The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


17. A Plan Set in Motion

   Arriving at the villa, Reginald took a deep breath of the cool moist air that constantly hung about the moss and vine ridden estate. Walking up the gravel drive to the main doors he smiled upon seeing the mistress awaiting him, she was leaning against the door frame in a scarlet dress with her hair pulled back into a singular braid. Her pale skin glowed in the opaque light of day as it tried in vain to pierce the thick ashen colored clouds above, her red eyes dazzled him as they resembled freshly cut rubies that had just been taken from the Earth and polished. 

   "Ah, you look stunning Mistress Mina," he called in a velvet smooth voice that had an undertone of sinister intentions layered underneath. Upon seeing her butler and contractor return without the vampire boy she so desperately wanted she grew hostile.

   "What is that filthy thing doing here?" she pointed to the unconscious girl in Jules' arms, "I said bring me the Tepes child, not this.." her nose wrinkled upon the girl's unmistakable scent entering her nose, "Ugh, not this abomination of a halfling child."

   "This halfling is key to my plan to satisfy your desires my dear," Reginald bowed slightly as a small smirk escaped his face, "This halfling is or was to be the new sister to be to the vampire of which you seek... He was going to turn her."

   "How pitiful," the vampiric child scoffed, "However, tell me how this half dead thing is going to help us..."

   "The boy will come seeking her," Jules commented as he began to comb his mustache whilst tugging on it with his other hand.

   "Chances are he will bring his counterparts to assist him," Reginald smiled, "You can then play with and make the vampiric child suffer as much as you'd like before killing him." The Mistress' face lit up upon processing what the salesman had just told her.

   "How many accomplices?"

   "I'd guess either two or three," the demon salesman adjusted the glasses on the bridge of his nose, "Though could be as many as four, all decently powerful too."

   "Sounds like fun, very well Reginald, you may proceed with your plan," the girl smiled wickedly as she turned to go back inside.

   "Mistress, I shall need to delve into your father's power as I need to retrieve a soul from Hell if you don't mind." The vampiric girl spun around and eyed the man wearily as she contemplated his request. As if reading the mind of the child Reginald just let out a mild chuckle and reassuredly smiled as he explained. "She was a contractee of mine that is required to make this a bit more interesting, you see, while trying to track down our target I stumbled upon one of his friends and so I unleashed my little beauty upon him but then a reaper intervened... I want her back, just to torment the boy should he come."

   "Very well then, you have my blessings," the mistress sighed as she wandered back into the villa with Jules and the unconscious girl in tow; passing by, Jules stopped for a brief moment and mentally communicated to Reginald.

   "I don't know what you're planning but I assure you, should you betray the Mistress, I will personally end your existence," he telecommunicated before gliding into the villa leaving Reginald outside, quietly laughing to himself as he again realized the satire of the situation he was in.  

   "What I'm planning, Jules, is something that not even you could stop once it's in motion," Reginald whispered into the whipping wind as he wandered off the property to the cemetery where he was to perform his resurrection ceremony.


   He awoke to the minor singeing sensation as the tattoo on his his left shoulder came through his skin from its normally hidden state, a sign of contact from his master Father Cornell. Sitting up in the bed the young exorcist had to gather his senses for a brief moment before becoming aware of where he was. Looking at the strange ornate tattoo that glowed a faint blue light as it poked through the skin he felt somewhat annoyed.

   "Cornell chooses now to contact me, what is he up to?" Michael thought quietly aloud in a stupor like state as he groped around in the dark for his shirt and coat. Finding them on the fifth attempt he quickly slipped them on and redid the clasps on his coat as he slipped into his shoes and stood up and stretched a bit. He placed the gauntlet like glove on his hand and activated it, a small glowing blue apparition of Cornell appeared before him as he yawned. "You've any idea what time it is master?"

   "A little past midnight, not too late," his apparition commented in a smooth and cool manner. "Michael... I need to discuss your... affiliation with Christoph in regards to your distinction as a blessed disciple of the Almighty Father." This set off a minor alarm in the boy's mind as he knew that Cornell, if provoked could easily strip him of his new-found abilities and condemn him to an eternity in Hell.

   "What have you to discuss?" Michael feigned innocence and disinterest, "We're both connected to Allen and as such, does that not mean I'm obligated to protect him?"

   "When I was there, it seemed like you and him were more intimate than the simple protector and  the protected..." Cornell coolly interrogated the boy, "Need I remind you of what you and him are in the grand scheme of things?" His apparition crossed its arms as he took on a minor disapproving glare.

   "If that's the case than I wonder how the clergy would feel if they knew one of their esteemed members were harboring a member of the Tepes clan?" came a cool but cocky voice from behind as Christoph stepped into the view of the light apparition. His eyes were rosy red and his fangs clearly protruding as he smiled with sarcasm, "Tell me Cornell, why is it you harbored me? Was it truly cause I'm a simple friend of a family you pity or is it that, somewhere deep inside you, there is a festering guilt over watching me die at you and your master's hands?"

   "I.. I am simply.. giving grace to two children who were down and out on luck with no where to turn to," he shot back with a minor hint of hesitation, "besides you were already damned when we staked you, there was nothing I could-"

   "Bullshit there was nothing you could do!" the vampire fumed, "I'll have you know that courtesy of my father's halfling blood I was more human than anything...Face it, you killed a human child that night, a little boy that was innocent at the time you slew and as a result I came back as vampire because of my mother... It's your fault I am what I am!"

   "Now you mind yourself, young man," Cornell remanded.

   "Or what!? You'll kill me?" Christoph scoffed, "What, once wasn't enough for you!? You know Cornell, if you'd just let me turn Ally into a full fledged vampire we wouldn't be in this mess, I wouldn't be damn near dead, Ally wouldn't be in danger and none of the others would be in the bad shape they're in..." He calmed down and took on that playfully sinister grin of his. "If this got to the clergy, I'm afraid you'd not only be excommunicated, but possibly they might try to kill you... I'd like to see how you would feel being hated and wanted dead by those around you..."

   "You wouldn't dare," Cornell stammered slightly attempting to maintain his composure.

   "At this point, I damn well would," he smiled, "Now I'm only going to ask this once... Leave Michael's relationship to me alone and do not even think of striping him of a title that in this light, you don't even deserve to retain or so help me, the information I just laid out may very well find its way to the clergy... Do I make myself clear?"

   "Fine... We have an accord Christoph," his glare softened in defeat as he looked to MIchael, "Just be careful, I don't want to risk potentially having to separate you from your already fragile family, I'm concerned is all..."

   "I'll be fine master, I promise," Michael sighed as a small smile grew on his face, "Is all going well with the plan of attack, so to speak?"

   "The plan is in motion, don't you worry," Cornell perked up a bit, "Shortly in time your mother and her boyfriend will find themselves out of the house and in the care of the church while we are away... No, please get some rest my young exorcist, good night, er rather, good morning at this point." 

   As his apparition faded away, the two let out a sigh of relief and held onto eachother's hand as they conversed without making eye contact. Michael initiated the conversation as he stole a look at the bandaged boy to his right.

   "Never knew you had that kind of influence over people," he commented with a quiet mumble that was only a slight bit louder than a whisper.

   "I'd rather not have to be that way... but he was leaving me with no choice," the vampiric child commented as looked down as his right hand crossed over his chest to rub his pectoral above where his heart would be as the pain came back. "I hate acting like the bad guy but, considering who I am and what I am... I suppose it's expected."

   "It doesn't have to be that way," Michael turned into the vampire and hugged him, "You've already proven you can be nice and compassionate," he tilted his head back and stretched a little so as to be able to kiss the boy who was slightly taller than he.

   "Michael..." he managed to utter as he began to tremble slightly, his body quivering ever so slightly as he took in the full rapture of the moment. "Does this mean..?"

   "Perhaps," he teased slightly, "Come now, we both need our rest," he tugged on the vampire's wrist as he returned to the bed. Though his teachings screamed in his head that what he was doing was of the utmost sacrilegious and unholy nature the boy's growing care and desire for the dark child began to wear away at the beliefs that had been so recently pounded into his skull. Once more shedding the coat of his calling and the armor he slid into the bed only in his pants and the black undershirt that he wore as a base to his attire. 

   "Michael.. I hate to be a bother and I know it goes against what you've been taught but," he took the boy's chin in hand and locked eyes with him, "Can I please drink from you? Your scent is so intoxicating and without my coffin, I need as much blood as possible to heal."

   "Don't try to turn me.. or I will kill you," he coolly replied as he lay into Christoph's grasp.

   "You know, the first time I drank from Allen, he said the very same thing," he smiled as he bit into the boy's soft skin, puncturing the artery as warm, rich and lively blood flowed like a bountiful river of crimson into his mouth as a small rivulet escaped his lips and ran down Michael's neck. "I promise, I won't turn you unless you want to become one."

   "Upon pain of death?"

   "Upon pain of death, I solemnly swear," he whispered as he gave the boy a small dose of venom to stop the blood from escaping through the two wounds which would be gone by morning. Christoph wrapped Michael into his grasp and he just sighed as he closed his eyes, a smile on his face as he became cold and still as slumber set in. The vampire normally wouldn't have done such a childish thing but, after the night and day he'd been through, he needed someone to hold onto because on the inside though he was growing older, on the inside he was still just a scared little ten year old who need someone to make him feel safe.

   "So this is it then, we're going to hunt down a demon for a vampire," Michael whispered as he closed his eyes and grew drowsy, "This is going to be an interesting experience that I know we may not come back from... And to think, all this begun by the forces of darkness way away, all from a plan set in motion...."

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