
“Let’s go dance, girls!” Katie grabs my arm, takes Ciara’s hand and drags us out onto the multi-coloured dancefloor.
“Ugh, I can’t dance.” I giggle.
“I’ll teach you!” Ciara starts to wiggle her hips and wave her arms in the air.
I laugh because she looks silly, but the boys around us don’t seem to think the same. They’re all checking out her ass. Ugh.
I try and look anywhere but at Ciara, and look towards the bar to distract myself. That’s where I spot the boy. Again. And he’s staring straight at me, grinning and running one hand through his mane. I turn away quickly and bump into Katie.
She giggles. “Come on, dance, Alex!”  She grabs my arm and twirls me around clumsily. I try and look like I’m concentrating on Katie, when in fact I’m checking to see if he’s still looking over. He’s talking over to some guy who has his arm around a slutty looking girl. I giggle half-heartedly, and that’s when Katie notices I’m looking over at the bar.
“Thirsty, again?!” She yells. “Ugh, come on.” She starts dragging me over to the bar, where we stop only 40 inches away from the boy. I turn to Katie, but I can feel his eyes burning into my back.
“What’s wrong?” Katie looks at me, confused.
Instead of answering, I just grab another shot and down it. She’s still looking for an answer, so I just stick with the easiest response.
“Nothing, why?” I say.
“I dunno,” she giggles again. “You just look distracted. You can’t be drunk already!” She starts giggling crazily.
Wanting to get away from him again, I just say, “Let’s go get Ciara.”
I pull her away from the bar, she’s still giggling, and weave through the crowd towards the front, where we originally left Ciara being eyed up.
“HEY KATIE!” She yells. “THIS IS JOE, HE THINKS YOU’RE HOT.” She gestures towards a fair boy in a checkered shirt.
Still giggling, Katie clip-clops over to the boy, leaving me in the centre of the dancefloor, where I stand, feeling vulnerable.
Like I said, I’m not really a party kind of girl.
“Hey, uh, Ciara—“ I begin. Suddenly, a hand grabs my ass and a voice slurs into my ear.
“Hey baby, you lookin’ for a good time?” I stiffen and turn around. A sweaty looking beefy guy stands there, swaying and attempts to wink at me, which results in him looking like he’s having a spazm.
“Hey honey, you lookin’ for a slap?” I reply.
“Wha--?” And with that, I reach out and slap him hard across the face, before spitting at him and pushing through the crowd towards the toilet.

I gaze at myself in the mirror. I’m alone in the toilets. I can still hear the thud of the techno from next door, though. I splash my face with some tap water, and reach into my bag for my mobile.
I check the time. 10.45pm. Huh, didn’t last long. Not a surprise, really. I ruffle my spikes, rearrange my jacket and shove my phone into my pocket. Just as some giggly slutty girls trot into the toilets and give me a dirty look, I step out, back into the club.
My eyes search for the exit, and just as I start heading that way, Ciara grabs my wrist. Her lipstick is smothered all over her face and her fringe is plastered to her forehead. How she manages to still look attractive, I will never know.
“Where you going?” She slurs.
“Home. Goodbye.” I pull my arm from her grasp and head quickly towards the exit, waving goodbye to the barman on my way out. I can’t even bear to look for Katie, or check for the boy at the bar, I just have to leave this horrific place.

The cool night air is a relief on my burning face. I lean against the pulsing wall of the club and slide my hand into my pocket for my mobile. I text my mum.

‘Hi mum. Horrible club. On my way back now.x’
I don’t expect her to text back, she’s probably still at work. But when I look at the screen again, I realise I have no credit. Well, fuck. I look up and down the street, examining the shop windows. A hat shop. A vintage record shop. A florist. A face. Wait—a face?
Stood before me is none other than the boy from the shop. Fabulous.
“Hey sweetheart,” He winks at me. “Done already?” He whips out a cigarette and places it between his parted lips, before lighting it in his cupped hand.
“Yeah, I’m not a party girl.”
“Huh. I woulda thought a girl like you loves to party.” He says, puffing some smoke into the air between us.
I waft my hand. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I narrow my eyes at him.
“I dunno, you look like you know how to have a good time…” He winks at me again. Typical, he probably thinks he’s irresistible or something.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.” I try hard to change the subject.
He takes another puff of his cigarette before dropping it and standing on it with his heel.
“You mean the one you’re going to be screaming in about 10 minutes?” His eye twinkles.
“Ha. You wish buddy.”
He ignores my comment. “I’m Ben,” He holds out his hand for me to shake. I take hold of it and he pulls me forward and whispers into my ear.
“What’s yours?”
I step back. “I’m Alexandria.”
He steps forward, again.
“Pretty name for a pretty girl, huh?”
He takes another step forward, and I look away from him.
“Listen, I don’t know why you’re talking to me but—“ He grabs my arm and drags me around the corner of the club, down the small dark alleyway at the side.
“What the hell are you doing?!” I object.
“Shh, Alex,” He presses a finger to my lips, dragging it down slowly and trailing it along my neck.
“I’ll show you how to have a good time…”
Before I can speak, he shoves me up against the wall furiously and presses his lips to mine, his tongue exploring my mouth.
I push him away.
“Ben…” I breathe.
“Shh baby, it’s ok.”
This time, I’m ready before he is. I throw myself into him, running my hands through his hair, our tongues in a battle, him biting my bottom lip. His hands rub and scratch my back and we stop kissing momentarily, so I can tug on his ear with my teeth. His soft lips plant small light kisses against my neck, getting rougher each time. I try and stop myself from moaning, but I can’t. It’s physically impossible. He sucks on my neck while my head lolls to one side and my hands scratch down his back until they reach his butt, which I squeeze and grab his waist, pulling him further up against me. His hands run down my back and up my shirt, playing with my left boob. We kiss again, hard and passionate and he slides his hand into the back of my pants.
“Ben…” I gasp. He looks up at me, grinning cheekily.
“I-I’ve got to go.” I give him one last kiss and run out of the alleyway and onto the street, looking around wildly. I look back behind me to see Ben shrugging and walking in the opposite direction, putting his mobile to his ear.
I quickly re-arrange my top, before turning to run into the club to find the girls. But before I can move, black clouds my vision and I feel everything going a little fuzzy… I shake it off and take a step towards the club door.
“Alex! There you are!” A blurry Ciara runs towards me.
“Ciar—“ But before I finish my sentence, the darkness returns and the last thing I hear is a high pitched squeal before I fall to the cold concrete pavement.


“Alex! ALEX! Please, Alex!” A voice is calling out to me, and Ciara’s face comes into vision.
“Whut?” I mutter, rubbing my eyes with the back of my hand.
“Oh my god, thank god you’re alright.” She giggles nervously.
“Yeah…” I mumble.
“Where have you been? I’ve been looking fucking everywhere!”
Suddenly, it comes back to me. The whole episode with this ‘Ben’ character. The alleyway. The…kissing.
I play the innocent card.
“Oh uh… I-I don’t remember…”
Her arm slides behind my back and she helps me to my feet.
“At least you’re ok.”
“I guess.”
“Wanna beer?”
Without an answer, she tugs at my arm and pulls back into ‘Magnet’. Seriously… I’ve just passed out and she’s asking if I want a beer?
“One beer please…” She pulls some coins out of her bra and the barman raises his eyebrow at her.
While she’s turned away to hand over the money, I creep away and around the corner of the bar.
I hear her say, “Alex? Oh god not again…” Before she trots off to the bathroom, to see if I’m there (presumably).
I sneak around the crowds of drunken teens, and out through the door once again.

I run a hand through my already messy hair. How the hell am I supposed to get home? I stumble down the pavement towards the corner shop, which is ever so helpfully closed. Fab. I slide down the shop wall and try not to cry.
“Excuse me… are you okay? Are you hurt?” I snap up to see a kind boy looking down at me, with stretched lobes and spikey layered hair.
“I-I can’t get home…”

In the space of 10 minutes, I find myself sat in the passenger seat of a warm car, with a blanket wrapped around me.
“Where do ya live? I’ll take you home.” He smiles at me.
After giving him my address, he turns the ignition on and pulls out onto the road.
“I’m James, by the way.”
“Uh… hi… I’m Alex. Well, Alexandria, but yeah.”
He laughs kindly. “Hello Alex, well Alexandria.”
I just smile at him.
“Music?” He gestures at the radio.
“Ha… go for it!” I say.
A Kiss song starts pumping through the speakers of the car.

“So… what you been up to tonight?” He tries to make conversation, but my mind keeps flickering back to Ben, and how he basically used me. I didn’t even know him. What the hell was I thinking?
And the fact I’d just gotten into a car with someone I don’t even know. I’m so stupid.

“Ugh. I just went to some horrible club with my friends…” I trail off.
“Magnet?” He says.
What? “Yeah… how did you know?”
“I saw you slap that guy…” He chuckles.
“Oh… he was an ass.” I blush furiously. I didn’t know people were paying attention.
“Looked it.”
I gaze out of the window, as a group of middle aged woman in fluorescent pink outfits stumble past, laughing their heads off.
“Hey… you don’t sound like you’re from around here…” James says.
“I just moved from Newcastle with my mum.” I tell him.
“Love the accent,” He winks at me.
I giggle because I can’t think of anything to say. Ugh I’m so bad with people.

Eventually, James pulls the car up outside the block of flats. I fold up the blanket and put it on the backseat of the car, then unfasten my seatbelt.
“Thanks for the ride… You really helped me out.” I whisper.
“Hey, it’s no problem, really.” He scratches his head awkwardly.
“Well thanks again.” I open the car door and clamber out. James winds the window down.
“Here’s my number,” He passes a piece of paper through the window. “In case you want help fining your way around this place.” He chuckles again.
“How considerate of you,” I laugh.

I flop onto my bed, throwing my bag onto the floor and ignoring the fact I’m still wearing my clothes. I’m so tired. It’s so late. And better yet, I start school tomorrow. Fabulous.

Ben's P.O.V

--hey guys, i will be continuing this chapter with bens pov soon, just got caught up--

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