The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


5. The Evil Unseen

   Way away from the boys, another storm was brewing that would ravage their fragile little town. Inside the white villa of a family of ancient noble blood, an unseen evil began to manifest itself, nurtured by the otherworldly powers of one man; a man in a jade suit with reflective spectacles.

   "Hmm..." he hummed, examining his pocket watch, "It's already been six years. My, how time flies when you're causing mischief...." he mused to himself as he looked out the large window of his room into the deep forest that surrounded the property. 

   "Indeed," came a smooth voice, accented with a German tinge to it. "In the six years you've been here, the towns around have befallen dark times, which, has been most pleasing to our master..."

   "Jules... How nice of you to pay me a visit," the man in the spectacles smiled as he spun on his heels to look over the man. Jules de Guiles was the residential butler of this large villa. More importantly though, he wasn't human; no, indeed his terribly pale complexion and rust colored eyes told a story of the man, and what a mournful story it was. 

   "The mistress has need of your services again..." he announced, waving his hand in a gesture telling the man that he should follow the servant. Whistling as he went, the man duly wandered after the butler dressed in blood red. His white hair and handlebar mustache made the man appear as just another cut out, happy go lucky servant, when, in actuality, he was responsible for the riots in France that ended with old King Louie getting the axe, literally, well okay, it was actually a guillotine but that doesn't roll off the tongue as well. 

   "So, Jules," the man in the spectacle asked, "Did the mistress tell you what she wanted me for now?"

   "No, only that she had need of your services..." de Guiles replied, never wavering his eyes from in front of his person. This man, as far as the man in spectacles could remember, was always all buisness and professional; never had he seen the man do anything for the hell of it, in a way, it was sickening.

   "Uh, wrong way, Jules, the throne room is left, not right," he smiled, "Are you growing forgetful in your old age?" That comment got a reaction, a glare of utter hatred.

   "No," he sternly replied, "Mistress Mina was persistent that you speak with her in her personal chambers." Opening the mahogany door that led to one of the master bedrooms, de Guiles ushered the man in and then, quite purposefully, slammed the door behind him. Approaching the burgundy colored sheets that draped the otherwise snow white bed, the man removed his bowler hat and bowed in respect to the slim and narrow feminine figure laying in the bed.

   "Mistress...." He bowed, his words falling forth  like smooth velvet, "You summoned me?"

   "Yes, Reginald," her poison soaked voice politely replied, "I have need to examine an... unsettled claim of yours." Her rosy red eyes peered into the reflective spectacles with hate and mistrust, veiled by an otherwise innocent expression worn by her face. 

   "Whatever for my dear?" he smiled, "My contracts are my own buisness I'm afraid, not yours mistress." his face returned to its normal, expressionless self. Her eyes glowed deep red at his refusal; it was obvious that this girl was not used to being told 'no.'

   "I wish to see who's on this unsettled debt," she replied coolly, "As a Rosecliff, I have a high authority in the demonic realm, no one has power over us!" She leaned forward in her bed, hand outstretched in expectant obedience of the demon salesman. "I call upon this high authority, now, show me the contract!"

   "I cannot," he mused, producing a book, written in old text, resembling that of Latin and demon script. Throwing the book into her waiting hand he smiled once more. "Turn to page three-hundred and ninety four. Appendix 'C,' paragraph three."

   "What is this garble?" she snorted, not being able to make heads or tails of the text. Tossing the book at the salesman he caught it and smiled as it vanished into his hand.

   "I wouldn't expect that a child of the darkness could read this," he smiled, "It's written in an ancient text, long since forgotten by mankind; The loose translation of the paragraph is thus; 'If in times when the holder of the contract has yet to settle debts, their contract is forfeit only to those within the party of the contract, or, a high authority in demonic magistrate..."

   "Of which, the Rosecliff family is, so hand it ov-"

   "Let me finish, child," Reginald simmered. "...Unless the party in question is within the hierarchy of the magistrate and is higher in power than the individual, or individuals requesting viewing of scent contract." Holding the stained contract in his hand, he showed the girl the seal on the contract. "And this contract, my dear, is from a family above your power...."

   "Tepes," she seethed. "Augh, how I hate that clan. No matter though, they're all but wiped out now a days; those who haven't, I've already sent out my minions to deal with them." her smile was horrid in the eyes of Reginald, she was the reason buisness style demons like him were indebted to the bureaucracy in Hell. 

   "I grow weary of this, what have you called me forth for?" 

   "Well, and this ties into your contract there possibly," she continued to smile, "There is a young Tepes male in a nearby seaside town that managed to dispatch my precious hounds who were sent to collect him...."

   "Hmm," Reginald nodded, "Wonder if it's Christoph she was after..." he thought to himself.

   "I do not like my precious pets being slaughtered by an upstart vampire boy...." she turned to Reginald, "I know your powers allow you to, depending on those under your contract, to complete practically any task within your power..."

   "My dear," he smiled, "Are you saying you wish to form a contract with me?"

   "Yes," she whispered, "I will set you free from the contract your in with my father, in exchange for completing a task of mine..." The demon salesman was laughing on the inside as he listened; she was willing to stomp out the hindrance of her father's contract just to smash another vampiric child from an opposing clan? It was a moment of pure satire to him.

   "Well now," he licked his lips as he withdrew two contracts; one was snow white, slightly stained with age; the other, however, was jet black, the writing in bright red ink. "This contract here is your Father's, and this one," he pointed to the black one, "Is a double clause contract. By signing this, you agree to take on the toll of your Father's contract, which, you've terminated with the clause within this contract, And, you agree that the toll for your own contract, along with that of your Father's is fair debt that I shall lean upon so as I may complete my task."

   "Yes, I accept," she smiled wickedly, signing the contract in her own blood. "Now, Reginald Kissinger Von Heimlich, demonic salesman of souls, I, Mina Ricther Rosecliff, order you to retrieve this boy and bring him to me, so as I can make him suffer as I see fit!"

   "Your wish.... is my command, mistress..." And into a fine cloud of grey mist the man with the reflective spectacles vanished from the room, from the villa towards the quiet seaside town as nothing more than fog; an evil, unseen by those it would soon fall upon.....

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