The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


19. One Step Closer is Another Away

   As the party drew nearer the church a strange and sinister aura began to fill the static feeling of the chilling air around them. Though the blissful ignorance of Jenny and her boyfriend just shook it off as a cold pocket of air the others went on guard as they knew the dreadful feeling all too well from previous ventures with the creatures of the Underworld. Alois began to casually look about in an attempt to find this source of cold discourse but in vain he found nothing.

   "God, it's bloody freezing!" Allen whispered as he clapped his hands together and breathed into their cupped shaping as he tried to create some extra heat for his hands as they began to tremble. Instinctively, Alois grabbed him by the waist and pulled him close to him in an attempt to try and share his body heat with him while also stealing a quick kiss on his cheek which resulted in an instant blush from his partner.

   "Hey, can you keep the affection to a private affair," Michael grumbled quietly from behind them as they moved closer to the chapel. "What would people think of the family if they knew."

   "Oh cool off Michael," Allen replied with a minor icy bite to his tone as he looked behind him to his younger sibling. "I could say the same thing for my traitorous friend in the bag on your shoulder."

   "That's not fair Allen, you know I love you," Christoph's voice rang into their heads as they continued. "Yes I love Michael but I loved you first and always will." At this all three of them went silent as the sound of the mournful chime of the bell of the Eighth Street church chimed noon with twelve somber clangs. Waiting there for them as he carried out his normal routine was Cornell, sweeping the steps as always but in contrast to the warmer months of the year he now was bundled up in a grey trench-coat and beige scarf that covered all but his nose and eyes.

   "Oh there you all are!" he waved and greeted them as they approached the stoop. "I'm sorry to hear about your misfortunes as of late though, do not think it has been exactly all peaceful about here either."

   "Oh no, what happened now?" Jenny asked as she hugged the Father and placed a hand on either shoulder. "More trouble with the pipes around here again?"

   "No, illness I'm afraid," Cornell answered with an even tone, "Christoph's come down with something and Ally's away with her grandparents in the countryside." With that as their cue, the boys excused themselves and all raced inside and upstairs to what was the vampire boy's room to allow him to morph back to normal. 

   "Ah that feels much better," the vampiric child mused as he cracked his back upon returning to his human state of being. "Being like that really is constricting on the body as you might imagine."

   "One can only guess," Alois chuckled as he looked about the room which six years ago was his very own dwelling until Jenny took him in permanently. "I like what you've done with the place since I left."

   "Yeah well, I had to clear out that lovely scent you left behind and all the bad taste you had whilst living here, so commoner in style," Christoph replied with humor as Alois smiled and flipped him off. "Oh come now Alois, I know as a demon you must've transformed at least once in your life."

   "Well yeah, sure I have but what is it to you?" he frowned a bit as he moved past the vampire towards the window, examining it with careful detail as he began to reminisce. 

   "I'm just curious as to what the Great and Powerful Alois chose as his first transformation," the over stressed sarcasm in Christoph's name for Alois shown through on demon as he minorly scowled at him to which the vampire flashed him a teasing gesture and folded his arms and took on a staggered stance as he awaited a response.

   "To answer your prodding question, it was a raven," Alois answered as he sat against the now open window stoop and looked out into the alleyway. His eyes were set on the clear spot between these two tall pine trees and the slew of small colonial style houses that looked up the hill into the woods beyond on the hillside to which the sky always cast a grand sunset in the years longer and warmer days. "It still is my preferred transfigured form I may add as I think it suits me and what I really am quite well."

   "A raven for an agent of Death, yeah I'd say it suits you," Allen chimed in as he walked over to and leaned his head on Alois' shoulder. "I bet you look magnificent as a raven. Care to show me some time later?" A small grin grew across the demon boy's face as he cupped Allen into his embrace and hugged him sideways as he teetered perilously on the windowsill. 

   "Maybe," he answered quietly, "Do you remember the night we met?"

   "I could never forget," Allen answered as his eyes closed a little. "You saved my life that night in October oh so long ago. I could never forget it." Slowly his arms rose from his side and wrapped themselves around the waist of his partner and then they pulled slightly as Allen was trying to pull him even closer than they already were as the memory of that night flashed through his mind. "I love you..." he whispered so quietly that even Alois almost missed it.

   "I know you do," he murmured softly as he slid off the sill and turned to properly embrace his young partner to which he owed and was owed so much. "And I love you with all my being and as such, I shall die before I let harm come to you, I swear."

   "Allen, Alois," Michael broke in softly to their moment of blissful love, "We have business to attend to so, I'm afraid we have to stop the emotional overflow for right now."

   "He's right you know you guys," Christoph winced as his breath tore at the healing wound, "We do have business to attend to I'm afraid. I need to heal before we leave so I'm gonna transform into fog and meander to my cellar dwelling for now." As he said he faded away into a fog which quickly dissipated into thin air as he moved through the church to avoid being seen by Jenny or the boyfriend. 

   Michael stood there for a moment watching his sibling and lover stand in the close embrace, lost in each other's eyes as they morphed into their demonic selves; Alois' crimson eyes reflecting off Allen's pinky-purple ones as the two moved closer and closer as a kiss became the obvious endgame in this moment of bliss. As much as he wanted to slap the two of them out of it and return them to the real gravity of the situation they were in he choose instead to politely excuse himself and go look for Ally's room to search and see if he could find anything helpful to either him personally or to figuring out who took her and where they could be.

   "We're alone now," Allen finally whispered to his partner as their lips parted after indulging in each other's flavor. "What do you want to do now Alois?" Allen's fangs were slightly elongated as he began to crave his partner's blood and essence. The other looked at his partner with joy and whimsy as he knew he could take anything he wanted of Allen at the moment but perhaps different to his normal working he let go of him and his hand playfully dance about his partner's waist.

   "As much as I'd want to hold you still and indulge in your essence and blood..." he took a step back so the both of them could collect themselves, "We have work to take care of. You look around Christoph's room here and I'll go look elsewhere; we'll meet up at dinner, alright?"

   "Of course," Allen nodded in agreement though truthfully he didn't want Alois to leave him then and there but, as he said, there was work to do. As Allen began to search about the vampire's room his partner left him and moved to first, find the other brother. Michael was supposed to be within Ally's room but upon moving to the White Room he found not Michael but he did find interesting things. 

   "Now this is quite interesting," his smile was of a most sinister grin as he peered about the once pure room now tainted by the presence of little girl who was not as she had appeared. The once white walls ran with faded rivulets of upon further inspection was indeed blood. The white roses in the vase had drank blood and turned crimson with deep black stems. The windows had been covered with black paper that had withered with age into tissue thin allowing light to crack through. Her headboard had writings of sin and blasphemy strewn across it which made Alois giggle a bit. "Oh Cornell must've had a damn near conniption when he saw this... she's very incensing it would seem, a perfect match for my little vampire companion."

   "I finished in..." Alois turned to find his partner standing in the doorway in shock at the condition of the room. "Wha-"

   "The little girl Christoph has been caring for is a halfling," his partner answered, "And it would seem she's transforming into a full fledged vampire. This could be both a good and a bad thing for if she fully awakens whilst in imprisonment there could be dire consequences."  

   "Another vampire, oh poor Cornell." The notion that Cornell was a 'poor and abused man' was very humorous to the demon child though knowing of Allen's liking and respect for him he resisted bursting out into laughter. Instead he comforted his partner and ushered him from the room, telling him to go check on his mother and the boyfriend whilst he spoke to Christoph. Once free of Allen again he proceeded to the cellar in search of Christoph's subterranean dwelling to which he found it soon enough and quite the surprise awaiting his eyes.

   "Consider your life Michael," the vampires' voice called out as Alois quietly opened the door and watched from the shadows. "One step closer is another away."

   "I know," the exorcist commented in response as he sat in one of the front pews. "It's just, what if that happens, would you take me then?"

   "I might," his voice chuckled darkly as the vampire looked at the exorcist from the comfort of his open casket. "I don't want it to have to come to that though Michael. I'd rather see you as a human than a vampire."

   "I'm glad you and I have a mutual agreement," Michael laughed lightly though in it there was a minor tinge of fear and trembling. "I doubt it would come to that though as I am pretty strong and have been taught by perhaps the best around."

   "I will give Cornell that much," the vampire laughed as he tried to step out of his casket as he crept towards the young exorcist in his normal clothes. "He did teach you well but still, I will have you regardless of your taught dislikings." He soon was upon Michael and had him down on the pew, his bandages hanging open loosely as his buttoned down shirt had been left undone for his comfort.

   "You dirty little children," Alois muttered quietly as he continued to observe quietly. "Don't you ever let Cornell or Allen catch you as they'd both have your hides." He looked at the the pew which now hid Michael and scoffed quietly. "You especially, young Michael."

   "You are a child of the Devil," Michael gasped as his companion had so easily tossed him onto the pew and now lay upon him with his body exposed to him. "I can feel the very lust pouring from your body, Christoph." He reached up and his hands lightly touched the bandages of the vampire as his eyes slowly glazed over as his own emotions swept over him.

   "I want to take you here and now, my dear sweet Michael," the vampire brushed some of the child's earthen brown hair aside as he smiled down at his cloudy eyed target of interest. "It's your choice Michael, remember though, one step closer to me is another away from your family and from God."

   "Are you so willing to taint his innocence beyond redemption!?" Alois finally broke in as he was unable to bare the moment any longer as his contracted promise to Allen to protect his family kicked in finally. Stepping forth from the shadows his eyes aglow with the symbol of his contract burning on his back as the seal lit up. "Come now Christoph, I thought you had more manners than that."

   "But out, Alois!" the vampire growled as he looked at the demon child with utmost annoyance at this moment having been so rudely disturbed. "What we do is none of your damn business! So leave before I make you sorry!"

   "Actually, the well being of Michael is my concern," he glared as he drew closer to the pair who still were intertwined in a stance of lustful romance. "I have a contract with Allen remember, part of that contract is to protect his family from harm, even if that harm is coming from a close friend." 

   "Stay where you stand!" Christoph screamed in anger "I will hurt you if you continue to intervene and this time there will be no Allen or Mr. Pemberton to save either of us!"

   "You are willing to slay yourself and I, for the love of a human boy?" Alois stepped closer as his scythe began to form in a haze. "Come now, do you see the foolishness in your choice of living!? What about Ally, the little halfling you call a sister!?"

   "Shut up!" Christoph screamed as his eyes flared with hatred driven by wounded love and pride. "I'm warning you to knock it off and leave! I am seriously going to rip your fucking throat out!"

   "Oh, really? See I would find that intimidating if you were well... intimidating," his voice had taken on its usual bite of sarcasm as he spoke whilst drawing ever closer to the pair of boys. With every step he took the vampiric child growled more and more audibly as his back arched like a ferule feline ready to pounce on its attacker. "Come now Christoph, think about what you're doing. Please, consider what it could do to his family."

   "I have thought about it," he growled as he leaned against the pew as a launch off point in preparation to jump Alois. "And I've decided that if need be I can fake his death or even better, commit them all to a life of eternal bliss."

   "Every step closer is another away, Christoph," Alois replied, his scythe now in hand, "If you should even try to do so, I will have to kill you in the name of the contract."

   "Enough!" The vampire lunged at the demon child only to be quickly grabbed by his collar as Alois sidestepped and threw him to the ground, falling atop him as he pinned him to the floor.

   "Please Christoph!" Alois' voice rose a bit, "Please consider what you're doing... I don't want to have to... Please..."

   "Are you actually pleading with me?" Christoph's voice dropped as he examined the minor hurt and desperation in the demon's eyes. "Alois, I know you have your commitments but all I want is to be happy, and to make those around me happy. Why am I not allowed to be happy, am I so damned that blissful euphoria must never find me? Tell me Alois, am I so damned that I may never find happiness?"

   "Never," the demon child answered, "You'll find it one day Christoph, I can tell; but you have to be patient, please," Alois calmly caressed the vampire's cheek as he let up on him and allowed him to sit up. "Please Christoph, patience is a virtue we all must learn. I haven't had a lover since 1666. Allen is my first since then, do you know how long a wait that was for me?" 

   "I... I'm just tired," Christoph choked as he fought back a tear, "I'm just tired of being alone... I'm tired of losing those important to me... I'm tired of being weak." There was a minor shuffle as Michael stood from the pew and was now beside the two otherworldly children with a hand on the vampire's shoulder and a smile of gentility and understanding on his face.

   "You can't be strong all the time," he smiled as he knelt beside Christoph and wiped away a tear which had managed to escape captivity, "Alone strength fades quickly, but when you lean on those around you, strength is almost limitless as all you need is support and understanding for and from others."

   "You are knowledgeable beyond your years of mortality Michael," the vampire smiled as his human friend and potential partner pulled him to his feet and hugged him. "I'll be patient then and I restate my promise that upon pain of death I will not turn you unless you so desire."

   "Thank you, now my friend," he led Christoph back to his casket and helping him to lay back into it he placed a soft kiss on his cheek. "I need you to rest up for by the light of the waning crescent moon we shall depart for Ally." With that said Michael gently closed the lid on the casket, enrapturing Christoph in the alluring darkness of the grave as his body began to immediately drift off to sleep as the dark magic within began to heal him.

   "Mina Rosecliff," he whispered in the dark as his consciousness faded, "I'm coming for you and when I do, I'll put you six feet under and make Ally my sister... One step closer... is... another.." the though passed on from his mind but not from his lips as he fell into the void of slumber as the happy thoughts of reuniting with Ally played comfort to his frightened soul.  

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