The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


7. A Damaged Relationship; Counseling From the Darkness

   "Why the fuck did you do that in front of him!?" Allen screamed into the demon boy's face as he panicked over the fact that his younger brother had fled the house and Allen couldn't find him. Alois just licked his lips slightly as he cracked a thin line, curved upwards in mischief in response to his friend's distress. Standing up from his bed he wrapped his arms around Allen's waist smiling lightly as he looked into the fright filled eyes of his counterpart.

   "Relax, Allen," he soothed, nuzzling his nose gently against the side of his master's head, "I'm sure Michael's fine, he wouldn't go and do something stupid..."

   "That's not the bloody point!" he spat back, angrily shoving his finger into the still burning wound the crucifix had earlier scorched into the boy. Alois sucked in air sharply as his master's finger dug into his exposed and damaged flesh and muscle; Allen, however, kept digging at the expense of Alois who just gritted his teeth in pain, hoping Allen would stop.

   "Allen, I..." he wanted to say he sorry, but, he wasn't sure what to be sorry for; he always assumed that Allen had led onto Michael about Alois' true disposition, which, considering what he did to save the family that night no ordinary child would have done, made it pretty obvious, to him atleast, that he was anything but human.

   "I don't want to hear your petty apologies...." Allen grumbled as he dug his finger deeper, holding onto the crucifix with the other hand. Alois froze again, in terror, as when he looked into his partner's eyes; all that was there was burning hatred. "You need to be reminded of your place within our relationship!" He roared as he placed the crucifix against Alois' forehead with the intent of pressing into it.

   "Oh really!?" Alois spat as he used one hand to rip Allen's prying fingers from his wound, and the other to to grasp a hold of Allen's wrist that held the crucifix. Leaning close to his struggling partner his eyes glowed crimson as he hissed into his partner's ear. "Let me tell you something about our contract..." his voice now soaking in hatred, "When you choose to save me, it cost you part of your soul, and since you're no longer whole, our contract is void..." he paused for a moment as Allen stopped struggling. "So, in conclusion, we're not in a contract; haven't been for a while, so I don't have a place in this relationship, because there is no relationship to be had!"

   "Then why...?"

   "WHY!?" Alois sneered, "Because I found you intoxicating, I found you too precious a person to let go of...... That would be what I would say, no, I stayed with you because I have a part of you in me, so I have this revolting need to be around you!"

   "If it's so bloody revolting, then there's the door! Get the hell out!" Allen shouted as he stabbed the air with his index finger, aiming it at the green door that separated this dark room from the world outside. "Go on, get the fuck out of here!"

   "FINE!" the demon boy raged as he slipped on his shirt, jacket and shoes, "Fuck you, and your pathetically fragile family!" That remark got him a square and solid punch in the left cheek, stunning the boy for a second. "Bastard..." he muttered as flew down the stairs and out of the house. Fuming as he left the house he walked down the street, heavy footed at first, but then slowly degrading into a slight stumble as he neared King's Park until he finally broke down onto a bench in the park. Tears fell from his face as he sobbed into his hands in a vain attempt to hide himself from prying eyes of others. "You stupid son of a bitch..." he sobbed to himself, "You loved him, didn't you? So... why then, why hurt him?"

   "Are you alright there, son?" came a calm, cool masculine voice. At first, Alois shrugged it off until the voice repeated itself and he looked up into the eyes of his father in disguise. Mr. Pemberton as his disguised self was known as, had occupied a house a block or so from the Hughes home for about six years now, collecting the souls from the nearby towns in the region and managing his underlings who helped him around the world, while also being a guide and sort of, father figure to Alois, who, in the soul reaping buisness was known to everyone as Death's youngest son.

   "I'm fine old man," he tried to hide the tears, keeping his voice as level as possible, "Why are you skulking around here? Did you know I'd be here or something?"

   "No," Death replied with a smile, "In about six minutes, a young man is about to die by getting hit by a car, drivers and portable phones are not a good combination." he laughed quietly, "Ah, but so is life, and for that matter, death, as well." Sitting down beside his son, Death smiled cordially to his son, trying to be understanding. "I'm sure you guys will be able to fix things up, you two love each other too much." Withdrawing a pale blue key from his pocket, he placed it in Alois' lap. "Until then, you're welcome at the house, my son," he clasped his son into a quick hug as a young college student began to cross the street, and, sure enough, the man on his cell phone plowed straight into the young man, effectively ending his life with the screech of the car's breaks and a loud, and, rather sickening crunching of bones and organs, accompanied by a gruesome thud as the body hit the pavement.

   "Thanks," Alois stood up, looking his father in the eyes, "Guess you've got work to do now." Death smiled, as his disguise faded a bit. Turning towards the gathering crowd of people he said goodbye to his son and moved off. All the while, Alois, with key in hand decided that it would be better for him to quietly melt down in the confines of a room rather than in public, so he began to move off as well, heading for the Pemberton residence.


   "You did what!?" screeched Allen's mother as she sat, chastising her child over what had occurred while she was out. "So, not only did you threaten your brother's life to the point where he doesn't want to come home, but then, you have the gaul to throw out your fiend because your idiotic prank on him went south and he scarred him!?" Her eyes flared with their own versions of Hell-fire as she fumed over her son's apparent hardheadedness and stupidity.

   "That's about right, I guess," Allen replied with disinterest. He knew that if his mother knew everything then she wouldn't be so steamed at him; alas, however, she didn't, so he just took it as it came.

   "Allen Raymond Hughes!" she shrieked, "How dare you show such cynical behavior towards your brother and friend!" she wailed, "I thought I raised you better than that!" Her voice was really beginning to irritate him; she'd already grounded him for such things, and to think, all because without thinking, he blindly gave the phone to his mom when Father Cornell called and requested to speak to his mother. 

   "So what am I to do then?" Allen broke into his mother's ranting. She stopped, seemingly blindsided by his inquiry.

   "Well, I.." she stammered, "I agreed to let Cornell take charge of Michael for the month, considering he already had a room ready, besides, he's in good company."

   "What do you mean?"

   "Your friend Christoph, remember how the house burned? He's taking care of them in the name of the church; him, and the daughter of the family who owned the house." That somewhat unsettled him, for he knew that on a few occasions Christoph had made note that Michael too, smelled wonderful and being a vampire...

   "I want you to go find Alois, and bring him back here after you too make up with one another, am I clear!?" her voice elevated once more. Acknowledging this, Allen stood up, grabbed his windbreaker and headed out the door in search of his friend, or atleast he hoped that they were still friends....




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