The lion, lamb and baby

Land of seers oracles and living gods


1. The baby

The sound of approaching thunder startled her, looking up briefly up threw her beaded blindfold head piece, underneath threw the silk sheer cloth her long  exotic eyelashes  unclasped from them selves, folding open like a venus fly trap revealing the blue and purple eyes. When they closed again after a minute and they lashed shut again giving her her true sight back as They only opened to see what her 'vision' couldn't. Her people are called the 'Red tears' and were only distinguished buy their usually veiled eyes. Purple iris surrounded with blue not  the white we have.
though not all get to keep the 'vision' they all were born with, 
It would go forever or stay eternally once baptized in the  worlds only blood red river of life. Their culture existed for the carrying and worship of  the One, and birth did not guarantee that all made it as oracles.
She could smell the sweet air from it, the thick river-deep red rose, lilacs and sweet peas. 
It's alluring scent calling you deep inside; to challenge your own worthiness. 

The cold tall white women would come once every two years to be blessed purified by the tending oracles. That was to be her crowning achievement to finally graduate to tend them in their swim of endurance and power. It was done to see wich women would take  home the "Ones" gift of a life inside her. 
There were the other tribes on this earth  of men with women, unfortunately they usually hunted the oracles who were mocked alot by the way the looked. 
Most societies hated small things about each other as to admiration. 
Except the tall white women with Wolf hearts..No one dared to tease unless they were miles away. 
She began to ascend down the slope thinking about the white women who she expected to run into guarding the cave. The legend says her People she was the first refused to bow down to the man. This infuriated the man who proceeded to beat her- unbeknownst to all she was specially chosen to be the first of them devoted to the river guards. She apparently Ripped his heart out, or something.
Her visions now told her she would have to find the first one- that the time is now, she is now alone; her mate had died along time ago, the wolf within had killed her is what she gathered but it was vague. Something about a double edged sword for the strength she possessed.
That ment two things to her, suddenly she lost her footing stumbled over a stone slipping down the skree of loose stones like a chimney funnelling down the valley's embankments.
Perhaps her haste wasn't so warranted,   
considering her parted vision. Her vision wont let her fall of a cliff, but it will not pause to show her every stone. 
She almost sighed at the parental voice inside," Slow young my one, every stone has its place in my mountain of the life rivers birth. 
Do you hear me Call you? .. Are u ready?"
She nodded not taking her veil off but gratefully she could moisten the bloody tears of relief she leaked against her will.
" Shh my gentle one shh." the voice was a mom
And a dad and changed tone accordingly. This was how the tall white fleash women lived. They had childeren only women for some reason and no men are used. They were the first.. strongest taller and like stone lest they love you if its true then it's forever. A decision to reproduce is made
The four races say that they have made a deal with the one, so to protect the rivers exit and birth no one came near it. Nothing but pure is allowed or you will drown, the river knew if you approached and you would be taken under its thick waters, deeper till like wet blankets you'd never resurface. It gave life and took it.
She heard the voice persist calling her with its heart, in a language no words can define. 
The thunder smashed this time, and she was. It closest to the mouth of the holy cave were the river births. Nothing but rocks and sand, no birds called. There are no trees to rustle in the wind, no fish in the river. For a place to be the birth of life and home of  the living god it screamed death in the silence. Yet the smell of the river was life. 
She breathed it in deeply, savoring it like an apple pie or delicious roast. Smiling she stooped under the opening at the entrance," I am home my parent," she spoke aloud," I beg you my living god Amashka, of mercy and love," on her knees she prostrated herself flat in humility." why have you called me so very far back to you? The swim is not due my one.."
The voice now spoke in her mind, all around her like the echo so deep it shook your bones and rattled your eyes at the bass. She felt them water as she blinked furiously.
She calmed her self for fear of unworthiness in her lack of trust.

" Reach into my waters for I may give you my gift. I have decided that the time is now. Come to my edges..
She crawled gingerly forward and felt the glowing sensation in her hands as she dipped them in the river of blood. 
A flash of bright light blew her hair back and knocked her blindfolded head piece to the ground be hind her. Reflexively her hands went to cover her head and face but could not be moved.
" Open and see, see what you will see for the first and last time with your own eyes. For now they will show u only threw my gift.."
Almost afraid she gingerly opened the her lashed eyes and gasped gently at the scene before her. It took a few seconds for her real eye site to come to its full clarity.  
There right in between her hands waiting to be plucked out and into her arms was a baby, the smallest most perfect one she had ever seen..
Ah but one thing caught her breath as the vision was burned into her heart and mind, the skin..a perfect and glorious gold it shone.
Like a living statue.
Yet the eyes were an almost frightening amber, yellowish in natural and unearthly color and she grew afraid.

Yet it blinked gently at her; sucking her devotion with  the gentle smile sealing her heart to its own. She began to weep with the intensity of hearts as one.She know knew she would kill for this baby and she began to shake with a emotion she never knew of or ever had..
The voice spoke in her," Ssh be not afraid. This is the union of all I have to offer and all you had to give..serve me. Serve this babe bring it to the White women of the north and accept all gifts that come to you and fight all who oppose you. For this child will change this world now for it is ready."
She just blinked back at the baby unable to say anything, afraid to move at first she finally pulled the little one out, onto her waiting lap. The touch sent black ink swirls up both hands and arms finishing on her neck and face.
The voice spoke again," you are marked with my language, no one has had this in over a thousand years. No one but your helpers will know this when they see it. Any who seek to destroy you will fear it."

She nodded numbly staring into those eyes.

Suddenly her vision began to blur again, frantically she closed her eyes and scrounging up her head piece she rewove her head and eyes under it and was delighted to be able to see as she had before.
Surprising the babe glowed now," I so I shall never loose you," she murmured quietly swaddling it so. 
A coo and snuggle of contentment almost made her face burst as the largest smile she ever had threatened to crack her porcelain serious skin.  
The thunder crashed so loud she almost feared she'd drop the babe the way the cave shook and the river rumbled to her. 
Stay now and sleep in my home. With in a second she felt warm and comforted and lay down her arms about the babe and slept.
Out side the rains had come and darkness covered the valley, washing her tracks away.
Be safe, be a secret, the gifts are comming to aid in the morning light.
Again the deep warmth and the tiny hand of gold wrapped about her pinky finger in loving trust they slept.
Chapter two the lamb.

Awoken by the babe playing with her beads on her head piece she smiled gently," Ssh my one of light, are you hungry?" she suggested not smelling anything amiss.
"Baaaaaa" came from behind her, startled only slightly she turned," I see, ask and I shall receive." she was a small ewe actually looking so small it couldn't have milk yet low it lay down beside her offering itself to the babe.
Assuming being a holy lamb she felt no need to question or attempt to clean it's already  pristine clean skin or wool. Wool that shone so white it was hard to believe it was real, and so soft kings would go to war for it. 
I will never worry, I will never question you. She prayed thankfully.
The baby fed and she readied herself for the travel she knew would be ahead. The route ahead would be hard and long plus dangerous. She frowned a little under her veil, and a lamb coming along may be dangerous in the wild but she had to trust her Amashka, it always provides, and I am on a quest..
Movement from the babe brought her back to focus again as she tied her sack up around her waste. Looking down the babe glowed back happily, and reached for her. Again the huge smile and strange flattering joy she felt rushed threw her veins as she bent down swaddling it up close to her heart.

The lamb got to its feet and ambled over to her as she prepared to leave the cave," You will follow me little lamb? For I shall have use of your milk and soft wool."
The large brown eyes blinked back, head dropping slightly it nuzzled her leg in reassurance.
" Oh you will? Why thank you little lamb." she conversed good naturally.
Turning she then ducked once again out into the desert surrounding the valley of the river. The sky was a strange grey above but encouragingly was a beautiful blue in the distance.
At least that's the way I have to go, I hope it warms up, my shawl is swaddling the babe to me. Then again it's best the little one stays warm anyways. 
Her internal dialogue kept on this way, until she noticed that she seemed to be doing more than the average amount of thinking. Looking down at the babe she wasn't surprised to see it staring up at her adoringly with its scary eyes. Like it was learning about her, the thoughts were for it to understand her better, to know her. Smelling her fear apon eye contact threw her veil the babe squeezed her shoulder gently smiling. 
She realized like those who fear her natural eye color and tears of blood it was because she was no different then her fear of the babes eyes. We're they this unnatural almost evil color to show her her faults of her own prejudice, mostly to help her understand people's fear at her own. 
"I have nothing to fear but fear itself," she smiled at the babe as she mused aloud now," This must be how people fear me, I guess I never met a more exotic creature than myself." she joked tickling the babes tiny nose. Grasping her finger it smiled and blew a few bubble as it babbled back.
She was ever more surprise at what a perfect tone, a flawless pitch that only a stone could ignore.  You had to look, you HAD to love it. 
"That's some power you have." she was almost at the bottom of the slopes now and was not looking forward to the climb. Thank heavens this little one is only a few stones heavy or I may take a long time..
She bent over grabbing the large boulders to steady her climb, after all she couldn't slip now. Not when she was climbing for two, and then the lamb nuzzled under her spare hand. Turning it looked at her in a manner she got the idea she may be suppose to grab a fistful of wool and steady her self with that instead. As she twisted it threw her fingers it was much softer than she thought.  Thinking, she ran her hand threw it.  This  wool is perfect for the babe, I shall tuck it into my shawl lest it get colder. Odd she had the feeling this was suppose to be hard and dangerous, yet so far was a promising morning. At the top of the embankment the sun greeted her face and she paused soaking in the warm kisses on her skin and shivered for a moment.
The babe turned and wiggled it's tiny fingers at the sun as it cut beams like shards of gold light reflecting and glowing  threw the skin.
Wow, she thought, it was truly breathtaking to behold. The large Forrest was huge bubble trees, huge trunks that were sometimes hallow inside like a cave or the other open at the top would usually closed, or would filled with rain water. If you were lucky, one every 20-30 trees is one the steam tops were still secured it was a perfect home inside. Warm and wind proof, it was a perfect home in a pinch for the wind blew threw the Forrest like it was the plains, whipping threw the trees like long grass. Not bending them for both tree and wind equally stubborn. The floor of the Forrest started half way up the hill she now descended gingerly for the many flowers could be crushed underfoot; and being so thick they burst with nectar and were most slippery. The smell however; was soo very exquisite one could waste hours just standing around drinking it in, intoxicating the senses till legends say some died never moving but just laying down and falling into a blissful sleep. There were many other plants in the Forrest and not all were benign. There were particular flowering vines that crept under the flowers and ferns that ate those foolish enough to fall under their scent. Falling into the vines arms like a sleepy child unto their mothers. 
On cue she felt a crunch under her foot and felt the skeletal remains of a hand, crawling out from under a large pile of plants hiding the foul business below. She could not help such old remains, but to step over them quickly clucking her tongue at the lamb. 
" Don't dawdle now, there is better eating inside under the canopy, this is the green moat.." the lamb obeyed, catching up to her side quickly.
The babe peered over the shawl chewing on it, the eyes widened apon looking down at the floor. A small whimper and like a little monkey it pulled back with in the close safety of her swaddling against her heart..again. The tiny hand clutched at her collar bone. This sound of my heart must sooth the tiny thing, oh precious one my people do not fall folly to such simple charms and tricks. You will be safe with me.
They headed further into the now almost jungle thickness of the lush forrest. Birds sang and flew about in wild abandon, petals falling from the bubble trees made it look like a gentle snow fall.  
For spring was almost done and the fruit would be falling soon enough. To bad it was such a dangerous place for the food was in great supply, berries fruit and nuts. She paused plucking her favorite berries, and enjoying the taste as she walked, lamb never straying to far. The babe had fallen asleep so she just walked north as the one instructed.
It seemed many hours and suddenly the babe began to cry and fuss. She smelt something amiss," oh oh I suppose that was coming." 
She wondered what kind of mess would a gold baby make.
She discovered that it to her dismay was the same as all babies. She frowned her dreams of a babe that never soiled it's self dissipated as fast as the wildlife apon the sent.
" Oh my, ack!" she gagged as the babe smiled happily back her with relief. She was sure it seemed smug at this. " Well, I am your servant and there is no bounds to my devotion little pharaoh." the babe seemed pleased and began to try and eat its tiny toes.
She smiled. 
"Hungry?! Well we can't have you eating your feet now can we?"
Looking up she noticed the lamb was already there laying down beside the babe. 
Well it's a weird world now, but I have no other food and this must be he way for I can't let you starve. She mused. However she kept a close watch on the Forrest floor around them. If we are to sleep in here I must find a hallow tree and fill the floor with moss to sleep on. Moss was always good to people.

The sun was making its way across the sky now and  dusk drew near, soon it would be colder and she was worried about how to get the wool.
Shall I just pluck you my little lamb, or how do we do this.
On cue the lamb looked up at her suspiciously, it's ears twitched as if to dare her. She almost laughed at the concern furrowing it's little brow. The babe was so deeply asleep it barely breathed. You would thing it was a perfectly poured and carved babe of gold. 
The lamb stood up suddenly and bleated at her. 
What is it? She turned so fast around her beads smacked against her cheek.
There comming threw the Forrest towards her, was the most unearthly large lion she had ever seen.

Chapter three the lion.

The lamb and her exchanged suspicious looks, the lamb now nuzzled the babes forehead. 
" Oh no no!" she hissed in panic smacking it's snout gently," you'll have us eaten!"
The babe yawned and cooed.
Her and the lamb both looked back at the lion, who at the sound of the babe sat straight up, ears forward scent now caught.
She could only swallow in fear and hug her little lamb and babe close.
Please don't let me fail you already.. She whimpered internally as her last prayer, preparing for the strike from the massive paw. 
Silently it had crept so close so fast she hissed taking in her breath.
The babe had somehow sat up more in her arms and cooed again reaching for the lion. Apon eye contact with the babe it stopped and lay down stretching its massive head forehead and muzzle close. The babe clutched at its whiskers and leaned forward to bite its nose. 
Her eyes widened in alarm and the lamb who was debating sprinting, paused and it to amazed watched the now completely tame lion roll on its back and began to purr. The babe shrieked in delight and mushed its nose in its tiny hands.
She heard the voice," This is my lion, your guardian. Fear him not." and then it was gone.
In awe she reached forward a trembling hand, almost crying and laughing at the fear and joy becoming one. 
The lamb however not totally convinced stayed behind her. Giving its little lamb evil eye, to Wich she laughed.  " So you are our lion?" 
It stretched and yawned exposing huge teeth the size of her longest finger and some.
" Well I'm glad your for us. Welcome to our party"
The babe squeals and claps, and falls over in her lap.
We can't even contain ourselves," she whispered scratching it now with more confidence, it began to purr loudly.  Hypnotic and comforting she allowed her self to lay against it and heard its heart; loud and soothing she felt dozy and closed her eyes..
The lamb came back over slowly and ever so tiptoe in to snuggled carefully between the babe and the grass. The lion extended its huge arms about them and under his watch 

She feel into a multitude of thoughts as she slept now finally safe with her little family 

I have nothing to fear I trust in you my living god, but I was to confident, I was expecting you to care for me and I not have to worry. Is this why you sent the guardian? To humble me with fear? Am I not to march proud with the babe expecting all to give way man woman and animal? Or, do you want me to be more like the quiet mouse? Creeping everywhere? Should your babe not be held high and all should shout praises at what it will do? Is this the babe of the apocalypse, or the babe of rebirth? Shall It be the one who saves everyone, or am I the footsteps of death. 
She tossed sweating in dismay.
Are the eyes the truth to show us how wrong we are and how little we really know? Or are they showing us all we are truly doomed? For I feel both yet when it smiles at me it's love I feel yet I fear it, is this his we should feel about you? Fear and love. Is this to teach us to be more like respectful children and obey your word no matter how big or small. I am I now to march ahead bravely and fear nothing for I have your lion.. Yet that will expose us and demand continual sacrifice from the guardian. I should protect them all.. But my magic is not for battle.I am only two days in and confused already.
" listen and learn.. I guide you I will save you but do not put yourself in a situation to test this for then who obeys whom? Do not think you are the same value as the babe, you are more. I expect your life for its own.. But the babe needs you to show my will. Choose carefully my servant and rewards you can imagen are yours.."
Comfort surged in her heart and soul.

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