Stole My Heart

Ally and Ashley moved to London to have fun and get away from their family. What happens when they meet One Direction? What happens when the 2 best friends fall for Harry? Who will he choose? What if Zayn falls for Ashley? Read and find out


10. The Kiss

Ally's p.o.v


I went for a walk to the park, by now they should know that I left.


I cant believe I actually told Zayn how I felt for him. I also told Harry even if Zayn didn't know that Harry was there. I don't think that I can be able to face them. I think im just going to stay here till tomorrow. Hopefully they'll be gone by tomorrow.


~3 hours later~


Omg I just saw Harry! I hope they're not looking for me. I better leave before they see me.



~3 hours earlier~


Zayn's p.o.v


I cant believe it Ally likes me too. That is amazing wait but she also said she likes Harry.


'Wait she likes me too?' Harry said from behind me after Ally locked her self in the bathroom. 'You heard what she said?' I asked. 'Yeah I came to look for you guys' he replied. 'Well yeah Ally likes both of us' I said and Ashley heard. 'Ugh she cant steal Harry from me Harry is mine' she yelled. Wow she has problems and to think I liked her. Yeah I said liked because I don't any more. I have stronger feelings for Ally.


After we started arguing we herd a window open and it came from bathroom. Wait Ally!!! Ashley went to got get the keys from the bathroom when she came back she opened the door. Just what I thought Ally left through the window. 'We have to go look for her' I said.


~3 hours later~


We looked for her everywhere except the park. We went to the park and I saw her but I she didn't see me, but she did see Harry because she started running. So I started running after her.


Aly's p.o.v


I started running and that's when I noticed Zayn chasing after me. 'Wait, Ally I need to talk to you, please stop' he yelled after me. What should I do? I stopped I need to confront him.


'What do you want to talk about?' I asked with my back to him. 'About what you told me at the house' he responded. 'We don't have nothing to talk about, I already know you don't have feelings for me, so got back with your ex' I yelled with tears forming in my eyes. Zayn turned me around and said 'I also have feelings for you too' and then he did something I didn't expect. He kissed me.

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