The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


13. The Shroud of His Nightnmare

   Standing upon the top of the courthouse, his glasses reflected a most sinister glare in the evening light of the town as the sun fell from the sky and the moon arose. The night was unusually warm for late fall as a gust of the sea breeze swept up into his face.

   "Hm, feels like a perfect night," his smooth voice echoed within his head, "Perfect night for soul harvesting, and contract making..." Reginald removed his glasses for a quick moment as the grey iris' that were his faded to black as they were exposed to the ailing sunlight. Swiftly he wiped them off and replaced them onto the bridge of his nose.

   "Master," came the quiet but quite distinct voice of one of his familiars, a gargoyle named Brutus. "I have news on the target and his accomplices."

   "Hmm?" he replied, almost in an uninterested tone; truthfully, though putting Christoph in the pits of Hell would be nice, right now, all he wanted to do was to go into the town and start collecting prey for contracting as per his calling in his unnatural life. "Well then, please, by all means Brutus, spit it out, what have you learned?"

   "Christoph has grown weak," the gargoyle rumbled in its gravely voice, "More acutely, he's fallen for a mortal." That peeked his attention since, he already knew of his affections towards the human child named Allen Hughes, but, if he was falling for another than that could prove useful.

   "What is the worm's name?"

   "He is the younger brother of Allen, his name is Michael Hughes; recently turned fifteen he has," the gargoyle again rumbled. "There is one other thing..."

   "What now?"

   "The vampire has been caring for a young girl now for some time as well, she was out for a bit today and, she is.. well rather... an abomination to all demonic kind, if I may say so."

   "She's not human but, not a demon either, is that it?" he smiled, the glint of his glasses reflecting the orange glow of the crescent harvest moon. The gargoyle's silence told all to the salesman who found himself laughing to himself. "Ah poor Christoph," he mused, "You've just made the biggest mistake of you life..." Smiling as he lept off the tower's pinnacle he plunged into the darkness below whispering as he went, "And so, let our games begin again..."


   He awoke laying cold, his eyes refusing to adjust to the surroundings around him, only when a firm hand clenched down on his shirt and vest did he come to. The hand was firm and hard like the stones used to construct the castle from which he and his family fell.

   "Here child, you lay upon the blood soaked land of your fellow countrymen," the gruff voice called to him in a condescending manner, "The town plundered, the church lies in ruin, soaking in the blood of those who were slain by your hand, and you alone. All to seek to cover this Earth in the Hell fire in which you were bore into this world, all to resurrect the great evil which man has fought so hard to keep down once he was slain..."

   "Damn, his voice is annoying," the vampire thought to himself as he was now able to stare into the ice blue eyes of his captor. His face was that of a middle aged man with thick mustache and stubble all around his face; in one hand was the bundle of clothes that he was using to keep him clutched to him, the other, a crucifix.

   "What say you now, demon hell spawn conceived of the bleakest womb, within the deepest rotting pits of Hell, what say you now!?" Was he really asking him to repent for his very existence? Not going to happen, but, why did this all seem familiar to him?

   "Burn in hell, you insolent worm," he spat blood into his face with defiance. To which the man laughed slightly as he wiped away the blood; to the vampire's horror, his face had changed, no longer was it a cold old man holding him, but now he beheld sweet Michael holding him with a scowl on his face; the scenery had changed too. Around them lie countless bodies and a burning town, his town, Michael's town...

   "I should never have trusted you," Michael growled, "But now, I'll silence you, ending your torment on others forever... Now, DIE!" There was a sickening snapping and squishing sound as the crucifix was plunged into his still, black heart. He gasped in vain for air, instead spewing forth an ungodly amount of viscous crimson. As he fell to the pavement, he watched as a man in a jade suit appeared beside Michael; Reginald.

   "And now, my sweet little boy, we've buisness to finish.." he smiled as he leaned forward, pain exploding forth from every fiber of his being; he let out a blood curdling scream as all went black...


   He shot awake, sweat pouring forth from his brow, his veins running icy cold, Christoph thought that, for a second, his heart was racing until careful examination proved otherwise. He knew what had happened; he'd had a nightmare, something he hadn't done in an extremely long time. Wiping the sweat from his face, he noticed how drenched he was so he stripped his sticking shirt from his body and lay back down.

   "Son of a bitch..." he gasped quietly, "That night will forever haunt me... Damn that vampire hunter..." He rubbed his pectoral muscle over where his heart was as it began to ache at the thought of what had happened that night centuries ago. The scar that he had when he first reawakened had only disappeared within the last hundred years or so of constant consumption of blood on his part. It was that reason that he didn't grow in age, though, should he choose to, he could've aged himself with the help of his family amulet but, he choose not to; growing up beside mortals became fun to him, especially since meeting Allen and his family.

   "Brother, are you alright?" came a soft whisper from the darkness, followed by the cool porcelain hand of little Ally against his body. She gently caressed his cooling flesh as she lay onto his bed against him, her brown eyes staring into his now rosy colored eyes. "You feel scared, is all okay?" One of the abilities that his venom in her blood had given her, as a side effect of sorts, was the ability to feel how people were emotionally and mentally by simple touch; a rather eerie ability that, often left him feeling somewhat violated every time she did so but, he kept it to himself for he was afraid for her fragility.

   "I'm fine, a nightmare is all," he hugged her softly like a young child would cling to a teddy bear, "And why are you out of bed? Could you not sleep again?" Her eyes shifted away in slight embarrassment of her inherent weaknesses. "It's alright," he smiled, "Would you like to spend the rest of the night with me?"

   "Actually, can we go out for a bit?" she asked, she wanted to get the boy out, so as to keep him from wallowing in the shroud of his nightmare. Christoph smiled happily at the notion of going outside into the chill of the night since, lately, he'd been learning to sleep at night instead of hunting for prey as he no longer needed to since Cornell had begun giving him blood packets from the blood bank. Grabbing his coat, he zipped it up, neglecting putting on a shirt as he felt he didn't need it as he scooped her up in his arms and lept out the second story window to the cobblestone below.

   "You ready?" he smiled as he began to run, to which she clung to him for dear life as he became a blur as he laughed in joy, leaping from street to street, wall to wall and then roof to roof. He felt like a child who'd just been given a new toy as he glided about the nightscape with the girl that he held so near and dear. For an hour or so they scooted about the town, coming to rest in the woods of King's Park. He inhaled deep breaths in an attempt to restore lost air as he placed the girl softly onto the pine needle covered forest floor. 

   "That was fun, brother," she mused as he sat beside her, still sucking air, "Was it good for you too?" Laying back onto the cold forest floor, he laughed lightly as he calmed down, wrapping her into his embrace as he smiled in complete contentment.

   "My dear, a vampire loves nothing more than to be out in the dark," he quietly cooed into her ear, "Little vampiric boys especially." His smile radiated in the moonlight that broke through the fringing holes in the multiple branches of the tall trees that made up the forest. She loved the way his eyes looked, their rosy color accented by the moonlight and the darkness.

   "Christoph, please...?" she asked, pointing towards her soft and tender neck. At first he thought against the notion but, as the tried to resist, his internal vampiric instincts became stronger and more pronounced. Though drinking packet blood had no real ill consequences, it didn't have that same warmth and smooth feeling that freshly extracted blood had.

   "I'll be gentle, Ally, I promise," he whispered as he inserted his needle sharp fangs into her artery; blood flowed forth into his mouth, washing over his aching fangs with the feeling that could only be described as pure bliss, his cheeks began to glow a faint red as he warmed up on the inside, her blood filling him with a natural happiness and high. "I still can't fathom why you willingly want me to drink from you, it makes no natural sense."

   "I love the feeling of it," she mused, a drunken look plastered across her porcelain face, "I know you also love the feeling as well, and don't tell me you don't." He was about to respond to her when a cold gust suddenly chilled them as pitch darkness surrounded them. The vampire shot to his feet, wiping the excess blood from his mouth as he became infuriated; who would dare disturb his moment of happiness?

   "Ah, little Christoph Tepes," hummed a familiar voice in the darkness, "Your little moment of love was quite touching... almost makes you seem human..." his reflective spectacles poked out from the dark shroud around them, making eye contact with the fuming child.

   "Reginald..." Christoph growled, his eyes flaring a deep red, "I'm going to fucking kill you for this interruption..."

   "I would love to see you try, my boy," his cheshire grin joined the floating pair of spectacles as he began to emerge from the darkness. "I would love nothing more than your wrath, I would enjoy nothing more than to take the soul promised to me by our contract but, I'm afraid, I'm not here for you..." A sudden force of unforeseen power lunged forth from the shadows, digging into his abdomen that was still healing from his conflict with Alois a short time ago, sending crimson life force spewing from his mouth.

   "Ack," he coughed, falling to his knees, holding his bleeding wound. "I'm going to rip your head off for that, you miserable prick." His anger dulled the pain that a normal human would have found excruciating as he forced himself to stand back up. Spitting the viscous mucus soaked blood to the forest floor he took up a fighting stance as he let his dark aura flow from every inch of his being. "I promise you, Reginald, you won't walk away from this one..."

   "Oh, I'm so scared," the salesman mused from the shadows, sending another pulse of dark energy his way in the form of a spear. His aura detected the unforeseen weapon and allowed him to effortlessly step aside and send his own mental pulse into the darkness. "Ah, dammit all!" the salesman cried in pain as he took the hit which knocked him to the ground.

   "Now I've got you son of a bitch!" the vampiric child laughed as he lunged forward, spear of dark energy in hand with the intent of killing the disoriented salesman. "DIE REGINALD!" he thrust the spear to its mark, only to have it shattered by an unforeseen force that promptly shattered his spear and threw him hard into a tree.

   "That was too close, I'm sorry I'm late," smiled an elder looking man with a white mustache in a blood colored suit and tail coat. He helped the demon salesman to his feet as he dusted him off, "I had to stop for a drink, the train trip left me famished."

   "No worry Jules," Reginald smiled cruelly, "Did you get the girl?" Jules just lifted his arm that was holding the fainted porcelain doll like girl as he smiled. Christoph suddenly became uncontrollably enraged as he saw that those bastards were trying to kidnap his sister to be; lunging forth, he was stopped by the man in crimson by a prompt roundhouse kick to the face, sending him sprawling to the ground.

   "You... bastards..." he sputtered, trying to get to his feet again, only to be slammed up against a tree by Reginald. Stake in one hand and a note in the other. He smiled wickedly as he strangled the ailing youth.

   "You look sick, here... Let me HELP YOU!" he yelled as he shoved the stake into his adversary's chest, not stopping until he was impaled to the tree behind him. "Ah, you look so handsome strung up like that." he mused as he let up on the boy's neck. Slipping the note into Christoph's left pocket he whispered into his ear, "Should you survive.... The note will tell all, but hurry my little vampire, or you'll never see your precious little pet again," he finished in almost a hiss. He stood there for a second, just taking in the sight of an impaled Christoph until Jules reminded him of the time to which he bade the vampire farewell and vanished into the forming mist.

   "NO, come back!" he tried to free himself, the pain in his chest caused by the stake only flared higher, his strength fading as he struggled, blood dripping down in rivulets from his gaping wound down his pants and shoes unto the floor below which drank it gingerly, allowing a cold and dark puddle to form. With tears in his face, the blond slowly went cold and fell limp as his eyes began to close, his fear and loss unbearable. "This is how it ends then? My beloved sister stolen from me and I, the one who couldn't save her, left to die against a tree in the dark of the woods?" he gagged out one lamenting laugh as he faded into the black abyss that seemed so inviting. "And so I shall die, lost in the shroud of my worst nightmare... I'm sorry.. Ally..."

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