The Devil's Children

It's been about well, six years since I met him, and now that we've gotten to better know each other, I feel a greater appreciation for this demon child. Alois has both saved my life and been saved by me on several occasions; now however, as we go into high school together, along with my other friend who's a vampire, things seem to be changing around town. I worry as to what will happen as i approach the anniversary of my meeting this Boy who ate a soul. (Sequel to "The Boy Who Ate a Soul")


16. A Boy's Lament

   "You guys remember how I said I came from Denmark right?" Christoph continued to stare off into the distance of the sun lit window as Alois redid the bandages that the stone beast had so carelessly undone with its troublesome claws. Alois looked up and remembered the day he first encountered the vampiric child when his teacher introduced him to the class.

   "Yeah, I figured you were just lying on that account considering your true nature," Alois smirked a little as Allen and Michael sat side by side on the other side of the bed as the listened in wonder.

   "It wasn't a lie, I am from Denmark, Copenhagen to be specific," he grimaced as Alois tugged slightly on the bandages. "I was born Christoph Roberts in the year of 1797 in the city of Copenhagen, which, at the time was a nice city for someone like me to live. Though under the name of Roberts, My full name was changed to its birthright name when I turned ten to Christoph Roberts Von Tepes, my family was a third generation run off blood line from the main line which, for practical purposes disappeared from the pages of human history when Vlad Dracoule died."

   "Go on, how did you end up the way you have?" Allen asked, minorly spell bound to his friend's story. He liked learning about the past, especially from someone who could've been there.

   "Well, when I turned ten, besides a new name I was also given new responsibilities as well," the vampire boy continued to speak, "In my case, I was to stir up some political trouble between countries with my father's help who was, as it turned out a halfling... much like poor Ally..." he began to tear up at the thought of the 'sister' that he had lost again.

   "Focus Christoph," Michael's voice called to him as he gave a firm and reassuring pat on his shoulder. Christoph crossed his right hand over to his left shoulder and squeezed lightly onto the exorcist's hand as he smiled meekly at him. "There you go, see? We're here for you... Now please, go on with your story."

   "Very well," the vampire sniffled a bit, "Well, we managed to slip father into the government and, vicariously through several not so nice means of conducting buisness," Christoph smiled as he licked his fangs, "We managed to gather some rather interesting information and pass it along to a man in England by the Name of Hawkesbury who took the information and ran with it all the way to the Admiralty who, in turn sailed to our shores and, after repeated failed attempts to have our government surrender itself to the English Crown, they surrounded and bombarded the city of Copenhagen. That was in 1807 when that occurred." 

   "Hurry this up a little," Alois replied as he began to put everything away, "I'm tired and in pain now... Needless to say I'm loosing my sense of patience."

   "Just hold out a little longer, please, for me?" Allen slid off the bed and wrapped his arms around the demon boy's neck in a loving manner. "I know you're tired and aching, I promise I'll make it up to you later... but for now, let him tell his story won't you?"

   "Fine, for you I will try to hold out longer," Alois smiled a thin grin as he wrapped his partner in a hug and walked with him back to where the other two were still sitting.

   "Moving on..." Christoph muttered as he picked up on his tale once more, "Well, unbeknownst to me, the church, I'm assuming the Catholic Church of Rome in this case, sent a special kind of hunter to Copenhagen to investigate rumors of a possible vampiric uprising within the city, which, truth be told, that was our next step once the whole trouble with England erupted out of control. Anyway, I was on the main road moving to meet up with father as he was to sneak out to some of the English ships and blow them up when a shell from overhead exploded, causing a building to collapse... I must've taken a hit for when I came to, all around me was burning... bodies lay everywhere in varying conditions of mutilation and then... he came... that damn old man and his apprentice whom I thought I would never have to see again but I was wrong..."

   "What do you mean, never would have to see again..?" Michael asked, sounding a bit curious.

   "He means me," came the familiar calm but firm voice of the Father. "I see you've finally had to reveal your past to the others Christoph, how sad."

   "No, sad is what happened next," Christoph growled quietly, "Care to pick up where I left off Father?"

   "Very well," He closed the door and wandered over to the felled vampire as he began to unpack his carry case, handing several blood packets to the boy. "You drink while I tell the story then as I know it." Christoph took the three packets in hand and immediately began to drink from them as Cornell took on the tale. 

   "Master, how have you been alive that long and yet still look so young and lively?" Michael prodded without hesitation.

   "I'm a special kind of person that has been given the blessings of our Lord on high to carry out tasks of the divine on this Earth," he started, "Back then I was no older than you boys are now, about sixteen or seventeen I think.. Anyway, I was on assignment with my master at the time to investigate and silence any vampires we found in Copenhagen as result from a plea from a clergy in the area that learned of a coup against the fragile government that was led by a family of vampire nobles..."

   "The Roberts..." Michael whispered as he looked at Christoph with mixed emotions, "A coup is what you were going to do?"

   "Back then, all I wanted was to make father happy," Christoph sighed as he stopped drinking from the packet of blood, "I was such an ignorant fool then, a true child with no idea as to what my family's goal and motives were... But no more, I no longer want to live like that..."

   "All is well, Christoph, keep drinking," Father Cornell soothed as he patted the vampiric child lightly on his head. "When we arrived, we learned that few people were actually left in the town but there were a few families that were under suspicion by the church. However, as it turned out, though a few of the families were vampiric or had vampires in their midsts, none were aware of a coup and would rather that such an idea never happen..." 

   "In truth," Christoph commented, "Most of the vampires in the area were not aware or willing to participate in such a coup as they were happy with the lives they lived... how foolish of them I thought at the time..."

   "Indeed, to think that way is indeed foolish... on your part," Cornell resumed the story as the children listened intently, even Alois had revived his interest in the tale as he huddled with Allen on the fringe of the bed. "Anyway, we discovered that the Roberts family was indeed tied to the clan of Tepes, but when we went to confront them their house was devoid of light and it was only when the bombs started to rain down did we discover where they went off to... When we found you Christoph, covered in blood and the bodies of others around you my master instantly assumed what happened and well... he acted on it."

   "He staked me! I wasn't even a full fledged vampire then and he staked me!" Christoph yelled in a painful fury as the memory flashed through his mind. "Do you know how painful it is to lay there as a ten year old and wait to slowly die feeling as though you've failed your family!?"

   "Personally, I had hoped you had died quickly," the Father mumbled, "Seeing a little boy being staked wasn't easy for me, in truth that memory of watching the light fade from your young eyes still haunts me to this day..." There was a moment of tense silence until Cornell started up again. "However, it would seem that we missed your mother as she revived you through her bite and venom, that, and I was injured and my master slain by your father who I then killed while he was enjoying himself on the piers of the city's harbor.... Needless to say the coup never happened."

   "That's horrible," Michael hugged Christoph despite receiving a glare of disapproval from the Father.

   "So... that's what you meant that day in the woods when I asked about your qualms with Cornell," Alois spoke in a quiet manner, "It's all starting to make sense to me now... Indeed, you've led a tragic life Christoph."

   "Now... as to how the master of the gargoyle fits into the picture," Christoph started up again as he finished his second packet of blood, "Let's see... it was shortly afterwards actually when I met the demon salesman known as Reginald Kissinger Von Heimlich. I had been a full fledged vampire for a couple of years by then and my family had fallen into ruin since the coup failed."

   "Heimlich eh?" Cornell thought to himself, "Well that explains perhaps how he already was aware of Christoph when I gave him shelter for one night."

   "Basically, he saved me from some would-be monster hunters and at the end of it all," he paused for a moment as he took a sip from the third packet of blood as some color began to return to his eyes and almost ghost white skin, "I made a contract with him to seek vengeance on those who hurt my family and to help reestablish my family to a state of prowess where I felt they belonged." 

  "Typical deal for devils," Alois smiled all too aware that he not so long ago followed a similar style of living. "So what happened?"

  "Well, the contract came to what Reginald regarded as a close and so he came for me," Christoph mused, "After a brief conflict ensued resulting in the loss of the family we had been tied to in order to retain our prowess except us ofcourse, being vampiric and all keeps us safe from most harm...." He paused for a brief moment as he tried to hold back tears.

  "What aren't you telling us, Christoph?" Cornell prodded as he tried to calm the vampire boy that he obviously felt something for despite his adherent disposition regarding Christoph's true self. "It's alright... come on, tell me... what's wrong?"

  "Well, the family we had married to had a daughter that I became very fond of and well... I failed to protect her and he took her and burned the family in front of me... it was his revenge for not being able to take my soul as the contract apparently stipulated... And now he's done it again..." 

  "Christoph..." Michael whispered as he hugged him tighter, "I swear, I will help you get your sister back, Ally was her name right?"

  "How did you... She paid you a visit, didn't she?" Christoph questioned as he looked at Michael and took a scent check of the young boy and sure enough, mixed in with the scents of all those who've came into contact with Michael, Ally's scent showed through.

  "Boys, this is an issue best left up to Christoph and I," Cornell affirmed his presence as he closed up his carry case. "Michael, you aren't ready for this kind of a fight so don't even attempt to convince me otherwise..."

  "But master.. He's my... friend," Michael left off as Cornell again glared at him with stinging disapproval and hostility."Yes, master, I understand."

   "Cornell wait," Alois stood defiantly in front of his door, despite still feeling a bit weak and tired, "I don't care how prideful you are or what kind of tie you seem to obviously have to Reginald if you're so willing to help Christoph all of a sudden but we are his companions and as such we will stay by his side no matter what happens.."

  "He's right Father," Allen replied as he stood beside his partner, "If he's going to confront someone to save his sister, than we will back him up, regardless the dangers we may face."

  "Allen, Alois, I cannot believe the foolishness I am hearing, are you not aware of what the dark forces are plotting? This could very well be a plot to not only extinguish Christoph but your entire family as well," Cornell remanded the two boys.

  "He's right Allen," Christoph spoke in a quiet but calm tone, "If Reginald attacked once, he will be back at some point to try again, it's best if you stayed behind and protected the family you still have."

  "Father please, let us accompany you, strength in numbers," Michael tried in again, "Besides, once my brother has his head set on something it's nigh impossible to sway him from it." Cornell looked over the group of adolescents that challenged him and were bent on, in his mind seeking oblivion. Though he didn't want to concede to the notion, Michael was right, having more fighters around would make the operation to come run more smoothly. Michael could fend for himself, Alois was a Dark Angel and powerful as was Christoph at full strength.. But then there was Allen, the only real human amongst them. 

  "Fine, if I can find help from the clergy to help the Hughes Family you can come, if not then you will stay behind and that is final!" He finally conceded to their demands and as he left the house that afternoon he couldn't but feel a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

  "Hey, thanks guys," Christoph sat up in the bed where he had resettled himself after Cornell left them alone once more, "It's nice to know I have friends that look out for me, especially considering what I am."

  "Oh don't get soft on us," Alois chuckled as he helped Allen down the stairs, returning for Michael a moment later. "We need you to be strong and angry when it comes time to face Reginald so we can kick his stupid demon ass back to hell after all." 

   "Alois," Michael whispered as the demon boy tried to pick him up, "Can I stay with Christoph instead?" For a moment Alois looked puzzled but as he looked from the vampire to the exorcist and back he just smirked and replaced the human boy beside the vampire. Walking towards the door he just smirked as he called over his shoulder, "You two really have a strange taste in love, don't be messing up my sheets with anything of the fluid variety or I will make you clean it with your tongues." 

  And like that the two were again left alone with each other in the fading light of the dying day that had indeed proven to be a long one. Finally Michael sighed heavily and shed his exorcist's coat and armor again, placing it gently onto the floor beside the bed before turning to look at Christoph again. 

  "So Christoph, do you still want to intermingle yourself with someone like me considering what I've done and who my master is?" Christoph just rolled over and snatched the boy by the arms and pinned him to the bed, the rosy red returning to his eyes.

  "I know you're no threat without that coat and its contents," he cooed as he moved close to Michael's face, his fangs beared. Instead of biting him though he choose instead to lay a passionate kiss onto the boy who immediately stopped struggling and instead pulled the two of them together. That is how the day ended, with a kiss and a reconciliation by all for a boy's lament...


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