The power of fame

its a story about behind the scene of Liam Payne the one direction member.
how he must feel outside of the red carpet, fany parties, cameras and loads of glamour.

How he must have felt when he said he was #done, the experience of hate and love at the same time.

What the power of fame can do to people, and how the fans act like when they dont think the person act like he should.


2. The beginning of a whole new life

Liam Payne grew in to be one of the boys that girls fancied, the boy all looked at, they boy all knew.

It was great to get attention, but at the same time it meant, no privacy, no walk to the mall to go shopping, or have some food with the friends, simply no life without no one knowing about what he is doing every second of a day every 7 days a week, the fans just simply knew where he was going to be 24/7.

This new lifestyle was some of a change for all of the boys, example Liam, he used to have his family around him, used to have a house he normally was in every day, now he had to go to a turne and be away for months, it was some of a change.

As soon as he went outside he met screaming fans, paparazzis loads of hate. People told him they wanted to marry him, and loads of other different stuff.

they got gifts and they really didnt had to do anything themselves, cause if they wanted to, they coul just pay them out of everything, money wasnt something they needed anymore. 

They were now famous, and they practically didnt needed to say their names if they met people, cause the chance that the person knew who they were, was really big.

people began to follow him on twitter, 1 million, 3 million, 5 million, 10 million and now 13,5 million followers on twitter,  it is almost unbelievable how fast they got fame, and how fast the entire world began to know them.

Europ, America, Asia, Africa  and Australia, they are famous in all of the continents. Cause the fandom is strong, their fandom call themselves a family, a family never fail each other, and neither will the fandom.

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