Stole My Heart

Ally and Ashley moved to London to have fun and get away from their family. What happens when they meet One Direction? What happens when the 2 best friends fall for Harry? Who will he choose? What if Zayn falls for Ashley? Read and find out


3. Hanging With The Boys

Ally's p.o.v


I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I got up  and went to go take a shower. When I was done I noticed I had a message from Harry.


Harry-Want go to the mall with me and the lads?

Ally-Sure what time?

Harry-I will pick you up at 12 :)

Ally-Ok see you then :)


I send him my address and saw that it was 11 so I straightened my hair and put it up in a pony tail. I put a t-shirt on and some short shorts. I went to the kitchen I got some water, i noticed that Ashley was still sleeping so I decided not to wake her up. I got another text but this time from Zayn.


Zayn-Is Ashley coming?

Ally-No she's still sleeping

Zayn-Ok btw were here

Ally-Ok ill be out in a sec


I quickly got my thing and headed out the door. I ran to the van and got in. 'Hey what up girl?' Louis asked acting all sassy. We all started laughing and Liam started the van. We finally arrived after 15 minutes. The car ride was fun. All the boys went separate ways except for Harry, he stayed with me.


'So where do you want to go first?' harry asked. 'um...lets go eat im starving?' I said with a pouty face. 'How can I say no to that face' Harry replied. We went and got some Nandos. Later we went shopping for awhile it was only 2:00. I then got a message from Ashley.


Ashley-Where are you?

Ally-At the mall with the boys why?

Ashley-Why didn't you tell me?

Ally-cuz you were still sleeping?

Ashley-Im on my way

Ally-We just left the mall

Ashley-Ugh fine


'Who was that?' Naill asked. 'It  was Ashley she got mad because I didn't tell her I was hanging out with you guys' I said kinda of annoyed. 'Oh well were do guys want to go know?' Liam asked. ' about the beach and then we go eat?' I asked. 'Sounds fun lets go change' Louis said jumping up and down like a little kid. 'Ok, ok calm down we'll do that' Liam said laughing at Louis.


They dropped me off at my house and they left to go change themselves. I went straight to my room and quickly go dressed into a pink bikini and put the clothes I had on earlier on. I went down stairs.


"Where are you going?' Ashley said sounding mad. 'Out with the boy why?' I said annoyed. 'So your leaving me again you could ask me if I want to come' she yelled. 'Fine do you want to come?' I said more annoyed than before. 'Yes' she replied quickly acting like nothing happened. 'Ok go put your bikini on were going to the beach' I said kinda rude. 'Ok but you don't have to be rude' I rolled my eyes and she went to her room to get dressed.


I texted the guys saying Ashley was coming and they texted back saying the were here. 'Ashley hurry up they're here' I yelled from down stairs. 'Coming' she came down wearing a blue bikini with a white dress on top. We got our stuff and got in the van.


During the car ride Ashley was all over Harry and I got me so jealous. I know I shouldn't be jealous but I couldn't help it I could tell that Zayn was jealous to so I decided to talk to him.


once we got out of the van I pulled Zayn to the side. 'Zayn can I ask you a question?' I asked. 'Sure anything' I replied with his amazing smile. 'Do you like Ashley?' I asked. 'Um...Yeah put please don't tell her' he said with a puppy dog eyes. 'Don't worry I wont I just wanted to know' I said. 'Do you like Harry?' he asked. Oh no what do I say do I tell him the truth can I trust him? Its worth a shot. 'Um...yeah please don't say anything to him its just I know Ashley has feeling for him she gets mad every time im with him' I said talking fast. 'Don't worry I wont' he said with a sad face and walked away.


I walked to were the others were and I felt bad for telling Zayn that Ashley like Harry. Maybe I should go talk to him. 'Hey can I talk to you?' Harry asked me before I could catch up to Zayn. 'Um...yeah sure' I said looking at Zayn and then back at Harry. 'Do you like Zayn?' he asked kinda sad. Wait why is he sad does he like me nah im just imagining things. 'No why?' I asked. 'Oh just wondering' he said happy and walked away. Well that was weird I thought to myself.


I was about to go walk to Zayn when the paparazzi came so we had to leave quickly. We went to go get some pizza the boys and Ashley went inside and I pulled Zayn to talk to him. 'Hey im sorry about what I said earlier' I said. 'What do you mean he asked confused. 'You know about Ashley liking Harry' I said. 'Oh that its fine, I know she does and there is nothing I can do' he said sad this time. I gave him a hug and then the boys came out and saw us hugging.


I pulled away from the hug and our faces were inches apart. Zayn was starting to lean in when Harry said 'Um can we go now or are you to going to make out?' I felt my cheeks turn red.


We went to their house and watched movie but I got tired and fell asleep on Zayn shoulder.

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