Stole My Heart

Ally and Ashley moved to London to have fun and get away from their family. What happens when they meet One Direction? What happens when the 2 best friends fall for Harry? Who will he choose? What if Zayn falls for Ashley? Read and find out


5. Love Triangle

Harry's p.o.v


After I left Ally's flat yesterday I decided I was going to ask Ashley out on a date since Ally doesn't feel the same way I feel. Yet again she doesn't know how I feel about her. I was thinking of asking Ally out but when then she said she didn't like me like that, it really hurt me. But now that I think about it when she said she didn't like me she wasn't looking at me in the eyes maybe she was lying. I'm going to find out before I ask Ashley out on a date.


Zayn's p.o.v


I know I have strong feelings for Ashley but I might have a crush on Ally. I know they both like Harry. Ugh why do all the girls have to like Harry more. I'm going to talk to Niall after rehearsal.



~ 2 hours later ~


'Niall can I talk  to you?' I asked with plead in my eyes. 'Sure mate' he said happy. 'Ok so I Like Ashley and ally but they both like Harry' I said with sadness in my eyes. 'Oh wow well I think you should hang out with Ally and see how you really feel about her and Ashley we all know Ashley wont leave Harry alone, so you probably have a better chance with Ally than with Ashley' ' he said. That's a good idea. 'Thanks mate, ill try that' I said with a smile on my face. 'Welcome' he said before walking away.


Ally's p.o.v


I got a call from Zayn asking if I wanted to hang out with him and of course I said yes. He's picking me in 30 minutes so I decided to go change out of my pjs. I put on some skinny jeans and a blue crop top. I straightened my hair and but on my black convers. I decided to not wear make up since its just two friends hanging out.


A few minutes later the door bell rang. I went to go open the door thinking it was Zayn but no it was Harry.


'Hey do you want to hang out?' he asked.  'Um...actually im hanging out with Zayn, im waiting for him to pick me up' I said feeling bad. 'Oh' he said kinda sad. Wait why s he sad. 'If you want you can hang out with us?' I asked. 'Um are you sure?' he asked. 'Yeah' I said. 'ok' he replied with that smile that made me melt. Wait what snap out of it Ally.


Five minuets later Zayn arrived and I told him that I invited Harry. He looked sad but why? I just shrugged it off and we left to the mall.


We have been hanging out for about 2 hours so we decided to go eat. We went to Nandos, Harry picked. After we ordered Zayn got a call and went outside,


Zayn's p.o.v


I got a call and went outside to answer it. It was...

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