The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


15. The Longest Day ~Part II

   "I'd be appreciative Father if you came over," Alois was finishing his conversation with the man over the phone, "I don't think we are going to be able to hide this little secret much longer." There was a suffocating silence on the line, disturbed only by the most insignificant crackle of static on the line. "Please, I'm begging you Cornell, we are all pretty beat up over here; Christoph's soaked in blood, Allen gave blood and is now passed out," still, only silence greeted his pleas. "Dammit all! Michael's practically dead because of what we went through and I'm sapped of energy, we need your help! Please, for the love of god!"

   "Don't use the heavenly father's name in your pleas, it doesn't suit you," cracked the Father's voice over the line, "I'll be up in a few moments, keep Jenny away from them until then." There was a cold hard click as the Father hung up on the demon child. He moved about the house, examining whereabouts Jenny and the boyfriend were; that's when he found the note.

~Dear Christoph,

   If you're reading then, congratulations my dear friend, you survived being staked, again.

   "Staked again?" Alois wondered to himself, "This must've fallen out when we were hauling him into the house, but..." He trailed off as he continued to look for Jenny and the boyfriend. Something wasn't right in the house, and Alois could feel the sense of dread and tension building.


   He had stripped his shirt as he had grown tired of being covered in blood and carefully folded it and placed it onto the floor beside the bed as he sat up, careful so as not to reopen his wound which, had only just begun to heal itself. He moved carefully about the room searching for something he'd hoped someone as old as he was, or in the case of Alois, admittedly older, would have lying about in their living space.

   "Ah, found you," he whispered as his eyes located what he'd been searching for; a vase of water inside a dish used for washing along with a clean cloth. "I knew someone like me would never give up the nostalgia of a wash basin, now..." he continued to speak quietly, "How to get you down from there. If I try to stretch my arms, I may very well tear open my wound and, I don't think Alois would like my blood, on his carpet."

   "Not particularly," came the voice of the demon boy as he returned to his room, Allen leaning on his shoulder. "Why do you want to use it though, I thought your kind liked being encrusted in the blood of life?" This sentence got a sad and beaten look from the normally proud and cocky vampiric boy. Helping Allen to his desk chair, he then turned and, with a smile of pity he assisted his... 'friend.'

  "Well," the vampire answered, "I'd use the shower but, you know, a weak vamp in the daylight kind of... oh I don't know... burns to death," he finished as the demon child retrieved the wash basin from the shelf and placed it on his bedside.

   "Here, I'll help you," Alois cooed into the vampire's ear as he lay out a towel that he pulled from his bureau and spread it on the bed. "Lay down, I imagine it'd be more comfortable for you that way..." Christoph just stared at him for a second, unsure of what had possessed the demon into being so charitable all of a sudden.

   "Why?" he asked as he lay down and the demon boy began to ring out the cloth of excess moisture. Gently washing his tender and bloodied skin, Alois replied in a low tone.

   "You're a friend," he answered, ringing out the cloth again, the water churning as it began to fade to red. "As much as we still mess with each other and, because of our mutual interest in Allen, we may hate on each other, however, despite these differences, we are.. still friends and so, I shall help you when you need it."  He again pressed the wet cloth gently to the vampire's flesh and began to wash away the dried blood, taking gentle care around the bruised areas and the gaping hole in his chest. The vampire still let out the occasional whimper of pain, despite Alois' attempt at being careful. Eventually, his body was clean, shining with a minor gloss as the excess water had yet to evaporate. With bandages now in hand, the demon had begun to properly wrap up the vampire's wound, receiving an occasional grunt, or whimper everytime he lifted him to wrap it around his back which, began to whet Alois' appetite until finally he tied off the wrap and squeezed it a little bit.

   "Ah, Alois..." Christoph moaned, "Are you trying to hurt me?" His answer came in the form of a lip locked kiss with the boy and a teasing smile. "I love how you hate me," Christoph smiled as they pulled away. Alois placing a finger on his lips to signify that he keep his mouth shut on the matter. 


   "You called master?" gargled the gargoyle as it perched itself beside the man in the jade suit. The pair stood above the road on Eighth Street, high above, nestled in the bell tower of the church. His glasses reflected the daylight in hues of pink and green as he looked at his stony familiar.

   "Yes," he answered, "I noticed our vampire of interest was able to escape the stake and the sun but, he's not returned to the church, my contract within tells me so, thus, there's but one place he could be seeking shelter; the Hughes residence."

   "Would you like me to rip that family limb from limb?"

   "Ofcourse," he smiled, "But, do it quietly and quickly, oh, and, look out for the Father, I think he's heading their way..." With a simple bow of his hon crowned head the beast's eyes glowed red and he soared from the building, flapping his enormous stone wings as he went.


   Michael awoke after what felt like years of being asleep; his body ached all over and when he tried to move, he found himself crying out in pain that was never ending it seemed. He slowly began to remember giving blood to save Christoph, and then, nothing; a black void filled his memory. Again he cried in pain as he tried to move, and then he felt hands around him as he was abruptly pulled across what he realized was a bed and into the grasp of the vampiric child he had chosen to save and accept as a friend, rather than an enemy.

   "Why do you cry, my dear, sweet Michael?" cooed the vampire into his ear. Michael, though still abit out of it, slowly began to come around as his sense of touch told him that he was touching Christoph's bare flesh, it was cool and smooth to him, almost comforting. He looked into the faded rosy eyes of his captor.

   "I'm glad you're safe..." he whispered, then he stopped as his hands ran from smooth skin to ragged bandages. "You're injured all over, aren't you?"

   "Yeah, I am but, I'm happy to have you by my side," he kissed him on the forehead and clutched him close. "Michael, I know I'm a monster but, can you ever love me... like Allen loves you?" The question took him a bit by surprise as he looked into the eyes of a sick and weak immortal. It was then he looked himself over and gave an  answer, breaking his eye contact.

   "As I am now, no," he answered with quiet sadness, "However," he continued as he shed his exorcist's coat and under armor, "As a boy, a normal human, I can love you, but, I want to know, why?" Their moment of mystery and bonding was suddenly cast aside as they heard a ruckus coming from downstairs. The two boys sat up and stared at the door which suddenly burst open as Alois was thrown through the doorway by some unknown force, beaten, battered, and broken.

   "Pathetic human!" came the low and menacing growl of a beast from just beyond the door. It crept in, its heavy claws pounded on the wooden steps and carpet as it lumbered into the space the boys were occupying. The beast curled its lips as it examined the room. "Hmm, lucky me, I count three boys that I can beat up and eat," it grabbed Alois again and shook him around, throwing him again across the room as blood sprayed from his now torn forearm. He landed at his partner's feet who dropped onto the ground and held onto him.

   "Oh shit," Christoph muttered, "Is that you, Brutus?" Christoph's utterance made the beast respond to its name. Smiling as it crept towards the bed, it laughed as it beheld a creature that, he once feared with every shred of its stony being.

   "My, how thine mighty have fallen," the creature gargled, "Is this really the great spawn of Dracula? A mere broken boy laying in bed with what, his human lover!?" The beast swiped at him, yanking him from the bed as his bandages tore open; blood oozing into his mouth once more, the vampire stood up shakily and spat the viscous sanguine fluid onto the gargoyle's stone face. Suddenly the beast reared back in pain as the feeling of hot needles being driven through its body, "AARRGGHH!" it screamed, "What is this!? Holly water!? But how!?"

   "I'm not his lover," growled the voice of a being that seemed almost inhuman; sliding out of the bed, dressed in his garb, the young exorcist stood affront the fallen vampire, crucifix in one hand, holly water in the other. His eyes were a fiery burning blue, "I am the protector of this family!" he threw more holly water, laughing as the beast wailed in agony, "As for the vampire, he's a friend to us and so, I am obligated to see to his protection!" He slashed at the beast with his crucifix which had morphed into a sword of dazzling sapphire blue from the holly energy of the exorcist's glove he wore on that hand.

   "Fucking Heimlich!" the beast roared, "He didn't tell me the family had a personal exorcist watching over them!" the beast tried to flee, veering just shy from being hacked in half by the blade. "However, I can still complete my task before leaving," the beast laughed as it tore one of the curtains from the windows, flooding the room in sunlight as it lept towards the other two boys by the desk. "Now you must choose! Save these two and let the vampire die, or save the vampire and watch as I kill the boys!"

   "I don't think so," came the cold voice of someone else. The gargoyle was startled to find himself caught in a death grip; the human he'd toyed with all the way up was holding him, with a wounded arm and... his eyes... oh his eyes were as if the gargoyle was staring Hell in the face with how bright the fires burned, framed in bloody red rings. "I grow tired of your presence, now, tell me, who sent you, foul pestilence."

   The death grip this kid, no, this demon had on the gargoyle was frightening, the beast knew that he didn't stand to live much longer in this grasp so, he spilled his knowledge. "A demon salesman, my master sent me to exterminate the family who resides here."

   "Oh come now, I know you know more," his grip tightened, "Now, tell me, you foul swine!"

   "Ack!" it chocked, "Fine! My master was told to make the vampire boy suffer as much as possible before bringing his head to her! She wants the Tepes clan dead and, he's one of the few surviving clan members!"

   "What else?" Alois tightened his grip further, cracking the writhing beast's stone neck, "Who employs your master?" The beast screamed in pain as the demon boy broke off its wings, dark energy spraying into and dissipating into thin air as the beast died.

   "Mina Rosecliff..." the beast gurgled as its neck shattered, effectively killing the creature. There was a silence that filled the room, for minutes that seemed like eternity, the boys sat in stunned silence, all except Christoph who, too wounded to stay standing, collapsed to the ground, trying to shy away from the encroaching light of day. 

   "Christoph," Alois turned to the vampire, Michael hauling him to his feet, "you have so in depth explaining to do, now!" he ordered as he propped the boy up against the headboard of the bed. He removed the note he had recovered earlier and handed it to its intended recipient. "Now, I want you to tell us everything you know."

   "Alright, fine," he grimaced in pain, "I would have had to anyway, if I wanted to get Ally back," he looked towards the exposed window as he began to spin his yarn, all the while thinking to himself on how long this day had been and, how long it would continue to be in the coming moments.....


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