The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


1. My Friend, The Demon

   The boy lay on his bed after another long day at school, it was only about mid September and already, he was not liking being back in session. Even after six, long years, Allen still felt alone amongst all the kids that he was expected to call his peers. He was sixteen now, and still, he hated the whole idea of the repetition that was his life. His brooding was disturbed by a knock at the door.

   "What?" he called, uninterested in who it was; most likely his mother was checking to see whether or not he was doing his homework. The door opened with a quiet creak as he walked into the room, clad in black as always. He too, had grown and matured since those days of early acquaintanceship with Allen. His hair was a bit longer now, a little deeper in color but still a form of blond hair. His old overcoat had changed to more of a modern jacket style with cool steel zipper an iron clasps. His buttoned down shirts gave way over time to a maroon undershirt with a low cut neck. His pants however, were still pitch black dress pants. His shoes were still dark colored vintage Doc Martins, and, courtesy of Allen was again wearing a crucifix; this one forged from fine silver which had been blessed by Father Cornell himself and it had been reinforced in the chain so it wouldn't be so easily broken as the last one had been.

   "Is that how you treat your loyal partner?" he smiled in a sarcastic manner; that was relatively new as well, his friend's constant use of sarcasm. Closing the door as he moved towards his partner, he placed his hand on the edge of the bed as he sat down beside the boy. 

   "It is when I'm tired," Allen replied, reaching his hand up to his partner. Grabbing a hold of his arm, the boy yanked on it causing the other to fall onto his chest. He quickly shifted his position so he was now partially on top of the boy in black. Kissing him softly he whispered into his ear with a grin, "Play with me."

   "I'd love to," his friend whispered as he grabbed the boy by the shoulders and began to tumble around with him on the bed. "Same old master," the boy in black thought to himself. Growing up together for the past six years, the two friends developed a strong bond towards each other that was somewhere between brotherly and a romance kind of bond.

   "You're not getting me that way, Alois," Allen taunted as he slipped out of one of his friend's attempt at a choke hold. He twisted himself free and immediately lunged onto his partner's back and wrapped his arms around his chin and forehead.

   "Nice try, Allen, but I'm not that easy!" His eyes flared red for a moment as he quickly twisted free of one hand and used his other to grab a hold of the one holding his chin. Spinning on his spinal cord's axis he grabbed Allen and twirled him onto the floor with a loud thud.

   "Oww, that bloody hurt..." he moaned, rubbing his head as he lay on the floor. Alois, realizing his mistake in using his demonic strength flew to his master's side, holding the boy in a tender grasp.

   "I'm so sorry Allen," he frowned, examining the back of his friend's head with his hand. There was no sign of blood and so, to the boy's relief, his friend seemed to be okay. Allen sat up, rubbing his hand for a minute before looking at his friend.

   "You freaking cheater," he then grabbed a hold of the crucifix, immediately freezing Alois in a grip of terror. He smiled at his friend trying to soften his anger.

   "Yes, I cheated and I'm sorry," he brushed his hand gently across his friend's cheek, "I was just afraid that I'd lose..." His voice became its velvet smooth tone that was normal for him. Allen, however was still upset and so he decided to punish his friend with sarcastic torture.

   "I know you're sorry, " he smiled, "But you were naughty, and as such, you need to be punished." He then pressed the icy cold crucifix against the boy's pale skin which immediately began to burn as Alois fell to the floor, cringing in agony.

   "Dammit, not this again," he sputtered in a ragged breath, "Allen... I needn't tell you... how... how much that hurts... Please, I'm sorry... Please stop it!" he spasmed slightly, his body convulsing in response to the burning purity of the cross. Allen just laughed and pressed a little harder causing the cross to burn further and deeper, the sizzling sound becoming louder as he went.

   "I know how much it hurts, but you need to know, not to cheat me..." he whispered into his friend's ears. Tears of blood began to slowly stream forth from the boy's eyes, which now were flaring their red selves. 

   "Allen... please... your being cruel...." he gagged on some of his saliva as it fell from his mouth into his throat. Finally, the burning let up, allowing him to catch his breath. Sometimes he really hated Allen for making him wear such a hindrance, but, he knew it was a necessary evil. Without it, his cover would've been blown to Allen's family a long time ago. It was especially tricky now that Allen's mother, who he referred to as simply Jenny, had found herself a new boyfriend. A few things had changed in six years; Sean, Allen's older brother was now away at college in the countryside. Michael, Allen's younger brother was now fourteen and working his way through middle school and, to the boy's surprise was becoming suspicious of their relationship together, more importantly, of Alois' true disposition. 

   "You know it's only because I care," Allen smiled in a devilish manner, leaning close to his friend. Alois took the hint, propping himself up against the bed, he let Allen fall into his grasp as he then proceeded to bite into his partner's neck. There was an immediate feeling of release on Allen's side while to Alois, it was nothing short of ecstasy, to this day, Allen's blood was still lovingly intoxicating. Allen undid the iron claps on his friend's overcoat and began to unzip it when there was another knock at the door. The two boys flew apart as they scrambled to their feet.

   "You alright in there?" it was Jenny, "I heard a terribly loud thud and thought I'd come and see what's happened."

   "We're fine mom," Allen answered, opening the door, "Alois just slipped on some lose sheets."

   "Now what have I told you about making your bed properly," she sighed with a smile. Looking over her son's shoulder she looked at Alois, "Are you alright dear?"

   "Perfectly fine, thanks Jenny," he smiled innocently at her. Acknowledging the fact, she began to wander downstairs, Alois too moved out into the hall, stealing a kiss as he passed by Allen. "I'll see you later," he smirked in a slightly dirty manner as he moved towards the stairs to his room in the attic. Closing the door behind him Allen smiled in pure happiness.

   "That's my friend," he thought to himself as he sat at his desk, "That's Alois, my friend, the demon....."

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