The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


2. A Friend in Need

   "Help me!!!" came the girl's screams as she cowered in terror as the flames licked into her room, hungry to devour anything in its path. Only hours before had she lovingly said goodnight to her guardian and now, her room was ablaze and she was alone, screaming for help as the thick smoke bore down on her. The smoke was thick and it had a pungent, acrid odor to it that almost made the young girl want to vomit. "Help me! Christoph, Help!" She wailed in torment as the smoke entered her lungs and began to choke out the child.

   The vampiric boy heard the girl's desperate pleas, unfortunately he was wrapped up in a fight with two minor demons in the now charring living room as the walls began to collapse around them. One of the demons lunged, pinning him against the wall while the other beat on his ribs and tore at his legs.

   "Fucking bastards!" Christoph yelled in fury, "I'll make you wish you were never born!" He kicked one of the demons straight through the wall opposite him, causing it to collapse onto the beast. The beast in turn moaned in pain once, and died. Satisfied with his work, Christoph bit into the other, injecting him with a deathly poison as he broke free. "I'm coming Ally!" he screamed through the choking smoke. As he climbed the stairs they began to collapse; having no other choice, he he sprung onto the walls and began to crawl on all fours towards the bedroom where the girl was trapped.

   "Christoph..." She tried to yell but she was tired, and hard on breathing. Falling to the floor she watched as the world around her began to sink into a void of complete darkness; she knew she was dying, but what could she do? She was only a weak little child with no hope of escaping at this point. Her door suddenly burst open as the blond boy that was her protector rushed into the room. "Christoph..." she mumbled as he swept her into his arms, "You... came for me...." She was fading fast; Christoph knew he'd have to do something soon or she'd die. 

   "Hold on Ally," he mumbled as lept through the shattered window pane of her room. He landed on his feet after doing a sudo-front flip in mid air. Moving away from the blazing building he heard the sound of sirens approaching. Knowing that he and Ally weren't in the best of conditions and not wanting to be separated, the boy took the girl and fled to the only safe place he knew of; The Eighth Street Church where Father Cornell presided. 

   There was a rapid banging on the doors of the church, the noise rang through the halls waking the man from his respite of slumber. Quickly gathering his senses he donned a night robe, having only slept in a shirt and shorts, and dashed to the doors of the church. Clutching a crucifix out of habit and a small container of holly water, he approached the doors. He could hear the muffled voice of a boy calling.

   "Father!" it pleaded, "Let me in! I need help!" The Father, though drowsy, recognized the voice as a sort of acquaintance of his; a vampiric child by the name of Christoph. He threw open the left door and beheld a gruesome sight; The boy's hair was covered in soot and ash, while his clothes were smeared with blood and ash. Worst of all, he was clutching a small girl who was gasping for air in a desperate manner.

   "Lord Christ on high! What has happened!?" The Father asked as Christoph hurriedly rushed by him, wandering outside he saw the glow of a large fire emanating from down the hill, the silence of the night filled with the screaming of voices and sirens as the fire department attempted to extinguish the blaze. "Jesus Christ...." He muttered, wallowing back inside in shock. Closing the door behind him he wandered to the Parish Hall where he found Christoph tending to the girl on the table as if it were some gruesome operating room.

   "Father, I need some water if you would," Christoph announced as the man staggered into the room. Obliging his request he snapped back to reality and fetched the water with alacrity. Returning with the water, the vampiric child wasted no time in using it to sooth the writhing girl's pain. Slowly, her breathing returned to normal, eventually she drifted off to sleep. "There, she's good now," he sighed, collapsing into one of the many chairs in the hall.

   "Christoph, you're injured," Cornell examined. The child just looked at himself and shrugged it off.

   "My casket's in the cellar, right?" He asked, the Father nodding his head. "Then I'm fine, just let me rest within its confines for a day or so and I shall be good as new." He looked over at the girl, and then at Father Cornell. "I hate to be a bother, but, can you take care of her while I'm healing?" 

   "Sure, I'll watch over her," He smiled as he lifted her into his arms. Normally he made a policy of not getting involved with such issues; Christoph, however, was friend in need, and he wasn't about to deny him sanctuary.

   "She should feel nice and at home here," Christoph smiled as he entered into one of the guest rooms. It was called the white room, and aptly so, everything was snow white, the bed linens, the walls, even the roses in the clear vase were white roses, untainted by color, in their purest form. As the Father lay her in the bed and drew the covers over her, he said a quick prayer that seemed to put the little girl at ease. Closing the door, the two figures walked in silence into the basement, where they opened the door to what had once been the old storeroom.

   "Ah, so lovely," Christoph mused. It was a large room of stone with an old pipe organ against one wall with three pronged standing candelabras on either side. The center aisle was covered in a bloody toned carpet that stretched all the way to what may have been an old alter once, now just steps that led to a small area that was occupied by an ornately carved casket. On the opposite wall of the organ was a couple of shelves stocked with old archives and an old fashioned writing desk with matching chair. On either side of the casket were sets of twin, three pronged candelabras each lit with a dimly lit candle. Touching either side of the carpet in the center were five rows of old pews, worn by age and the elements.

   "All set up as you asked, though, I'm still not sure why," The commented as he helped the boy into his casket. "It reminds me of some dark place of worship."

   "It reminds me of my home," Christoph smiled, "Now, please take care of the girl, her name is Ally. If she wants to come visit me while I sleep, let her for she knows what I truly am." The Father nodded in acknowledgement of the boy's request as he shut the lid. As he left he paused in horrified astonishment as the flames in all the candles in the room changed from a dull reddish orange flame to purplish pink. As a final accent; a red seal appeared behind the casket on the wall with the Tepes coat of arms in its center. Leaving the room, the Father laughed quietly to himself as he returned to his room. "All this, to help a vampire of all people, and simply because he is a friend in need..."


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