Stole My Heart

Ally and Ashley moved to London to have fun and get away from their family. What happens when they meet One Direction? What happens when the 2 best friends fall for Harry? Who will he choose? What if Zayn falls for Ashley? Read and find out


4. New Feelings

Harry's p.o.v


I woke up and noticed that everyone was still sleeping. I also noticed that Ally fell asleep on Zayn's shoulder. I cant stand watching them together. I know that there not dating but still I like her and I get jealous, but I also have feelings for Ashley. I also know that Ashley has feelings for me maybe I should give it a try with her. Wait no what if Ally likes me to. Ugh Im going to talk to Liam when he wakes up maybe he can help me.


~ 1 hour later ~


Liam finally woke up, ok im going to go talk to him. 'Liam can I talk to you its kinda of important?' I asked nicely. 'Sure mate, what's up?' he asked worried. 'Ok so here's the thing I like both Ally and Ashley' I said really fast. 'Oh so who do you like more?' he said shocked. 'Um I dont know I do get jealous when I saw Ally with Zayn yesterday they were about to kiss and that got me so mad' I was getting mad just thinking about yesterday. 'Ok keep going'


'But then when I see Ashley's beautiful smile I forget all about Ally like if I never meet her' after I said that I noticed that Ally had heard everything and she went running out the door.


Ally's p.o.v


I woke up and I had to go to the bathroom when I heard Harry talking to Liam. 'But then when I see Ashley's beautiful smile I forget all about Ally like if I never meet her' after I heard him say that the tears started running down my cheeks and Harry saw so I went running out the door.


Zayn-Why did you leave?

Ally-Meet me at my house and ill tell you everything

Zayn-Okay be there in 5



I wanted to be alone but for some reason I felt like could trust Zayn. I don't know why. 5 minutes past and Zayn was finally here.


'Hey what's wrong' he asked worried and have me a hug. I told him how Harry said that when his with Ashley he forgets that we know each other. 'Im so Sorry I wish I could help, I understand how you feel' he said with sadness in his eyes. 'I know but it just hurts so much hearing him say it' I said tear steaming down me face. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Zayn went to open it I just hope its not Harry.


'I need to talk to Ally' Harry said yelling at Zayn. Of course it was him. 'Ally im so sorry for saying that I didn't know you were listening' he said. I could tell he felt bad 'Its fine it was my fault for listening in the first place' I said wiping the tears of my face. 'Wait do you have feelings for me?' he asked. Oh no what should I say, no I cant tell him he clearly has feelings for Ashley. 'No I don't its just no one has ever said that to me' Zayn could tell I was lying. 'Oh ok well I should go' and with he left.


Zayn come over to me and gave me a hug and for some reason I felt safe in his arms like nothing bad would happen to me when im with him. Am I Falling for him? No he's just a friend I still have feelings for Harry.

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