The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


21. Day of Departure

Part III ~

  A few days had come and gone and every night Michael sat upon the sill of his window in his room staring up at the cold and fruitless moon as it waned more and more as their day of departure arrived with pace. Yet every night, he found himself staring at the pale dwindling disk in the sky, his thoughts eventually always wandering to that of his potential forbidden love below in the cellar. 

   "Christoph... why do I feel such sinful desires towards you?" he whispered into the cold icy night air as he sat upon the sill, the breath he spoke forming thin clouds of icy fog which quickly faded from view as the heat died away and became as cold as a corpse. He was clad in his Exorcist's uniform again as he had just finished inducing himself to a tormenting hour of mental training and discipline. "What if I fell here and now... life seems so inconsequential to me. I am as if to tarry in the fields of Elysium, lost forever... Would anyone care?"

   "Do not lose faith in yourself brother," the soft and quiet voice of Allen stirred him from his glassy stare and frosted mind as he looked into the dark of his room to see his brother. Allen was dimly outlined by the faint glow of the lamp on the wall out in the hallway behind him. He was barefoot as he entered the room and met his brother halfway as Michael had slid off the sill.

   "Allen, why are you still awake?" Michael queried as he he stepped close to and placed a hand gently onto his sibling's body. "My brother, my big brother... what ails you so?"

   "I'm scared Michael," he answered as he suddenly snatched his younger brother into a tight embrace. "I'm honestly scared to death about what is to come. I'm scared for myself, for Alois and the Father... and especially.." he looked down at his brother who wasn't much shorter than him. "I'm scared for your safety. 

   "Allen..." Michael placed a hand onto his elder's face and moved his face close to him. "I'll be fine brother, I promise you I will." He felt his brother's body shudder against him and he knew that Allen was afraid for his life; not his own but his. It was then that Michael recalled all those days before Allen met Alois when the two of them seemed almost inseparable. The three brothers had always been close, mainly because it was how they survived their father's pain and drunken torment, but of the three, Michael had always been closer to Allen then Sean. 

   "Michael, I don't want you to get hurt," his voice wavered as he smiled at his sibling, "I don't think I could live with myself if well... If you got hurt or even..."

   "I'll be fine Allen," he smiled as he hugged him. "I am an exorcist after all." He managed to sit his brother down on the bed and they talked for a while about the past and better days of innocence and simplicity. Finally, after a while he managed to calm his brother enough where he was able to send him off to bed and have some peace to himself, or so he thought. As he lay down in the bed to get some sleep a sudden feeling of being watched overtook him.

   "Show thine self, demon of the darkness," he coolly whispered as he withdrew a bottle of holy water and with gauntlet in hand summoned a blade of glowing blue energy. There was a playful and cocky chuckle as the vampiric child stepped forth from the shadows.

   "Oh you do slay me Michael," Christoph grinned in a dirty manner. "However, you need not a holy weapon to slay me... You do that just by looking to me with those eyes of yours." He stepped close to him, the still formed blade inches from his only recently healed chest. 

   "Y-you're awake... Christoph," Michael dispelled the blade and put the bottle away as he embraced the vampire who cordially bit into his neck. "Gah! What are you... doing..?" He became heavy and tired feeling as Christoph drank from him. His hand lightly pressed against the body of the undead boy as the fingers curled into a soft cupped shape.

   "You taste wonderful," he smiled as he withdrew with a bloody smile. "Oh how I longed for you while I was asleep. Forgive my rash welcome as I couldn't control my thirst in your presence."

   "Damn you..." Michael smiled as he caressed his captor's face, "You took me down without a struggle..." 

   "That's cause I'm in your heart," he smiled as he held his friend tenderly, "You can't stay on guard as long as I'm around... Not even Cornell's teachings can help you against me now my dear, sweet Michael."

   "Oh really?" A sudden grin played across the exorcist's face as he withdrew an object from his pocket and pinned it against his friend's chest. He smiled as Christoph went stiff as the tipped end of a stake scraped against his flesh as he had left his shirt open. The sting came not only from the wood but he could tell Michael had soaked it in holy water. 

   "You wouldn't dare," he held fast to his cocky grin though his body betrayed him as it shuddered in revulsion  and fear. "You wouldn't... You even told me you couldn't hurt a friend of your older brother's and now especially since I'm your-"

   "Oh shut up," Michael smiled as he cut him off, dragging the stake across his chest as it cut into him lightly causing him to writhe in pain. "Still think I couldn't hurt you if I had cause?"

   "Y-you're cruel Michael," Christoph growled as he arched his back backwards as his chest puffed out in pain into Michael as he tried to get away. "L-look, if you're sore about me ambushing and drinking from you.. I-I'm sorry. Please Michael, you're hurting me... please stop it."

   "Oh I'm not done with you," he grinned a sadistic grin as he lightly kneed the vampire in the crotch causing him to drop a little and fall upon the exorcist for support as his breath wavered. "Consider this payback babe." He smiled as he took the vampire and threw him onto the bed and lept upon him.

   "Gah! Unhand me, I'll get you for this!" he growled now as his rage began to rear it's head against the adherent change in his love. "I'm warning you exorcist, I will rip you to pieces right here, and right-" He was caught off by a kiss as Michael went down on him, one hand fought it's way under them and was now harshly clinging to the vampire's exposed back which instinctively arched in stimulation as the hand of the human boy ran free on his flesh. The other hand was lightly running up and down Christoph's abdomen. "He's being rough... so rough," the vampire thought to himself as his eyes closed and he took in Michael's tongue into his mouth. 

   "That's payback.. for.. before.." Michael heaved as he suddenly ripped free of the kiss for air which had so quickly escaped his body. He smiled in satisfaction at what he'd done as he caught his breath; looking upon Christoph he appeared to have been completely overwhelmed as a deep blush ran across his face and his breath had become quite labored. His eyes looked at Michael with a disappointed but desperate and lustful look as he spread out on the bed, his mouth hanging open a bit with some saliva hanging on the edge.

   "M-Michael... how c-could you," he heaved in almost a moan. "You got me... I feel like I'm on fire on the inside... God damn you..." He wanted to move, he wanted to give Michael a good what-for about what he'd just done to him but his body wouldn't respond to command. It just heaved and lay there as if paralyzed but the over-stimulation he had just been put through.  

   "It's not like you didn't enjoy it," he teased as his breath finally returned to him. "You look so hot and bothered. If you're sore at me, why don't you do something about it?" He playfully let his hand dance upon the vampire's cool flesh causing the fading blush to return to him. "Christoph, we need to be focused when we go get your sister when the new night comes tomorrow so..."

   "So what, Michael, what are you planning for me?" the vampire looked queerly at his human captor and lover. "Are you going to cause me pain, torture me with want and desire while we fight for Ally?"

   "I want you to be focused and I know I'm fogging your mind," he blushed as he leaned back slightly with an ashamed look on his face. "And so... I want you to take me and... quell your desires.." he left off with a deep and definite blush as he looked away and hid his eyes as if he were ashamed or hiding a secret. 

   "M-Michael... are you sure, I mean you're position as an exorcist... if I take you and have my way, you'll be possibly shut out of heaven for all eternity as I'm... well I'm a devil's child." His body finally began to respond as he weakly raised an arm and squeezed the human boy's shoulder. The pain on the boy's face told him that though the two may have a loving bond between the two of them he wasn't ready to commit his body to the love he knew the both of them craved so desperately. "I won't have you unless you're ready for it my sweet."

   "I-I am ready, I want you," he finally looked at his partner as he managed a pathetically weak and timid smile. His hand brushed along the vampire's chest down to his abdomen like a timid whispering breeze as he reached the button of the boy's pants. "I... I want you Christoph, I w-want you so bad..."

   "Michael..." he whispered as his hand released his shoulder and caressed his face before grabbing onto his lower jaw and forcibly pulling him into another kiss of fleeting passion. Soon he was manipulating the human boy to his will and desire, starting by stripping him of all his Exorcist's garb and equipment to lighten his conscious and heart a bit. "There we go, a bit freer now and less restricted."

   "How about this t-then," his smile was a bit more pronounced as he pulled the black under shirt he wore off him and flung it to the floor so that his bare body was exposed to the eyes and the bare body of Christoph. Michael's minorly toned body shivered as it came to rest upon the more slender but equally toned body of the vampire to which Christoph instinctively wrapped his arms around him and smiled lustfully.

   "I'd say it's perfect, you're a perfect specimen for me my sweet," his words were tangled and soaking with a deep and desperate lusty love as his hands crept closer and closer to the human boy's waist line. "I'm curious as to how the rest of you looks, can I see?"

   "E-even if I said no, you would strip me anyway," Michael shook and blushed heavily as he was rendered bare except for his boxers which clung onto the boy's body. In response, Michael began to fumble around with the button of the vampire's pants, tugging lightly as he tried to work them free of the other. 

   "Michael... stop this," Christoph suddenly muttered out of the blue with a dull look on his face. "I can tell you aren't yet comfortable with love making in general, never mind to someone like me so don't force yourself." 

   "But I d-do want you," he answered in a desperate manner as as his hands balled up loosely on the vampire's chest. "It's just... well I..."

   "You're scared, I know," Christoph smiled at the frightened youth who shook in his arms as they lay there on the bed. "This decision leaves a lot for you to question, I know it does. To be honest, I am frightened too my friend, as I have to wonder what will happen when this gets out to the others." He smiled again as he held the trembling youth tighter, kissing his forehead.

   "Y-you're scared?"

   "Indeed, there's a lot to consider on my end," Christoph answered as Michael's trembling began to calm. The vampire clutched the loose sheets around them and wrapped Michael's lower body in them as he lay beneath the sheets and under the boy. "There, a little better?"

   "Yeah, thanks," Michael sighed as he turned away with a self-disgusted look on his face. "I can't believe I'm still so weak, and to the one I have feelings for more than anything."

   "It's alright, I'm content with this for now," His hands playfully cradled the human with one whilst the other played with Michael's budding muscles, running rings around the youth's nipples to get them to stiffen. "I won't have thee until you are ready, for now let us just lay together like this and let the night fade away into morning." 

   "Alright, if you should so desire, guess it's a good thing I closed and locked my door after Allen left then." He braced himself as Christoph shifted to make himself more comfortable with Michael laying atop him, wrapped in the sheets. A moan of pleasure and pain escaped him as Christoph lightly kneed him in the crotch.

   "Payback babe," he smirked as Michael blushed, scowling at him with wounded pride. "Goodnight Michael, sweet dreams." He kissed the boy on the lips and extinguished the light of the room, enveloping them in fleeting darkness as sleep slowly but easily overtook them.


   The following morning found Allen, Alois and Father Cornell gathered around one of the small tables in the far corner of the Parish Hall discussing the plan of action whilst Jenny and her boyfriend were across the ways sipping coffee and nonchalantly flipping through the Yellow Pages looking for a plumber to go look at the pipes in their house.

   "So the plan is I'm taking Christoph into the country to go and get Ally from her grandparents she was visiting," Cornell started quietly as he looked the other two over. "I'll say I'm taking Michael to serve as my altar boy and assistant since we'll be there for a few days and will probably be residing in a local church of the Order around there."

   "So how do Allen and I fit in?" Alois asked with quiet tact and curiosity.

   "Well naturally Christoph will come as he is the closest thing to an immediate family she'll have as she's elected to come back here so..."

   "You'll have Christoph request that we come along as friends," Allen smiled. "Simple but genius and it should work well enough."

   "Indeed, and fear not for your family Allen," Cornell smiled cheerfully, "I've secured three exorcists and a fellow paladin to watch over your family and this place whilst we are away. Now then, gather thy things children for we depart with the setting sun today."

   "We're all ready, the question is whether or not Christoph and Michael are," Alois spoke with indifference as he stood up and dusted off his clothes out of habit. "Speaking of which, where are those two?"

   "Don't know, maybe they're visiting one another," Allen answered without much thought, "I picked up on his aura in the halls when I was returning to bed after speaking with Michael."

   "Oh, well then, I shall go check then," Alois spoke with ease as he walked away in a casual pace though in his mind he was seething. "You better not be doing what I think you're doing with one another, especially if I find out you started it Christoph." Approaching the door he made light on his feet and suppressed his aura to thwart Michael's keen senses as he drew nearer. Upon his initial trying of the door not only was it locked but his fingers singed upon touching it.

   "So, he put a blessed seal on it too, smart bugger," Alois grumbled as he walked into the room next door and moved towards the window. "Bet he didn't bless the window though." Leaping from the open sill he briefly took on his form of that of a pitch black raven with flaming red orbs for eyes and bone splintering talons as he flapped his wings with enough force that the window to Michael's room sprang open with ease. Landing gracefully on the sill he watched them stir quietly from the now flowing breeze and the gentle flapping of wings.

   "Wha... what happened?" Michael drowsily stirred from sleep. He was still loosely wrapped in the sheets but whilst in sleep he had been moved behind Christoph and was now against the wall in a protective alcove the sleeping vampire had created with his own body. However upon laying eyes on the giant raven roosting on his window sill he let out a yelp of surprise as the raven just stared at him and cawed at him. "Wha-what the Hell!? he tried to reach for his gauntlet only to be suddenly paralyzed by the bird's stare.

   "Michael... what are you yelping abou-" upon looking where the terror stricken youth looked, the vampire just sighed and scowled at the bird. "Really Alois?"

   "A-Alois... is that really you?" Michael stammered as he sat against the wall, pulling the sheets over his exposed body as the cold air began to chill him. The bird seemed to nod at them and then locked the both of them into a fiery stare as it spoke telepathically to them.

   "Yes, Michael, tis I," Alois' voice emanated to the both of them. "I was asked to come and wake thee by the will of Cornell.... Care to tell me why Christoph is both out of casket and both shirtless and in bed with you?"

   "Well I... Alois... can you keep a secret?" 

   "Yeah sure, why?"

   "Well, if it hasn't been obvious," Michael started quietly. "I think I... I think I'm falling in love with... Christoph." His face took on a heavy blush as he slunk his head low as if expecting to receive a shameful glance from the elder youth along with a scolding of how stupid he was. Instead he felt the cool hand of the now human Alois on his shoulder.

   "Michael, there's nothing wrong with loving him," he spoke calmly. "I mean I'm in love with and have been practically hitched to your brother's side since we met six years ago. I don't understand why you humans have a problem with someone loving one of their own kind to be honest."

   "So you've always been..."

   "Queer? No, I'm what you humans would call... eh, what is that word..."

   "Pansexual?" Christoph spoke up as he hugged Michael and held him close. "You love people and their personalities is what you fall in love with right, not their genders?"

   "Yes, there we go, pansexual," Alois smiled as he knelt beside the lovers. "Love is love Michael, if your heart beats and aches for our vampiric friend here then follow its desires, regardless of what others say or think."

   "I'm afraid," he answered shamefully. "I don't want Cornell to condemn me to an afterlife in Hell where I can never know peace... I'm so weak."

   "No, not weak," Christoph took him in hand, "You're just unsure about it. These are important and very large decisions you are making... I'd be more concerned if you had just jumped right into this."

   "I think we should think about this matter with pensive reserve for now," Alois answered as he stood up and unlocked their door. "Today is our day of departure after all and so, please make yourselves ready." Quietly he opened the door and glided out to the hall before turning to look in on the pair once more with a serious and distant look on his face. "I'll tell Cornell you two will be down in a few moments, I highly suggest you two stay focused once we leave... I'd hate to have to think of what I'd have to do with Allen if one of you died."

   With that the door swung shut on its own, leaving the two boys bedside clinging lightly to each other. Michael's eyes for once shook with liveliness but not out of determination but from fear and dread spawned by Alois' closing comment. Carefully a hand came up from behind him and wrapped him in a protective and loving embrace as Christoph whispered into the boy's ear.

   "No matter what happens, I will protect you Michael," he whispered as the pair stood up, the loosened sheets falling to the floor as they now stood together. One in only his boxers and the other with loose and undone pants caught in each other's embrace. "Ally will be my sister... and you will be my love, but fear not, I will protect the both of you with my life."

   "Our Day of Departure has arrived then," Michael muttered as he shrugged off the vampire and pulled his pants back on and redid their clasps and zipper. "Prepare thine self vampire, for today we go to war with the darkness." A dark and determined expression spread across Michael's face as the exorcist's tattoo on him began to glow brightly.

   "You know how beautiful you look right now," Christoph teased as he picked up his buttoned down shirt and put it back on. "I could just take you down right here but... I'll hold off until we're done." With that he vanished into a cloud of fog and left Michael alone as he readied himself for this day of departure from the life they had known for oh so long.


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