The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


9. Within the Shadows of the Sinister

   "Well, that didn't go quite as planned," Reginald frowned as he observed his pawn being cut down by the cold blade of a Reaper in disguise. "She was a good pawn too, helped collect a lot of souls around the villa..." he trailed off as he lept from the roof of the house that he was observing from, making sure to move away as quick as possible, lest he be caught by the reaper. Looking up at the sky, he snorted in disgust, the clouds were threatening to dowse the town with rain again. He was beginning to hate this town; it rained when he left, and now that he was back, it looked as though it would rain again.

   "You...." came a harsh, cold voice from behind, turning to face this person, Reginald was pleasantly surprised by who he found. Bowing his head to the figure he smiled as he adjusted the glasses on his nose.

   "My how you've grown, Christoph Tepes..." The vampiric child had been returning to the church with groceries when he picked up on a familiar, horrible odor; having followed his instincts and curiosity, he stood in front of the demon salesman.

   "You rotten bastard," he spat, his eyes flaring their rosy red, "I warned you that if I ever saw your ugly mug again, I'd rip you to shreds..." he cracked his knuckles as he balled his fists. Reginald, his eyes hidden behind his spectacles just grinned, his devil's tail flicking occasionally as a cat's does when its found prey to play with.

   "Ah, yes, if I remember, I found your slender little self soaking in a tub when I said goodbye last," he put down his suitcase, "You tried to soak my apparition.... That was mighty rude of you, boy..."

   "Bloody fool," Christoph growled, "Before I dismember you, I want to know; why are you suddenly back after six years?" He charged at the salesman, sliding into his feet and then rebounding off the wall, landing squarely on the fallen demon.

   "Ooh, that was a good move... for a mortal maybe," he smirked as he dissipated into a cloud of gas, enveloping the vampiric child in the haze. "I think, I'll just put you to sleep, just like I did to that human boy you hang around with..."

   "Allen?" he grimaced, trying not to inhale the toxic gas, "What have you done to him, you bloody bastard!?" he swung blindly at the fog in vain, his strength slowly dissipating. 

   "Not much," Reginald laughed while still in a gaseous fog, "I just let one of my contractees have a bite to eat, that's all. A little blood loss on his part...and perhaps a change or two in his body..."

   "You bloody fuck!" he coughed as he inhaled some of the gas. Collapsing to his knees he winced in pain as the fog slowly weighted his body, making him feel tired. "Dammit," he thought to himself, "I can't let myself fall for his taunting, I'll die if I do."

   "Not that it matters much to you, you'll soon be mine, my lovely little vampire," Reginald dragged his gloved hand across Christoph's face. The vampire knew he had only one chance of escape; he changed himself into a cloud of fog. "You cheeky little prick.." Reginald smiled as he returned to a solid form, his expression soured though as he watched the cloud of fog dissipate into thin air. Picking up his suitcase, Reginald carried on, muttering as he went. "Mark my words, Christoph, You will soon be swallowed by the shadows of the truly sinister when the time comes..."


   It took some time for Christoph to pin point Allen's scent, but he finally did, it lead him to certainly an unnerving place; Death's house.He knew that if Allen was in there than there was the possibility that... He slapped himself for even thinking of such things; it didn't make sense though, One, Alois was always by his side and secondly, Allen always wore his own personal crucifix. "How could this have happened?" he thought to himself as he snuck into the house. Wandering through the house, he soon found Allen, laying on a couch in the parlor of the house. He rushed to the boy's side, clutching his pale, but still warm hand into his own.

   "Allen..." Christoph murmured, "How did this happen?"

   "A vampire," came the hollow echo of a clearly inhuman voice. "Hello child, you must be the boy called Christoph Williamson." Turning around, the vampiric child froze in a slight bout of terror; before him stood the one true figure that all creatures feared; Death stood before the child, clad in his ashen blue colored robes and black raven's wings.

   "Y-yes," Christoph stammered trying to gather courage in the face of Death himself. "I am indeed Christoph Williamson, friend to Allen Hughes." Looking into Death's hollow eyes he felt a jolt of fear shoot straight through him. "P-Please, tell me my friend isn't here because...." he trailed off at the terrible thought.

   "That possibility does stand, but no, for now, he's alive," Death answered, moving to the fallen human child. "He's locked in battle right now, fighting off the vampire's venom within him. I've been giving him liquid purifier to aide him in his fight, but, it doesn't seem to be helping him make progress."

   "Oh Allen..." Christoph cried slightly falling to his knees beside the boy, "Please... Don't die on me, I like you as a human. Please, fight it."

   "I thought you wanted me to be yours...." Christoph looked up, Allen was awake, but he was obviously weak, and still infected by the venom; one eye was its normal blue, but the other was a faded rosy red color. His canines had also begun to grow into fledgling fangs. "If I let go, than you and I could have something.... together..."

   "Allen, please," Christoph smiled weakly, "You don't want to be what I am, please, fight to live." he kissed Allen on his pale lips. Letting go he looked into Allen's eyes, and then at Death. "Who bit him?"

   "Alice Sandra Murphy, member to the Freeman Order," Death replied. "Why do you ask?"

   "Because, her blood is weaker than mine," Christoph answered, drawing up the sleeve on his arm a bit. Holding his wrist in front of Allen he ordered him to drink. "If Allen drinks my blood..." he winced in pain as Allen sank his fangs into the vampire's wrist, "Since it's stronger, it should help cure him." Death looked at the vampire curiously, in all his career he'd never seen a child of the darkness willingly give up their blood to save a human; indeed it seemed that Allen had a profound effect on those who came into contact with him. 


   "Because, he's my friend," Christoph answered sternly, "He saved me from living a life I didn't want to. He helped me see that I didn't have to become what others wanted me to.... He taught me how to be my own person." Having finished drinking the blood from his wrist, Allen smiled at his vampiric friend. Suddenly though, Allen convulsed sharply, falling off the couch, he landed on all fours, violently vomiting up blood that had grown black with rejected venom from his body.

   "Well, that's one way to purge the venom," Christoph mused.

   "Yeah, all over my vintage carpet..." Death sighed; clapping his hands, two of his assistants came in, replacing Allen onto the sofa and then cleaning up the contaminated bile, restoring the carpet to its original luster. As the two assistants departed, Death strode over and planted himself in his leather recliner in the corner of the room, watching as Christoph helped Allen resettle himself on the sofa.

   "You alright?" the vampire asked the boy with concern evident in his voice. The boy looked up into the vampire child's eyes, smiling with a sickly grin.

   "Yeah, thanks," Allen replied as he hugged his friend. "but, how did you know?" he whispered into his ear in a quiet manner. Christoph examined his human friend carefully, moving some loose hair from his face he kissed the boy.

   "I'll tell you when you're feeling better," he cooed into Allen's ear, "For now, you just need to rest..." That's when the thought hit him; it was late, Allen's mother must be concerned that her son hadn't returned yet. "Death, we need to call-" 

   "I already took care of it," he smiled, having read the child's mind with ease. "He's going to stay here for the night, I've already prepared a room for him." Getting up, he handed Christoph a key. "It's the second door on the left upstairs. I suggest you stay to watch over him, he's not out of the woods yet..." Christoph nodded in acknowledgement as he hauled the incapacitated youth up the stairs and into the room with him.

   "Like it or not," Death whispered to himself as meandered down the hall to his chambers, "those three do better together, and this town will need them soon. I fear that things around here will only get worse as this town becomes enveloped within the shadows of the sinister......"

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