The power of fame

its a story about behind the scene of Liam Payne the one direction member.
how he must feel outside of the red carpet, fany parties, cameras and loads of glamour.

How he must have felt when he said he was #done, the experience of hate and love at the same time.

What the power of fame can do to people, and how the fans act like when they dont think the person act like he should.


3. The circle will never end

Because of all the fans, and supporters Liam has got, then he has got a lot of hate too. The hate has made Liam mad, and pissed of.

First Liam Payne dated Danielle Danielle got hate, from all the Liam supporters, then they broke up, Liam and Danielle both got hate. Liam found Sophia, she got hate, and Liam got hate. Liam is tired, he said he was #done. People after that day stoped  loving him, only some of them, but quite a lot have made videos on youtube of what #done feels like, gave him hate, and stopped supporting him.

The fandom have had a rough time, being laughed at for being in a fandom, being so many things, but the only thing people forget is: to see it from Liams side.

Its not fair for him that the fandom are allowed to love someone so much, but liam isnt allowed someone, and then defend his girlfriend. you cant just say you hate someone after have loved him for so long time, he has been accepting, or just ignoring the hate for quite eough time, he had to say something. it was when it all went crazy.

though the rough time with liam, and all the hate, some people still like him,  and love him.

Liam still loves the fandom, he loves the support and appreciate it, cause without them, they wouldnt exist, so he still loves them (us) but people just have to give the celebrity some time.

boys in boybands tend to have girlfriends who get a lot of hate, the haters never stop finding something to hate about, but the boys, example Liam have been holding it out in quite a long time.

Liam he has got a lot of pressure on his shoulders, so its very important that he does the right thing to make the fandom happy, so the fandom has to see it from his side, just stop the hate, cause it wont help anyone, not even the fandom, the result is just that the celebrity wont accept it anymore.

cause of the reaction we can see that Liam is sensitive, cause if he wasnt he wouldnt react to it. Liam is still this little fragile boy who need people he loves, and need to be love by people, we all do, thats a human thing. We just have to remember, they are boys, not robots

The problem about most of all famous people are, that the media make up a person, which they actually arent. They make them look bad, and give the celebrity a lot of pressure, and because the pressure gets too high they automatically start smoking, drinking, do drugs or be criminal.

That is where the problem is with Liam, before the fame, he would have been a normal thinking person, know that smoking is wrong and really bad. The chance for he still thinks about it, its pretty big, but he cant just quit the cigarette, cause the cigarette makes him feel better, like the pressure is not as big as it really is.

Liam Payne is a "Normal person" who can act and think like he want to, but as soon as he gets hurt he isnt the same anymore. Many famous peoople have got help from a really good family, like Britney Spears, but then he needs to have a good supportive family, who shows him that they wont take him for given, and give him a lot  of pressure.

Liam Payne began to smoke, and he still does, though they said they wont change, and still be the same, THE CIRCLE WILL NEVER END, he has changed, he has got a lot of hate, he began to smoke, and most of all, he got loads of love from fans, but loads of pressure too.

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