The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


20. The Chill in These Bones

   Allen sat alone in the room that he and Alois had been given whilst they stayed in the church pondering the thoughts that ran through his mind which varied from the simplest thoughts on the schoolwork he was going to miss to more relevant things such as how he was going to try and contribute to getting Ally back for his friend. 

   "I'm the only real weak link among them," he sighed as he pulled his knees to just beneath his chin as he sighed. "Even my younger brother has more strength than I as an exorcist. What am I to have, a small sliver of a reaper's soul within that allows me to pick up on supernatural forces that most can't and my eyes change color... what use are these simple tricks to the others?" As he pondered this thought a cold chill ran up his spine as he felt the very shadows shift to and fro around him as a glint of something reflective caught his attention.

   "My my, so you are the interest to the other inhuman child that Christoph has an affiliation with, how curious," the reflective glint shifted again as it soon became obvious to Allen that he wasn't alone.

   "Show yourself demon," Allen sputtered as he shot to his feet, "I'm in no mood to be toyed with by some lowly creature of the darkness!" This comment seemed to spur the demon hiding within the shadows as he stepped forth from them clad in a jade suit with a matching bowler hat and strangely hypnotic glasses that seemed to be rosy in color though as he moved about and the light refraction changed so to did the lens' colors. 

   "Pathetic creature, me?" he grew a thin smile that was filled with malice despite its innocent disposition. "No child, if anyone among you were to be pathetic I'd say it would be you as you are nothing but a fragile human, a pathetic, frightened little boy..." 

   "And what are you, a freaking messenger or something!?" he yelled at the man with mixed furry and fear. "What but a sad phantom cast into servitude of others!?" That comment caught the demon in the pride as he scowled deeply and bit back a howl of anger as he stepped closer and eyed the boy with complete hatred.

   "I'm going to warn you once human," he growled with mischief and complete malice in his voice, "Relinquish your relation to Christoph Tepes or suffer the slaughter of your family and friends!"

   "You're the demon salesman, Reginald, aren't you," Allen spoke with wavering courage as he faced off against this creature from Hell. "You're the demon salesman that's been hunting him for a while, aren't you."

   "How very astute of you, yes, I am indeed the one of which you speak," he stepped back as he bowed his head and removed his top hat in a sign of respect. "I'm almost honored you know of me as usually only my contracted are aware of my disposition." He bent down to eye level with Allen and made a grin of pleasant discourse. "I find you quite the enigma, young human so how about we make a deal?"

   "I don't deal with my enemies," Allen cooly replied with displeasure, "I know how you operate, Christoph told me about your little contracts." Allen was getting a very bad feeling from Reginald, it was as if he were trying to lure him into a dark place to which no escape could be had; his spectacles gave off an eerie glint in the reflection of the mid-afternoon sunlight. 

   "Hmm, you only heard his side of the story boy," Reginald sneered a little as he moved to and sat down on the bedside. "Christoph is very good at manipulating others, let me tell you." He took off his bowler hat and placed it beside the boy's head as he took out his gold pocket watch and examined the time, laughing as he put it away he smiled and looked at Allen curiously. "I can tell you exactly what happened when he made the contract, quite the story it is. What do you say human, I'll do it free of charge if it will help you to see who this 'child' really is."

   "He needs not hear your words of twisted poison, begone demon!" The sound of his partner's voice snapped Allen from the manifesting fear within as Alois charged into the room and cut at Reginald with his scythe only to have it fade through him. "Damn, an apparition... sneaky bastard." It was then that his attention turned to his now slightly trembling partner who sit on the floor as the thoughts of Christoph's potential treachery raced through his head.

   "What was he going to tell me?" he thought in a panic, "Is Christoph who he really says he is or am I just a pawn in his game with Reginald?"

   "Allen, hush now," Alois whispered as he cupped his partner into a protective grasp and held him firmly as he continued to shake. "Allen, it's alright, I'm here now. Please, calm yourself my love." He tenderly kissed his neck and then his cheek until when he turned to look at him he caught his lips and after a brief moment, Allen closed his eyes and his trembling ceased as he went limp in his partner's hold. "There we go, see, I won't let anything bad happen to you, I did swear that on our contract didn't I?"

   "Oh Alois!" Allen cracked in voice as he held firm to the demon boy as tears raced to the edges of his worn eyes, "I'm so glad I have you to keep me safe, I don't know what I'd do or where I'd be if we never met, please, don't leave me, ever!" The demon smiled as he picked up his frightened love and placed him on the bed as he loosely lay over him and smiled.

   "All this fuss for no reason," he cooed quietly, "Allen, I'll never leave you until the day I fulfill the contract and take your soul, however since my father's intervention prevents the contract from ever being fully fulfilled I guess I'm stuck with you for a long time." His smile calmed the boy almost immediately as he brushed aside Allen's scattered hair and smiled while producing a blush that ran across his face as their emotional wants began to overtake the both of them.


   "Guys, dinner's..." Michael cut himself off as he beheld a sight that both incensed him but also made him feel all warm at the same time. Before him lay Allen and Alois in eachother's grasp with the sheets of the twin sized bed loosely wrapped around their legs as they dozed in loving embrace and to Michael's relief were still clothed as well.

   "Hmm? Oh, Michael, what is it?" Alois stirred lazily from his sleep as eyed the other Hughes brother with drowsiness in his eye. "Is dinner ready I take it?"

   "Aye, it is, so come downstairs when you two are ready," with that said he left the room promptly leaving the two alone again. Smiling as he rolled over and shook his partner's arm gently he woke the sleeping boy with care.

   "Allen, it's time for supper, let us go to the others and after I think I'll take a bath. Then we can just lay together again, alright?"

   "That sounds... wonderful," Allen spoke as he yawned from sluggish sleep. "I think I might take a bath as well," he giggled at the thought of him and his partner laying into eachother's arms whilst wet from the bath. As if reading his mind Alois smirked in a dirty manner and waved a finger in his face.

   "Now now, we are in a house of God, we must behave," the demon boy teased as he put his shoes back on and waited by the door for Allen as he stumbled about and groped around in an attempt to locate his own shoes. "My partner, heh, he's so lovingly pathetic when he first wakes up, he's always so out of it." The comment never left his lips as it instead stole about in his head as he watched Allen muddle about until he finally found his shoes and replaced them onto his feet and then went to his partner who had already moved out to the hall.

   "You're such a tease, you know that?" Allen smiled as he and his partner walked side by side down the stairs, turning the corner to head down the hall to the Parish Hall which served as the dining room here. "I'm going to get you later for that."

   "I'd love to see you try Allen," Alois stole a kiss just before they walked through the doors almost to prove a final point to his partner or at least have the last word which he knew would drive the human boy crazy.

   "Nice of you two to join us," Jenny smiled cordially as she watched her son and his friend come and sit beside each other at the table much like she and her partner sat side by side with Michael on one end of the small table and Cornell on the other. 

   "Aw c'mon mom, we weren't that long," Allen's whine sent a minor chuckle through the ranks of all those at the table causing him to blush out of embarrassment and squirm in his seat a little. "Alright alright, can we just move on?"

   "Very well, everybody prepare for grace," Cornell composed himself as he sat down and folded his hands. "Dear Lord, we thank you for this meal provided to us and we...." The prayer the Father said was lost on Allen though as his mind wandered back to his earlier encounter with Reginald as mistrust and fear began to take hold deep down within. The thought that Christoph could simply be using him and everybody else as nothing more than pawns in a private game between him and the demon salesman plagued him deeply throughout dinner and even when he was back in the room and Alois left for his bathing Allen remained paralyzed by the idea.

   "What if... what if it's true, what did Reginald want to disclose to me?" without knowing his thoughts had become aloud and somewhere within the walls he heard and came forth. Stepping out of the shadows, Reginald again adorned his smile of false solace as he stepped close to the bedside where Allen lay.

   "I told you what I wanted to disclose, didn't I?" his serpent's tongue showing briefly  from within his smile. "Christoph is not the poor little victimized vampire he's made you think he is." Upon touching the youth with his gloved hand he instantly felt a static charge of vibrancy and euphoria. "Tell me, what is your name young man."

   "It's no business of yours," Allen muttered with a minor growl as his body sparked within violently from the touch of Reginald's hand; apparition or no, he could still feel him and his senses did not like his aura or vibe. "I'd rather you not touch me, so kindly get off."

   "One who has manners but gets straight to the point, I like that," Reginald grinned as he became enamored by the behavior of the human boy before him. "Very well, since you asked nicely, I'll remove my hand." Like he said, his hand was soon again flat by his side as Allen made eye contact. 

   "Thank you," Allen spoke with calm as he faced the demon salesman again, "Now then, why have you come to haunt me, I assume it's to either steal me away from the others or to get you to open his casket whilst he sleeps."

   "Now that would be a treat for you, however no," Reginald smiled cruelly, "Actually I want to make a deal that's a win win for the both of us." His grin became somewhat unearthly as he sat beside the human boy. "You see, there's a little nuisance I am in a contract in, the one that wants Christoph dead and his sister to be, Ally is it?"

   "Yeah, why are you telling me this?" Allen eyed the salesman with distrust. "I've no reason to betray my friends to the words of some shady demon whose contracts seal the fates of all those sign them."

   "So, he even told you about the end of the contract then eh, did he tell you in certain cases you can offer the soul of an equal or an innocent in place of your own soul?" Reginald noticed the quick and subtle but noticeable twitch telling him he'd hit paydirt. "I'm curious as to what he's told you about our encounters with eachother."

   "Only that you decided when the contract was finished and when he insisted for more time you killed the family he had grown fond of and made him watch as you took the sister."

   "He gave them to me in exchange cause he didn't want to die," Reginald snarled with disgust. "He made a deal that day and the deal stipulated that in exchange for his soul, his family would regain the prowess lost in Denmark. His mother remarried and soon helped to carry a child to term whilst raising her undead son and the family's little girl that was already there. Well one day he said that he was satisfied the way things turned out and so, our contract was thusly concluded."

   "You realize he was probably just revelling in the moment," Allen answered with minor annoyance. "He was a child trying to be the man of the family he felt he failed."

   "He should really have read the contract better," Reginald seethed. "Anyway when I went to collect of course he was stubborn and indigent on the matter and so a scuffle ensued in which I came this close to taking him when the child pulled a very underhanded thing, he invoked the escape clause in which he offered the souls of the entire family, excluding his mother, in exchange for his." 

   "If that's the case then why did you still go after him?" Allen asked in disbelief of the shrewd manner the demon salesman had on the manner. "Were you so greedy you just had to have him!?"

   "Don't condescend me child!" Reginald roared, "He said the entire family excluding his mother, however, the child she was carrying was by rights mine! And he stole her from me... that is why I pursue him for he shortchanged me... the little bastard."

   "The mother's dead," Allen answered. "Christoph killed her and we don't know what he did with her soul." There was a moment of silence in which the tense feeling of the room seemed to morph to more of a feeling of distorted grief and regret. "He did it to save me, and my family."

   "Is that so, interesting..." he stood up and wandered to the opposite side of the room as if pondering a thought. It was then that the thought clicked. "Child, can you do something for me? In a box in a room in the cellar is a contract that is white except for the blood red ribbon sealing it, can you fetch it and then take it and the Father to Christoph... I think I can conclude my businesses peacefully with the child." 

   "You must make a deal with me," Allen stood up and looked the salesman dead in the face with a stern expression. "In exchange for doing what you want, you must swear on your soul that you will not harm Christoph or anyone in this Church, deal?"

   "Heh, for someone facing a demon of deal making, you drive a hard bargain mortal," he approached the human child and with a grin of demonic insanity and the flick of his serpent's tongue he grabbed his hand and aggressively shook it. "You have a deal mortal, I solemnly swear that I will harm not a hair on any of those within the walls of this church."

   As Allen shook hands with this devil's deal-maker a shiver went up his spine and ran to the very core of his being. As he fetched both the scroll and the Father a feeling crept throughout his body that what he was doing was wrong. He felt like something cold and death-like was now upon him and as they walked to the sleeping vampire's chambers the chill in these bones of his grew more and more intense. 





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