The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


3. Intersecting Relationships: A Feeling of Impurity

   As the night wore on, Allen finally finished his work and so he snuck about the house, creeping up to Alois' room. He knew his friend would be waiting for him and sure enough, as he walked in, Alois flew to his side, whispering in his ear.

   "I've been waiting for you," He smiled as he rubbed his cheek against the warm, smooth cheek of his human partner. Allen turned to face his partner, only to be pressed lightly up against the door by Alois. Locking the door with one hand, he held onto his partner with the other as the indulged in a lengthy kiss. 

   "Sorry to have' kept you waiting..." Allen smirked, walking past his companion towards the bed. Like a loyal dog, Alois wandered after his human master, dropping his overcoat on the door hanger and flinging his undershirt into the hamper; he'd stripped away his shoes a while ago. His eyes began to glow crimson as he sat beside his friend, who's eyes had already morphed into their hypnotizing purplish-pink selves. 

   "Let's see who gets it this time..." Allen smiled, stripping away his own shirt, he flew into his friend as they began to tumble around, attempting to establish their dominance over each other. Soon, both boys were sweating as they finally flopped side by side onto the bed, gasping for air.

   "Dammit..." Alois laughed lightly, "We've become way to evenly matched..." He lay a hand onto Allen's heaving chest, to which, the boy returned the favor with one of his hands.

   "Yeah, I'd have to say so," Allen smiled, his breath returning to him. "Here, let's get this out of the way, so we don't accidentally burn ourselves," he smiled as he undid the crucifix that hung around Alois' neck.

   "You're really tempting me Allen..." Alois answered, catching his master and trapping him into a long kiss. Allen allowed his tongue to slide into his partner's mouth as their tongues continued their favorite practice of exploring each other's mouths. Alois had a habit of sometimes pushing his sharp, little serpent's tongue too far into his throat and so, to remind him, he would lightly bite down on it which always resulted in a pleasureful whimper of pain and seduction.

   "Ah, you did it again..." He giggled as they parted, a small stain of blood was splashed across the side of Allen's lips edge. Licking it away he grabbed his partner by the waist and aggressively pulled the two of them together as he bit into his partner's neck, to which, Alois duly responded by also injecting his fangs into the soft tissue of Allen's neck. With a glint of mischief in his eyes, Alois slid his hands into the rear pockets on his partner's pants and squeezed lightly.

   "You dirty little boy," Allen smirked, drawing the covers over them as Alois extinguished the last source of light in the room. The only illumination in the room now was the glow of the lovers eyes as they scratched into each other's bodies, hellbent on making mischief of the demonic lust variety; this had been their new tradition since Allen had turned sixteen a little while ago...


   The Father, for the third day now, brought a small sack of food to the little girl Christoph said was called Ally. From the moment she had awoken, she insisted on being there for her 'big brother' when he woke up.

   "Hello again, Ally," Father Cornell smiled innocently as he set the sack of food beside the little girl, watching as she starred at the casket in front of her, as if willing the lid to open itself so she could look upon the vampiric child inside.

   "Hello, Father," she responded quietly. Her legs stretched out on the pew that for the past few days she had made her perch, it was surprising that she hadn't developed a cramp laying like that. "He's going to wake up today, Father," She smiled, "Big bother's gonna wake up today, I can feel it." Looking past the child, he could see that, perhaps she was correct since, it appeared that the seal on the wall behind the casket was fading away.

   "That's good to know, People are concerned for your guys safety, since, as far as everybody knows; no one survived the fire," Cornell grimaced, standing up he began to leave the room when he felt a tug on his robes.

   "Can we... maybe..." She looked up into the Father's weathered eyes, "Get some ice cream? Chirstoph would always get me some when I felt a little down." The Father smiled, and took the child upstairs to fetch her some of the sweet cream that she so craved. Upon finishing though, he followed after her as she returned to her perch. 

   "He's..." she collapsed be the casket, which lay open, "He woke up.... and left..."

   "Oh it's alright, dear," Cornell replied. To his surprise she stood up and smiled at him.

   "I know, I'm just so happy that he's awake now...."


   He had awoken, still feeling tired, he stumbled forth from his casket. Noticing the blankets and pillow on one of the pews, he smiled, "She'd been waiting for me, thank you Ally..." He whispered into the void of the empty room. He still felt weak though, so as he knew he could, he vanished into a cloud of fog and drifted out of the church, heading to his friend's house. 

   "Damn," he thought to himself, "I'm still weak, and the sun poking through the clouds and fog isn't helping." Having worn himself thin from the short journey, he crash landed onto the house's Widow's Walk, morphing back into himself, he fell a bit and slammed into the door to the stairs. "Oww.... That freaking hurt!" he whined. Almost immediately though, there was a muffled cacophony of noise as two distinct voices shuffled about as footsteps raced up the spiral staircase. The door flew open suddenly, catching Christoph in the back of the skull. "Oww.... Fuck me!" he wailed in pain as he curled up into a ball, his head now being covered by his hands.

   "Um thanks for the offer, but they'll be no fucking today." It was Allen who said that with a quiet laughter in his voice. This was followed by a sigh of disbelief; Alois.

   "Really!?" the demon boy muttered, "What ever happened to using the damn door?" He smiled, pulling Christoph to his feet. Rubbing his head with one hand, he thanked Alois with a handshake with the other hand.

   "Sorry, didn't want to disturb the rest of the family..." he trailed off as he noticed the two boys; both shirtless, and Alois had the button on his pants undone. There was also the aroma of entangled flesh and lust wandering up from the open door. "Were you two screwing each other!?" 

   That sudden out loud thought got him a smack from the demon boy, "What's it to you!?" he sneered, "We're partners, so it's okay.... Wait, or are you still clinging to the hope that Allen has a drive for you?" He began to laugh as Christoph blushed a little.

   "Fuck off..." the vampire muttered, he began to burn as the sun started to beat on his weakened body. He glided by Alois to Allen. Attempting to hide the pain, he hugged his friend. "Not to impose but, can I seek shelter inside for a bit?" Allen could smell the burning flesh of the vampiric child and so he ushered him inside, out of the sun.

   "So Allen," Christoph whispered, "Never thought you'd go that way..." he smirked, barely able to hold back the laughter.

   "What do you mean?"

   "Would've always thought you'd go for a girl, like most boys our age," He answered as Allen deposited him into Alois' work chair as he sat on the desk. Allen smiled devilishly at him, falling into the vampire's lap he placed a finger on Christoph's lips.

   "Most of the girls in my school are taken," He whispered, "And the ones who aren't, well you should know. They aren't worth a second glance at, never mind a good shake down." He played with the vampire's lower lip, causing Christoph to become a bit hot and bothered; all the while, Alois sat on the bed watching, silently cussing out the vampire, occasionally snorting in disgust and jealousy. "Besides, I've got you two to tease and keep me company..." he smiled as they exchanged a loving bite with each other. Allen was able to feel ecstasy, while Christoph simply felt warm as new, and for that matter, desperately needed blood flowed into him. After about an hour or so, the vampiric child, now rejuvenated, said his thanks and goodbyes and left the pair of lovers alone in their room once more.

   "Finally," Alois sighed, "Thought the bugger would never leave..." This comment got Alois a death glare from Allen. "What!? Every time he comes over, you two end up sucking blood from each other, it's dangerous!" he was omitting his own, personal thoughts on the matter but he knew Allen knew of them. 

   "you're just being jealous," Allen smirked, as he picked up his shirt, "You've never liked the idea of having to share me..." With that, he made a teasing gesture at his friend and exited the room. As he returned to his room though, the thought did run through his mind about what Alois said; "With the intersecting relationship I have between the two of them, I do occasionally feel as though there is an impurity within my soul." He thought to himself as he slipped his shirt on, "I hope that this doesn't leave me undone in the grand scheme of things...."

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