The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


12. What'll it Be? Love, or Hate?

   It was then the day of his return as Young Michael began his journey home towards what was his home and family and... the home of the demon who stole his brother; Alois Cromwell. As he walked gingerly home he thought he picked up on the scent of a demon, or rather, the attempted concealment of the demon's musk that he'd learned to sniff out over the course of his training. Spinning on his heels he caught the faint glimpse of a girl fleeing behind the cover of an old dumpster between two of the buildings.

   "Show yourself, demon!" he reprimanded the hidden hellion. For a moment there was silence; finally however, a girl emerged from hiding, striding forth to the boy. "That'll be far enough, hell spawn." he commented, showing her a bottle of holly water.

   "Oh, that's not very nice," she smiled in an emotionless manner; much like that of a doll's. "You'd hurt a little girl, why? For all you know, I could simply be a lost child, much like you, boy." Within a second she was face to face with him; pink eyes burning into Michael's sapphire ones.

   "You smell like another vampire I know," Michael commented, "You must be that girl he spoke about, Ally, right?" The knowledge that this child had been able to draw out of her brother to be was astounding; usually, Christoph was a very guarded person. Suddenly, Ally felt a minor sense of pain as she felt the tight grip of something on her wrist.

   "Ah, let go of me, you fiend!" she quietly screamed, "I'm not going to hurt you, so why are you hurting me!?" She shuddered as she looked up into the cool, hardened eyes that were no longer a bright sapphire but instead, a cold blue.

   "Because, I don't trust any hell spawn; not even your precious Christoph," he calmly spoke, sprinkling holly water onto her hand with out a second thought. His blood ran cold as she showed no signs of pain as the holly water didn't seem to affect her. "How..?"

   "Simple," she pouted as she kicked herself free, "I'm not a full vampire... yet." Her eyes relinquished their pink selves, being replaced by a set of pale brown ones. "I have his venom in my veins, but, the blood I hold, is still human." She looked away from the seething child, continuing her explanation, "I can only temporarily hold the vampiric form that he gave me; Cornell convinced us not to perform the ceremony to turn me..." she sighed quietly as Michael walked up to her, the hate gone from his eyes. "And so, I am simply a mere human who is cursed by the venom of my vampiric protector."

   "Protector? He's a monster, he drinks the blood of mortals! He drank your blood!" He was only brought to a halt as the small hand of the girl slapped him hard in the face, the pain immediate in his face as the dumbstruck child fell to the pavement, staring the girl in the face.

   "He drank my blood to save me!" She wailed, "His whore of a mother killed my parents! He drank from me to protect me from her! And when she and my parents died, he still choose to protect me! I am alive because of him, does that sound like a monster to you!?" Hate filled her eyes as tears slowly manifested themselves like phantoms brought forth by the sorrow of all humanity.

   "I.. I'm sorry," he looked at his feet in shame, "He never told me that; I never knew... I'm sorry." He looked up when he felt the warmth of the girl close to him; her hand was outstretched in a gesture to help him to his feet and as a sign of clemency for his judgement. "Thank you," he smiled at the young girl; walking away he thought to himself that perhaps, Christoph may not be a bad person, just because he isn't human, didn't mean he was a monster and that, made him smile a bit.


   "Welcome home, Michael," Jenny hugged her youngest as he walked in the door. "Oh how I've missed you. How are you feeling, my son?" His smile was that of pure bliss as he too, missed the presence of his mother and family. Allen was next to make his appearance as he meandered down the stairway, smiling as he lay his eyes on those of his sibling.

   "Allen," the child spoke with quiet happiness as his brother enraptured him in a hug; in his eyes was the same life and energy that was missing for so long from his older brother's eyes. "I've missed you. But why, you never came to see me?"

   "I'm sorry," he responded, "I thought you were still sore at me, so I stayed away..." he placed a light kiss on his brother's forehead as he let go of him, the fire burning in his sapphire eyes once more. Allen knew that look well; he was looking for a confrontation of wits, to which, Allen just patted his head and whispered into his ear; "So, is home where the heart is, or, where the hate is, my dear brother?"

   "What do you mean?" he smiled coyly, on the inside he was somewhat displaced by the comment his older sibling made. Allen's eyes flashed their pinky purple selves for a brief second before returning to normal as he answered. 

   "I know what you've become, and, I know what you seek, dear brother," his voice was cool but enraptured in hostility conceived of protective fear for his friend and lover. The fire in Michael's eyes extinguished, being replaced by cold, unloving eyes of the deepest mistrust and distaste. He followed his brother upstairs as he led him into his old room; nothing had been moved since he left, save for the bed which had been made up. It was a similar compilation to his older brother's room; small square space with closet, a simple bed and dresser with faded mirror upon its head. As he wandered into his room, the door swung shut behind him and made the distinctive click as it locked.

   "What are you playing at, Allen!?" he immediately spun on his heels to find Alois leaning against the door, key in hand with a disheveled look on his face. The anger in his being immediately flared up but to no avail as Allen came from behind and wrapped his brother in a death grip, suitcase and all as he backpedaled towards the bed. "Let me go! Alois! I'm going to kill you, I want my brother back!" 

   "Michael, please calm down," Alois smiled apologetically, "I don't want your brother to have to sedate you... and you know he will." The angry child only stopped flailing when he felt the icy touch of thin metal against his flesh; a needle, where did they get that? 

   "Are you gonna calm down now, brother?" Allen whispered into his ear, an undertone of the most sinister variety wrapped up in that of brotherly love. "Or if you'd rather, I can put you to sleep for a bit and let you dwell in the darkness of your heart, so, what'll it be, dear brother?"

   "Let go of me, Allen," he calmed down, "I'll hear you out, but, don't expect my feelings towards your sick pet over there to change; I still aim to avenge you." he looked into the eyes of his brother with honesty and cruel, odious happiness. Allen let up on his grip, allowing Michael to place the trunk beside them as he sat on his brother's lap and protectively wrapped his arms around his elder's neck as gave Alois the death stare.

   "Michael, why do you hate me?" Alois started, a sad tone in his normally sarcastic and warm voice. "What have I done to gain your complete hatred?" He stepped closer to the pair in careful steps, unsure if the younger would try something.

   "You took my brother," he spat back, "You took him, and turned him into a foul creature that's probably damned for eternity now. That, is why I hate you, but, it is your ultimate disposition that made me decide to kill you and mark me, one day, I will." There was complete malice in those words that were as cold and sharp as a blade. Those words stung him; cutting into his soul like a knife into the body of a living being as its flame of life was extinguished. 

   "You wish I would just die then, return your brother's soul to him?" The young exorcist just gave a firm nod of agreement, sending chills down the two lover's spines as none could imagine the hate felt by the young brother. "You'd wish me dead, despite the fact that I saved your family, on two major occasions?"

   "You killed my father on the first one, and what do you mean a second time?" His glare was now affixed on the eyes of his brother, "Allen, what have you kept secret now, I demand to know." The two at first weren't sure whether or not they should explain but, finally Alois explained the whole scenario of what had happened on Thanksgiving night those six long years ago. "Christ almighty," Michael gasped as he digested the knowledge; it wasn't until Alois, however, showed him the scar left behind by the poisonous dagger that it truly sank in.

   "You see Michael, I may be a child of the darkness, but, I love, and want to protect your family as they have showed me so much kindness," Alois smiled meekly as he took hold of the younger brother, wrapping him in a warm hug. Alois had to shed his shirt and jacket to show him the scar and so he was pressed up against his flesh when they hugged; it was warm, but cool at the same time and felt as smooth as velvet, despite the obvious muscle tone the teen had developed over time. "Besides," the demon boy whispered, "I never took your brother's soul, because we never completed our contract."

   "Then why does he have demonic eyes and their malice?" the brother asked in suspicion, "Why does he have the strength of one, why? Answer me this, demon boy." He suddenly clasped a hold of Alois silver cross to which, out of shear fear, the demon cringed and held stiff. "If you cannot answer me than you'd be lying and I will kill you as sure as we are embraced here and now."

   "Very well," the demon boy smiled as he let Michael take over, "He saved me from my father, but he lost part of his soul in the process," Alois began as the two moved towards the bed in a slow manner, Allen, stood up, needle in hand, ready to inject the sedative into the body of his younger sibling. "To keep him alive, my father gave him a piece of his soul. Now, you see the mark on my chest and the seal on my back, right, young Michael?"

   "Yeah, so?" he questioned as he leaned in close causing Alois to fall backwards onto the bed to avoid being burned by the crucifix. The boy lept onto the bed right after him, holding the crucifix perpendicular to where his heart was. "If I were you, I'd get to the point, and quick. No telling when my hand, might... just... slip."

   "I am a reaper, and the soul of your brother is now part reaper," Alois smiled cruelly, "That, dear mortal, is why he posses supernatural eyes, that's why he has strength of inhuman power, and, that, dear Michael, is why he hosts malice greater than the human imagination..." he left off as his eyes vanished into black sockets with burning Hell fire; black raven's wings emerging from his back. This, ofcourse took the brother by surprise and he launched himself backwards off the boy who just laughed an eerie, otherworldly laugh as he rose from the bed. "Believe me now, mortal child, I am not a common demon. No, I am so much more than that, and now, so too is your beloved brother..." He glided down to Allen's side and reverted to his more human form as Allen placed a loving kiss onto his cheek.

   "My god, your a dark angel then," Michael stammered a bit, eyes wide in terror, "You shan't have my soul, nor that of anyone I hold near and dear.. I'll protect them if it costs me my life!"

   "Dear Michael," Alois mused as he wandered back to the boy who now was crying quiet tears, "I only want to protect your family, and that includes you so, I shall never hurt you or, anyone you hold near and dear, do you understand me now?" Michael just looked up into Alois' eyes which were his normal steel blue color but, all of a sudden, seemed warmer almost. He reached up and hugged the boy tightly, tears in his eyes as he did so.

   "Alois, I'm so sorry," he cried, "You must think I'm a complete imbecile, don't you?"

   "No, never, I could never think badly of you," he kissed him lightly on the forehead as he helped him to his feet, "I just want your forgiveness and your love." He moved some loose hair out of the younger's face as awaited his answer. When it came, it was in the form of a kiss and a whisper from his trembling lips and body.

   "I forgive you, and, I'm sorry," he whispered as he let go of the adolescent. To which, the boy smiled and replaced his clothes onto his body as he moved out the door towards the hall, leaving the younger Hughes alone with the older.

   "So, Michael," Allen laughed quietly as he now was holding onto his brother, "Is home where your heart is, or where your hate is?" He fell with his brother onto the bed, embraced in their tight grasp on each other.

   "Home is where my heart is, my hate is gone now," he cooed as he nuzzled into his brother's chest, something he'd always done, even as a young child and infant. Again the life had returned to Allen's eyes as he just laughed and lay there with his younger brother, allowing him to quietly get the rest of his tears out in peace. "You know I'll always love you, no matter what happens, and no matter what you do, right?"

   "I know, but thanks anyway," he smiled as he lifted his head, "I really needed that reminder." he rolled off his brother and again took out his trunk as he began to set about unpacking his things. Allen took the hint and happily left the room, quietly closing the door behind him as he went. 

   "He's changed in so many ways," Allen thought quietly aloud about his brother, "But, then again, there are also so many things that haven't changed either, and, it's nice to know that he's still alive in that shell of his... Then again," he laughed to himself as he entered his room, "They do say home is where the heart is..."


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