The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


14. The Longest Day ~Part I

   It was early in the morning when the call came in, Michael had been up meditating and when the shrill chiming of the house phone began to scream through the halls of the house he snatched the nearest one off the hook with great alacrity to cease the disturbance.

   "Jenny?" coughed a voice on the line; it was the Father.

   "No Father, tis Michael," the boy answered calmly, still a bit lost in a semi trance-like state. "Why are you calling so later, er, early rather?" Looking at the clock at the end of the hall he could faintly make out the hands in the position of two twenty in the morning.

   "I could ask why you're up at this hour, but my guess is meditation," the Father's voice answered with a minuscule hint of apprehension in it. "That aside, I must ask, has Christoph and his sister Ally dropped by the house?"

   "No, they haven't, why?"

   "Michael, I must confide something about the two children," Cornell started up again.

   "One's a vampire, and the other's a halfling? I already know, they revealed themselves to me," the young exorcist answered with an even manner. There was silence on the Father's end of the line for  a moment followed a bit later by a quiet but firm "I see."

   "In short, I'm calling because they've failed to come home after sneaking out earlier," he let the apprehension show more this time, "I'm growing a bit frantic, my dear exorcist, may I request a favor?"

   "Anything Father," the boy answered without hesitation. 

   "I sense foul play, and god I hope I'm wrong," he started, "I would like you to go search for them, and, I know you harbor dislike for Alois but, use him to help find him. Consider this a direct order, Michael."

   "As you wish Father," he answered, fiery passion filling his eyes once more as he hung up the phone. He crept upstairs and donned his exorcist's robes and coat and equipped himself for combat of the holly variety. "Now.. to wake the demon child," he whispered to himself as he ventured up the stairs to the green door that served as the barrier between the house and the lair of a demon in human skin. He tugged on the door but, it wouldn't budge an inch; locked out, damn him. "I have no choice then."

   The door clicked quietly as its lock relinquished its hold on the door. Carefully pushing it open, the exorcist withdrew his lock pick from the door and entered cautiously. Closing the door behind him, he became enraptured by darkness as Alois had earlier extinguished the candles which led to a simple conclusion; Allen was here too and that meant they were probably... He had to shut the thought from his mind, lest he go into a tangent rant of disgust and violence.

   There was a quiet shifting sound as one of the shadows on the bed shifted the sheets as it moved, presumably in a state of slumber. Creeping closer, Michael's assumption proved correct; there they lay, caught in each other's tender grasp. Both lay with no shirt and, as the younger crept to the demon's side of the bed found, most likely were also lacking pants and, other clothing. The two partners were fast asleep, entangled in each other's grasp, their bodies breathing in unison as they rubbed against each other. 

   "Shameful," he muttered to himself, "But, he is my brother, so I cannot resent him, nor would I want to." As he saw it, this, was all Alois, taking control again, but what could he do, he could no longer kill him and, under it all, he'd kind of grown to like the demon boy again. "Alois," he whispered, nudging the elder youth; nothing. "Dammit, wake up Alois!" he hissed quietly so as not to wake Allen. Still, he showed no signs of wakefulness so, Michael stooped to extremes. Holding an open container of holly water near his nose, he let the smell waft into the boy's nostrils which, after a short bit began to sting from the purity and as expected, the demon awoke.

   "Get that bottle away from my face, Michael," he sneered quietly, eyes fluttering open, they were his crimson eyes. He was obviously sore at having been woken, and in such a unnecessary way he surely thought. "Wait... How the hell you get in here!?" his voice elevated quickly so Michael used his forefinger to shush him.

   "I can pick locks, that aside, I need your help," he whispered quietly, sinking to his knees so as to be eye level with Alois. "A certain someone we both know has gone missing from the church and it has Father Cornell all distraught. He's sending me to go and find him," he was setting himself for the perfect manipulation, "but, if Christoph has definitely been felled than who ever got him is strong, much stronger than me, and I don't want to go alone..." he left off, allowing his eyes to let a few tears fall out, "Please accompany me, I would feel safer knowing you'd be with me."

   "Damn you," Alois whispered, smiling as he wiped the tears from the younger's eyes, "You know I can't say no to your sad face, don't you?" He shifted the sheets as he sat up so his more, sensitive parts remained hidden; his hair lay all a mess, his minorly toned body rising and falling as he breathed, his crimson eyes glowing in a most seducing manner in the dark of the room. He snatched Michael off his knees and placed him unto his knee. "I'll help, but, I want something in return, my sweet boy."

   "Ah..." he sighed lightly as he felt the euphoria of his blood being drained by the demon boy as he fell into his grasp, his body suddenly feeling achy. He sat that way, clasped in the naked youth's grasp for a bit until the demon boy gently threw him to the floor and told him to leave and await him in the parlor, to which, perhaps by some bewitchment, Michael followed the demand without question. Alois leaned over and placed a feather light kiss onto Allen's lips, "I must leave now, but, I shall return to claim your love again soon, my friend."


   They had been aimlessly searching for hours, unable to pick up on the vampire's essence, which, was becoming disturbing to both boys. Finally, a faint trace of blood ran into Alois' nostrils, causing them to flare at the smell. Leading them to the park, they noted how light was slowly coming into the sky and so, they'd have to hurry in their task.

   "He's bleeding," Alois stated, his eyes again glowing crimson hellfire as they neared the edge of the park, creeping closer to the entrance of the woods. "I don't like the feel of this, not at all."

   "We've got to go in though, we must find him," Michael muttered as he slipped on his special glove and walked into the woods, Alois begrudgingly in tow. The deeper into the wood they wandered, the more apparent it became that this forest at night was a demon's playground, one after another minor creatures of the dark either ran and fled from the pair or, attacked them and were effortlessly smited by the weapons drawn forth from the glove that was Michael's hand. "These bastard's don't know when to quit, do they?" the young exorcist smiled as he slaughtered them as he went, guided by Alois' sense of smell.

   "They stopped," the demon boy noted as he began to look around the clearing the boys had wandered into. As he walked carefully, he kept trying to pin-point Christoph's exact whereabouts until he heard a quaking sense of fear in Michael's voice.

   "I... I found him... oh god," he staggered backwards as he beheld the vampiric child; impaled to the tree and pale in face and body, dried blood ran all down him, painting him in a macabre beauty as the fading moonlight danced amongst the blood and the pale skin of the boy. "Is he...?"

   "Dead?" Alois finished as he moved towards the boy, "No, atleast, not yet," he examined as he yanked the stake from his body with demonic force, catching his frail body as it fell free from the tree. "However, he won't make it if he doesn't get some blood into him now." He looked at Michael with a serious demeanor on his face.

   "Alright, I guess there's no other choice then," he answered the demon as he knelt beside the vampire boy and held him in his arms, "Christoph, can you hear me?" There was no signs of life at first but, finally, he moved slightly. "Christoph, it's alright, I'm here to help you."

   "Michael... Is... that you?" he opened his eyes; they had grown pale pink, almost grey as he had began to approach death. "Please... help me." He convulsed in pain and let out a scream engulfed in suffering and torment as he sucked in a breath of heavily ragged air. Michael took him in hand and leaned him against the tree beside him and placed the vampiric child's head against his neck, signifying what he wanted Christoph to do. "Thank you... so much..." he left off as he shoved his fangs hard and deep into Michael's flesh causing a whine of pain to escape the sacrificial child's lips. He sat there, suckling on the warmth of Michael until he felt the heartbeat of his savior suddenly weaken, a sure sign that he'd perhaps gone too far. When he let go, Michael tried to stand up, only to get hit by vertigo and collapsed into the waiting arms of Alois.

   "I think you should come home with us," the demon boy spoke coolly as he hauled the woozy brother over his shoulder and pulled the weak vampire to his feet. "We must hurry to, the sun's coming up and in your condition, I gauge you wouldn't last more than five minutes." 

   "I think you'd be right," he winced as he began to bleed again as he held a hand to the wound in his chest. Limping along, the three boys stumbled into the house at a quarter to six, the sun had began to pronounce itself a bit more as they stumbled through the house, trying to reach the safety of the demon boy's room without being seen by Jenny, or, her boyfriend who was passed out in the recliner in the living room. Alois slung his door open in a crude manner which the noise was loud enough to wake Allen, who'd been left alone in the bed still undressed. 

   "Christoph, park yourself in my desk chair," he ordered as he flopped Michael onto the bed beside his still drowsy and naked brother.

   "Alois," Allen moaned in a whiny manner, "You up and left me... why?" Alois flew to his master's side and without a second thought lovingly locked lips with him. "Why is Michael in his exorcist's uniform?" he asked as he woke up mentally, "And more importantly, why does he look like death!?" he began to become distraught as he leaned over his brother and moved some of his hair from his face as he lovingly kissed his brother on the cheek.

   "I'm fine brother," the younger smiled weakly, "I gave blood, that's all..." as he closed his eyes he drifted off to sleep. Looking up at the vampire, the elder brother screamed a little when he saw his friend's condition. 

   "Holy shit! What happened to you, Christoph!?" Allen wailed as he fell out of the bed, quickly springing to his feet he ran over to his fallen friend in his boxers. Christoph took one look at Allen and blushed heavily, never before had he seen so much of his beloved friend's body. As nice of a sight as it was, he felt wrong for thinking of him in a lustful manner, after all, he was Alois' lover, not his. 

   "I failed to protect someone," the vampire answered mournfully, "I have the graces of your brother and Alois to thank for finding me and, especially young Michael for giving his blood." he coughed abit, again spewing blood, this time, onto Allen's bare chest. "Oh Christ, I'm sorry." 

   "Just shut up and bite me," Allen commanded as he pulled the vampire to his feet and aggressively pulled the two of them into an embrace. Christoph didn't need to be told a second time to bite; his needle-like fangs sank deeply into Allen's neck as he began to drink voraciously as he knew from experience that Allen could take the loss of a greater volume of blood than Michael could. It felt great to hold his friend in such a manner; Allen's body was a bit cooler than normal as he'd only just awoken, but, it was still velvet smooth, much like the last time he was able to hold Allen in his grasp in such a way.

   "I must thank you, my dear friend," he tried to let go as he felt Allen's pulse finally weaken abit. "Now, please, I want you to rest."

   "Not till I know you'll be okay," he resisted stiffly until Christoph placed a finger to the human's lips. Seeing the look in the vampire's eyes made him loosen his grip as he became a bit dizzy.

   "Thank you Allen, but, that'll be enough for today," Christoph finally let go despite the human boy's objections. "Alois, please, come take Allen from me, he's grown weak I'm afraid and it looks like he could use your love," the vampire teased abit with the last half of the comment to which, the demon playfully flipped him the bird. "I know I'm number one in your book, but thanks," he laughed at the gesture.

   "I'll take Allen back to his room," Alois spoke as he hauled his incapacitated partner onto his shoulders, "You can have my room and bed to rest in until you can get back to the church. Can I trust you not to drink from Michael?"

   "On pain of death," Christoph answered as he flopped onto the bed. Alois smiled as he closed the door and moved into Allen's room and deposited the boy onto his own bed. It was then that the phone rang; Alois answered, half expecting who was on the line.

   "Oh boy," Alois muttered to himself, "This is going to be one helluva long day.."

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