The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


11. The Vengeful Exorcist: A New Beginning

~Part II~

  Some time had passed since that day and long night and all seemed to re-regulate itself overtime, with the exception of one thing; Michael. The younger brother was now a full fledged exorcist in training and had learned quite a bit in the short time he'd been in the care of Father Cornell, he'd even slayed his first demon. One night at the church over dinner Cornell spoke to the boy.

   "You have learned well in the past month and a half," he spoke with calm clarity, "I'd say you're ready to go home and protect your family, as of now, I have nothing left to teach you." Michael stopped his casual grazing of his dinner and looked up into the Father's eyes with no emotion.

   "You think I'm ready to go home? To face Alois?" he responded with minor excitement in his otherwise cool voice; he was attempting to read the Father, a skill he had been able to sharpen to a lethal point in his short time here. "Hm, and what about the young  girl in your care and her... brother, as you call him?"

   "Christoph and the girl will be fine in my care," he responded. For the while since coming, Cornell had been careful to avoid disclosing Christoph's true disposition to the young Hughes for the simple manner of fact that he didn't want the fledgling exorcist to attempt to silence the vampiric child; if anyone was to do that, it would be him. "You are welcome to stay one more night, but, as of tomorrow, you shall return to your family, understand?"

   "I shall return on the morrow, yet pray answer one question?" The Father nodded in silence as his way of saying to proceed. "Shall I reveal my new abilities and state of being to my..." he wanted to say family, but, all of a sudden, the word would not come to his lips.

   "Being an exorcist is something you must keep a confined secret," Cornell sternly remanded, "Lest they be dragged into the darkness which I, and now you must face, young Hughes."

   "I understand Father, please, excuse me," Michael gave a slight nod of respect as he withdrew himself from the table and began to venture to his room. Unaware of the danger the boy posed, a shadow moved forth from the wall, drawn to the lovely smell of the soul he'd been told to stay away from for the past month and a half. His pale rosy eyes poked forth from the darkness as he examined the boy.

   "Oh Michael," the vampire mused to himself, "I know you are of your brother's blood, you smell exactly like him, but, with your own flare." He came forth from the shadows as Michael closed the door to his room. There was a second of sudden hesitation as he thought he smelled the lurid scent of holly water, however, drawn by curiosity, he disregarded the warnings in his head and pressed forward into uncertainty. 


   "Oh? Really, he said that?" Jenny responded to the voice crackling over the house's telephone line. She'd been casually chatting with the Father on the phone for the past hour or so; ranging for plans for the encroaching holidays to attendance at church this coming Sunday to finally, the news she'd been wanting to hear for the past month and a half; Michael was coming home. "Alright, shall I pick him up then?"

   "No, I believe he said he wanted to walk home," Cornell's voice crackled over the phone. The two boys held their breaths as they listened in on the conversation from upstairs. One finger was lightly on the clicker as to keep their voices hung from the ears of the mother or the Father as they conversed.

   "Very well, Michael has always been that way," Jenny laughed, "He's never wanted to impose on anybody... Guess that's not changed much. However, it's nice to hear that you've got him to come out of his shell and actually toughen up a bit, he's always been abit of a wall flower, just as dainty as one too."

   "Well, I was able to fix that, I can happily tell you that." the Father laughed a bit, "Well, it's getting late, so, I'll let you go; goodnight Jenny."

   "Goodnight, Father," she answered as she hung up the phone. Hearing the phone line go dead, the two boys quickly hung up the phone and retreated down the hall and up the stairs to Alois' room where the two were supposed to be studying. Closing his door gently, Alois turned to his partner and they quickly retreated to the bed where their math and science books were sprawled out.

   "Well, this will be interesting," Allen mumbled as they resumed their 'studying' as they waited for Jenny to come up and tell them the news. Alois stopped his nervous scribbling of the formulas he'd been looking at, gazing at his partner with minor fear and hesitation in his eyes.

   "Allen, I..." he left off, unable to utter the words. He then felt a gentle caress of a soft, velvet smooth hand run across his cheek, followed by a gentle whispering of the phrase; "It will be alright." The gesture was comforting, but still, there was the sick, gut wrenching feeling in the pit of his being that made him quiver in fear; the last time he saw Michael, the boy was trying to kill him and he wasn't sure if he still wanted to or not. At that moment, Jenny knocked on the door.


   Three knocks, quiet and soft, but insistent were heard by Michael's ears as he was packing away his things. They were followed by a somewhat soft, but masculine voice; not the Father's voice so there was only one person it could be; Allen's friend, Christoph.

   "Enter," the boy answered as he continued to pack away his things. He decided to shed away his cloak of the exorcist and he just finished putting it away when Christoph entered. The boy stopped short upon entering the room, he beheld Allen's little brother with no shirt on, his new little abdominal muscles were playing peek-a-boo as he bent over to put his things in his trunk. His body had certainly transformed since he'd last seen the youngest Hughes boy. He suddenly began to breathe a bit heavier.

   "Michael, right?" Christoph finally spoke, attempting to keep his calm. The other nodded in acknowledgment, "Do you remember me?" The other boy stopped packing, turning to face the blond boy with minor distrust, he masked it with a smile of deceiving innocence. His earthen hair covered over one of his sapphire eyes until he playfully brushed it aside, moving to greet his new visitor.

   "You're Christoph, Allen's other good friend, right?" he was playing coy, Michael never forgot a face once he saw it, one of his keen little abilities that had helped him survive for so long. However, when they shook hands, Christoph stood rigid in a minuscule amount of sharp pain; holly water was sprinkled on Michael's hand. "Thought so, you're a vampire, aren't you?"

   "How astute of you, child," Christoph still smiled, his fangs showing along with his rosy colored eyes. "I will not lie to you, yes, I am a vampire." He saw Michael reaching for something in his back pocket so he figured he better calm him down quickly. "Stay your hand Michael, I mean you no harm, nor the Father." That seemed to stop the boy, "There you go, lower your hand, I mean you no harm, after all you are a member of Allen's family and so, you are safe from me; Cornell, well, he's given me shelter so I don't want to upset him so I behave."

   "But you still drink blood, don't you? Human's blood, right?" Christoph nodded and produced a blood packet from the blood bank.

   "Cornell understands my needs," he smiled, moving closer to Michael, his eyes firmly locked onto the motion of his hands. He was upon Michael within seconds, his breath flowing over the young exorcist's exposed flesh; admittedly, Michael liked the smell and he found Christoph's scent somewhat sweet, but, he would not let himself fall into the dark temptation this boy represented. He suddenly found himself being hugged by the vampire, his skin was cool, but, unusually cold.

   "What is it you want, you horrid creature?" Michael uttered in a minor quiver as he again, subtly began to move for the holly water in his back pocket.

   "All I wanted was to see if you'd let me get near you," he smiled, pulling away knowing what Michael intended to do next. "I see vengeance in your eyes, who hurt you?" There was a pause as Michael stood in shock; he'd let down his guard just long enough that this vampire could see what he was feeling? He knew that he'd have to dispose of him, quickly.

   "A demon, much like yourself..." he left off as he shifted his stance, throwing the bottle with all his might he finished, "He took my brother from me! Now, DIE VAMPIRE!" The container exploded into blue flames but Christoph barely managed to avoid the holly hellfire as he launched onto the ceiling. 

   "That was uncalled for!" he sputtered, "I told you I wouldn't hurt you, dammit!" This time a crucifix was flung his way, that one hit his leg as tried to move, sending him crashing down to the floor. Before Michael could do anything else, Christoph had rebounded off the floor and was now pinning the shirtless boy against the wall with inhuman force. Holding each arm by the wrist he smiled devilishly at the boy.

   "Get off me vampire!" Michael spat, fury building in his voice as he tried to hide the encroaching fear that was welling up inside him. He tried to struggle to break free, he even tried to kick at Christoph, but, to no avail. The vampire leaned in close to him, specifically to his neck.

   "You hurt me when I tried to be nice to you," he whispered, "You have no idea who I am, do you, boy?" his whisper turned into a sinister sneer. "I am a son of Vlad Tepes, king of all monsters and demons, got that?" He moved close to the boy's tender neck, enjoying the smell of the boy as he began to sweat in fear.

   "You've no power over me!" he continued to rebelliously defy his vampiric captive holder. The vampire smiled again, as he moved himself directly up against the boy who now began to squirm in discomfort. He was enjoying the payback for his pain.

   "You've any last words before I make you mine?" he whispered as he dragged his fangs lightly across the boy's tender neck; his flesh even felt like Allen, making it all that much harder to not actually bite into the young brother's flesh.

   "Please... Don't kill me," Michael finally broke down, tears streaming from his face, "I don't want to die... Please, Christoph, don't kill me.." He felt the vampire loosen his hold on the boy, cradling him and lying him on his bed, he sat beside him. He kissed Michael on the forehead and whispered into his ear.

   "I could never truly hurt you, dear Michael," he smiled, moving some lose hairs from the trembling boy's face. "For if I hurt you, I'd be betraying all those who trust me and love me. I love your brother, I love his family and, I love you, so I could never hurt you... I promise." He dug the crucifix out of his leg, cleaned it off and handed it back to the young exorcist. Biting into the blood packet, he just sat there, waiting to see what Michael would do.

   "Christoph, you... love me?" he finally whispered, "You'd protect humans, my family?" Christoph gave a warm and honest nod. "Why?"

   "Because, your brother and your family showed me that I didn't have to be a monster anymore. They showed me how to live again, how to be... human." He moved close to Michael, caressing his face lightly, "So, I have to thank you, all of you for this gift of friendship." He held up the crucifix that was still clasped in Michael's hand, placing it against his chest, he let it burn him, "Ah, now... If you should still hate me... then let me burn," he cringed in pain as the crucifix held in place, "But, should you... feel the need to return the kindness of your family.... then please, let go..." he finished, falling onto the bed as the crucifix continued to burn. For a minute, Michael sat there unsure of how to proceed; his training dictate that he kill the monster before him, however, he felt as though he shouldn't kill Christoph, despite his obvious nature.

   "Stop it!" he wailed as he yanked the crucifix from the young body of flesh, much to Christoph's relief. Leaning over the fallen vampire he looked sadly into his eyes, tears falling onto Christoph's face.

   "And why are you crying?" he asked with a quiet laugh, smiling meekly, "I thought you were going to kill me, why stop now?" he unbuttoned his shirt and clasping the hand of the human child he directed the crucifix over his no longer beating heart. "Go on, right there exorcist, end it." 

   "No... I can't," Michael cried quietly, dropping the crucifix to the floor, "I... can't kill my brother's friend, no matter... what you are.." He hugged the ailing vampire and cried into his cool shoulder. "I know I'm weak in that sense, hate me, scoff me if you want to, but, I won't hurt you..."

   "Prove it then," Christoph mumbled, caressing the younger's cheek, "Show me Michael that you love me as I, you..." Michael stopped crying, looking over the vampiric child he smiled with sadness.

   "I can't, Cornell would denounce me as an exorcist," he smiled with great sadness, looking away from the vampire. "Loving you would be the most forbidden thing I could do in the realm of exorcists, I'm so-" He was interrupted as Christoph shoved his lips into the boy's. Michael was shocked at first, his instincts were to kill the boy but, then a sudden warmth washed over him and he ended up wrapping his arms around the vampiric child, tears in his eyes again.

   "Damn you," Michael whispered into Christoph's ear as they parted. Laying down on the bed, the vampire towered over him, licking his lips in response.

   "Not like you didn't enjoy it," he mused, leaning close to the boy, causing Michael's breathing to become heavy again. The human child felt a sudden surge of emotion and warmth in his body as Christoph placed his hands onto his bare chest as he leaned closer to his neck.

   "Take me," Michael whispered as he closed his eyes and let go of the world around him.

   "My pleasure, my dear, sweet Michael," the vampire softly bit into his neck and began to drink in a slow, even manner so as not to encumber unnecessary pain onto his new friend. Suddenly there was a slightly rough motion as Christoph felt Michael trying to push his trunk off the bed and so, with one hand free, he helped place the trunk on the floor, allowing the two to readjust themselves into a more comfortable position.

   "Hey Christoph," Michael whispered.

   "Yes, my dear, sweet boy?"

   "I'm fifteen today, isn't that great?" he replied as Christoph let up, letting go of the boy. He smiled as he moved the trunk under the bed and sat up.

   "Fifteen huh?" he smiled, "Yeah, that's great, you'll be a fine young man one day, your blood tells me so," he smiled as he wiped his mouth with his sleeve. "Now, this will be our little secret, alright?"

   "Whatever you say," Michael smiled as Christoph left. Once he was gone however, his composure returned to him. "Dammit, he got me," his anger flared up, but quickly extinguished as he felt a tinge of contentment. "No, I can 't be falling for him, one, he's a boy and two, he's not of the human world anymore... I can't fall for my enemy..." He looked at the clock on the wall and frowned; it had gotten late and he wasn't finished packing and now, he'd have to purify himself as well and that, was going to sting like a son of a bitch.

   "Ooh, that was amazing," Christoph mused to himself as he returned to his chambers, "He let me take him, and without hypnosis too!" He blushed profusely as he kicked off his shoes and lay on his bed. "Perhaps, when things get a little better, him and I, can maybe have something together, but for now, I'll have to be happy with the way things are, after all, he's an exorcist." As he lay there that night, he couldn't help but think of Michael, even in his dreams, his new friend; the vengeful exorcist, and, the new beginning that he promised.....

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