The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


8. In the Hands of Death

   As he left the house in search of his partner, Allen began to think about the places he might go to when he wanted to be alone. There had been previous occasions when Alois had wanted to be left alone, and had left the house. In the past, Allen had been able to easily find him since he usually wandered down to King's Park; the park, it was always the park.

   "Well then, I shall start there then," he mumbled to himself as we moved off to the park. About two blocks away from the park, the wind began to pick up, causing Allen to adjust his windbreaker to try and hide from the wind in vain as he pressed on. "Damn, it's bloody... f-f-freezing!" he continued to mumble, as clapped his hands together and rubbed them vigorously in an attempt to generate some extra heat. To add to the problems at hand, his demonic aura flared a bit, this told him that there was another demon nearby, that, or it was Father Cornell which he doubted highly.

   "Why hello there," came a soft, velveteen voice. Turning to see what demon had decided to converse with him, he beheld pleasant sight. Before him stood a girl, about his age with long, light brown hair with red streaks running through it. Her eyes were a beautiful chocolate colored, with pinkish rims; a sign of her true self ofcourse. Her body was somewhat slenderly built, not quite hourglass like, but close. Blood red lipstick coated her thin lips and finger nails. She was dressed in denim jeans that were ashen colored with a razor cut belt running the length of her waist. Her chest was covered in a somewhat modest black T-shirt that had 'vengeance' stenciled across it in a Gothic text in white lettering. And atop that was a black, feminine style pea-coat. Her shoes, or boots rather, were reminiscent of that of the Victorian era, but with a more modest and, modern twist.

   "Hello," Allen replied in a flat tone, he was becoming chilled, and by that, quite irritated at having to be out in this cold, darkening world that was his home town. The girl stepped closer to Allen, who in turn, took a step backwards from her.

   "Hey, what's the matter?" she smiled in an attempt at feigning innocence. Even though she was attempting to keep them drawn in, Allen knew this girl was a vampire, probably either out for blood, or a night of lust, or, even both; he, however wanted no part in whatever it was this 'girl' wanted to do with herself so he began to cordially step away from her, moving in the general direction of the park. She kept after the human boy. "Hey! What's the matter with you!?"

   "Please, leave me alone," Allen called over his shoulder, "I'm busy at the moment." His pace picked up a bit, and so did the girl's. The scent that was coming from him made her want to pursue this boy, despite his not showing interest in her.

   "I just want to talk!" she called, hoping it would bring the boy to a stop; it didn't, instead he kept going, his pace having sped up again. "Okay, that's it," she thought to herself, "I'm going to have to make him stop..." With that thought in mind she flew in front of the boy, expecting him to plow into her and stop in both shock and embarrassment. However, when she did do this, not only had he not plowed into her, but he was just standing there, as if expecting her to do that.

   "Really!?" Allen questioned the girl, "I asked you to leave me alone, take a hint."he glared at her in annoyance. His certain defiance perturbed the girl, but overly she was more taken aback at the fact that this mortal was not surprised at what she had just done. As he scooted by her, she clutched onto his wrist. "Let go of me vampire, before I dowse you in holly water..." Allen growled as he shook free from her grasp.

   "You know what I am?" she mused, following this boy, who had now really gotten her attention. "I take it that I'm not the first of my kind to try and ensnare you, boy, am I right?"

   "And the last one who tried, almost died," Allen simmered as he arrived at the park. Looking around, he was slowly becoming disheveled at not seeing Alois anywhere; however he did see a familiar face. "Hey, Mr. Pemberton!" Allen waved to the old man, but not before the vampiric child behind him sank her needle thin fangs into him.

   "Ack!" Allen stammered as he became paralyzed as the girl drank from him forcefully. Mr. Pemberton smiled at him, seemingly not acknowledging that he was being attacked, but then again, he was Death after all.

   "Hello Allen," he mentally communicated to the child, "I see you have a new friend haunting you," he smiled his unearthly grin at the boy who struggled to move closer to him as the girl drank from him in a vigorous manner.

   "Bastard!" Allen muttered in his mind, "Care to help me? She jumped me, and I'm not going to hit a girl.... but I don't cherish being drunk dry either..." Death laughed a bit and held up his little black appointment book. Allen knew what he was getting at. "Bullshit, I'm not here to die. I came here looking for-"

   "Alois, I know," he smiled standing up as he walked towards the two kids. Allen collapsed out of fatigue after by this point having been drunk about a quarter of the way dry. "You know, you hurt my boy pretty bad... Maybe I should set you up for an appointment, Allen Raymond Hughes..."

   "I was mad..." Allen struggled to stay conscious as the girl continued to drink, "He spooked my brother.... All... I want... is to say..." he began to black out as his body twitched uncontrollably.

   "I know, child," he smiled as he proceeded to shove the vampire girl off the boy. He held the fallen child in his grasp, using his aura to seal the wound and stem the blood flow; the child's body felt icy cold, almost as cold as a corpse, so Death knew he'd have to find him warmth soon if he had a chance of surviving.

   "Bad idea gramps!" the she devil screamed in madness brought on by her blood lust, "That boy's as good as mine, now hand him over!" As she lunged at the old man she suddenly found herself impaled on the blade of a cold, hard scythe. Blood spurted forth from her mouth as she coughed and shrieked in pain. "What the fuck is happening!?"

   "Alice Sandra Murphy, you plagued upon the youth of this world for far too long," Death replied having shed his disguise, returning to his normal, skeletal self; robes and all. "It has been a task finding you for the past two-hundred and thirty years, but, with this boy's help, I can finally close your case and move on." With one fluid motion, he swung the scythe perpendicular to the girl, ending her life with one clean and deliberate cut. He examined her soul, logged it into his book and absorbed the soul into his scythe as it went on its way to hell. 

   "Welcome home, Death," greeted one of his assistants as he walked in the door to his house, carrying Allen over his shoulder. "Ooh, who's this?"

   "An innocent who got in the way," he grumbled, placing the boy on the couch in the living room. "Please see to it that he gets a good blood transfusion and purifying; victim of a vamp I'm afraid."

   "At once sir," the assistant rushed away to the closet door that served as a portal to the Reaper's office space in the Underworld. Returning with Allen's file she immediately hooked him up to an IV containing the proper amount of blood suitable for his body's blood type. On another IV, the aide hooked up a packet of clear fluid, resembling saline; that was the liquid purifier; not as effective as a full body purification, but, it would prevent Allen from undergoing the vampirization process his body had begun undergoing. Watching her master skulk up the stairs to his office she whispered somberly, "No matter what I do, it's ultimately up to you, master..."

   "That's true," Death replied to himself as he closed the door to his chambers, "In the end of things, it isn't medication or faith that decides a person's fate; no, it is me, everything rests with me, even Allen. For like all things, he is in the hands of Death....."

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