The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


10. Bitter Feelings Into Forgiveness

   Carrying Allen was a bit more of a challenge than the vampiric child thought it would be, mainly because of the narrow spaces that he had to maneuver through. Finally turning the key to the room he pushed open the door and muddled forward into the small room where he carefully lay his fragile friend onto the grey linens of the bed. Walking over and closing the door he moved back to Allen.

   "Sorry I'm such a dead weight," he muttered to the vampiric child. Turning his head slightly to make better eye contact with the child he managed to contort his face into a faint smile. Christoph looked like such a wreck to Allen; the boy's blonde hair hung limp and ragged in a few places, his shirt was hanging loose on his body and there was a dark look to his eyes that resembled someone who had been dug out of the ground about a week after death.

   "It's no problem," he smiled in return, running a finger lightly across the human boy's cheek, "You're my friend, so it's alright to lean on me sometimes; God knows I've leaned on you and even Alois enough times in the tenureship of our friendship." He sat on the edge of the bed, keeping eye contact with the withered boy. He allowed himself to drop his human eyes and replace them with his rosy red eyes. His fangs withdrew themselves slightly. Seeing the minor fear in Allen's face, he smiled. "No need to worry Allen, I'm just too tired to keep my human appearances," leaning close to the boy he whispered into his ear, "Besides, you know I like my prey to have a little fight in them." Looking at Allen as he lay on those grey sheets saddened him. His friend looked the embodiment of death; his hair lay tattered and a mess all about his face. His skin had become awfully pale and cool, and his eyes appeared to have sunken in a bit and leaving black sacks under them, essentially, Allen resembled a corpse and that, worried the vampire.

   "I thought I smelled your stench," came a bitter adolescent's voice from behind.

   "Hey, now is not the time to be an ass to me," Christoph grumbled, turning to face Alois. "Where the fuck were you anyway? How could you let this happen?" He suddenly twitched as the acrid odor of bitterness flew into his nostrils from Alois as he moved into the room.

   "How could I let this happen...?" he sneered, his eyes turning a faint crimson, "Simple, I wanted it to happen!" he smiled cruelly at the fallen boy and the vampire. "He told me to get out, so I did. I washed my hands of his filth, and his family's weakness."

   "You rotten bastard...." Christoph growled as he stood up, "You let a petty squabble destroy your bond with this boy!? You willingly left him to die!?" He flew from the bed, landing a square blow to the side of Alois' head, launching him into the wall. "You don't deserve to be his protector! Hell, you don't even deserve to be his friend!" Another hard punch, this one sent him crashing through the wall and out into the yard below. Jumping from the hole after the demon boy he was caught by Alois, who promptly shoved his face into the dirt beside him with furry building inside him.

   "You know Tepes," Alois whispered in a menacing manner, "I think it's time we put aside our restraints and burned off the bitter feelings between us..." He stood up, cracking his knuckles as his eyes flared crimson. Christoph launched to the other side of the yard, landing on his feet he too stood up as he cracked his neck in a cocky manner.

   "I agree, but, let me change the battlefield so we don't have to hold back...." he laughed a bit as the world around the boys warped around them as they fell through the darkness, coming to rest in a desolate wasteland; the home of the true form of the Tepes clan; the Seventh Plane of Hell itself. As the world stopped spinning, Christoph lunged at Alois screaming, "HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT!" 


   Left alone in the now empty, and cold room caused from the hole the children caused Allen lay suffering, his body slowly strangulating itself as he convulsed in immense pain brought on by the immense aura drawn forth from when Christoph opened a portal to Hell. His screams went from chilling to blood curdling as he became wracked with ever more severe boughts of pain.

   "What's... happening to me...!?" he screamed in his mind, "What the fuck is happening!?" He suddenly screamed once more, as his body snapped upwards, bending his spine in a most grotesque way, only to fall silent as he crashed down onto the bed, which now ran red in his blood.


   Way away from the screams of the boy, the two demonic entities clashed violently as flames burst forth from the sands of hell as the boys threw each other again, and again into the soil. With his hand clasped firmly around the demon's neck, Christoph threw him over his shoulder into the air where just as Alois reached the climax, the vampire appeared and threw his leg down with all his force into the demon boy's abdomen. He came crashing down to the sand with such force the energy exploded forth in resemblance of a nuclear detonation. 

   "Come on!" Christoph bellowed with anger in his eyes as he floated down to the surface, "You're holding back Alois! What, am I not worthy of your full wrath!?" Walking into the crater he picked up the bloody, beaten demon child who defiantly scowled at him.

   "You done yet?" he spat viscus blood and mucus onto Christoph's shoes. "I'm growing tired of this, let's finish this."

   "I agree... now DIE ALOIS CROMWELL!" Christoph roared as he plunged one of his hands in a spear form towards Alois' chest. There was an ear splitting whine as the necklace around the demon boy's neck sheared apart under the weight of the vampire's blow. The burst of holly energy slingshoted the two boys apart, burning them both in a holly light. "Oww... Fuck that hurt..." the vampire mumbled as he stood up, shaking off the sting of the burn he received.

   "Christoph Roberts Von Tepes..." the vampiric child looked up into the sky which had begun to fade to black in the presence of Alois' true self. He beheld Alois' true form, that of a reaper. "Your time has come," Alois continued to speak in an eerie echo, "Now, be still as you are felled by my power!" 

   "Now you don't hold back, just the way I like it!" he launched himself off the ground flying towards the descending reaper with fury in his eyes. There was a blinding flash of light, accompanied by an enormous rumbling as the boys collided; both landing on their feet, backs to each other; there was a moment of complete silence. "Alois.... I-" but his words fell short as he vomited a profuse amount of blood and collapsed unto his knees. 

   "You never had a chance Christoph..." Alois muttered as he turned to face the fallen boy. There was no emotion on this boy's face as he drew closer to the felled vampire. He slowly returned to his normal, human state of being as he re-clasped the crucifix around his neck. He stopped and watched as Christoph fell over onto his back, one hand holding the slash that ran diagonally up his torso and the other was digging into the sand as he convulsed in pain.

   "I know I didn't..." he coughed, puking up more blood, "But then again, neither did you..." At that moment a thin red line began to grow rapidly along the demon boy's waist line, curving up and running to one side as it traveled almost clear up the shoulder blade on the boy's back. Alois stumbled a few steps, until he too, tumbled to the ground coughing up crimson life force.

   "How the hell... did you...?"

   "When you swung.... You left one side completely exposed..." Christoph smiled weakly as the world around them faded back into the back yard of Death's house. Despite the pain, he managed to let out a giggle of amusement.

   "What' funny?" Alois gasped as he fell onto his side as the line began to grow bigger.

   "We are too evenly matched..." Christoph mused as blood ran free from his mouth, "So much so that we were able to effectively kill each other, but dying in the process as well."

   "Huh, guess that... kinda is funny..." Alois smiled as he blacked out, but not before whispering into the night sky, "I'm so sorry Allen...."


   There was a cool breeze as he awoke, there was a pale amount of light shimmering into the dimly lit room. Looking around and not being able to feel anything his initial thought was that he was dead. However, as his eyes came into focus he knew where he was; his room back at the Hughes house.

   "But how did I-" he fell short as he grimaced in immense pain and crashed back down onto the bed. Looking himself over he noticed that he was no longer dressed, or atleast he was missing his coat, shirt and pants; he could feel that he was still wearing his loose boxers but instead of his black pants he was in a pair of black shorts.

   "Oh, you're up, that's good," it was Allen who was slumped over in a chair at the foot of the bed. As he sat up and cracked his back, Alois noticed something; when Allen's shirt lifted, his mark of contract was still there. Crawling onto the bed, Allen lay down softly beside his partner, gently running his hand up his bandaged torso to his face.

   "Allen I," but he was cut off as the boy locked lips with him. Parting after a brief moment, Alois noticed tears in Allen's eyes. "Allen..." he mumbled as he grabbed the boy into a hug, "I'm so sorry, I put you through Hell..."

   "It's alright," he replied, "I really shouldn't have flipped out on you like that, I was scared, that's all." He looked up into his partner's face and placed a light kiss on his cold lips.

   "How did I get here?"

   "After your squabble with Christoph-"

   "Christoph! Oh shit, is he alright!?" Alois shot up, only to come crashing back down in a flaming bought of pain and suffering. Allen gently rubbed his hand against his partner's body in an attempt to sooth him.

   "He's fine, Mr. Pemberton is taking care of him, you slashed him pretty good..."

   "Dad's got him?" Alois sighed in relief, he knew that if anyone could correct what he'd done, it would be his father. "All because I was being a bitter prick and he was trying to protect you, I attacked him..." tears began to fill his eyes, "I'm no better than a common monster..."

   "No, you were just hurting, and I was the one who hurt you," Allen answered, wiping the tears from his friend's eyes. "I'm the monster... can you... can you forgive me?"

   "Hehehe..." Alois chuckled as he held up his friend, "This is why I love you Allen, you're overly cruel, but compassionate, you're pure, but enraptured in darkness...."

   "Like a fine vanilla wrapped in the darkest chocolate...?" he finished his friend's thought with a questioning smile. He tenderly bit into his partner's neck, getting an approving sigh of pleasure in return.

   "Yes, and that's what makes me want you so bad..." Alois cooed as he bit into his partner's neck, entangling his fingers into those of his lover's hand. This was how the friends lived; love into bitterness, and bitterness into forgiveness.....

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