Stole My Heart

Ally and Ashley moved to London to have fun and get away from their family. What happens when they meet One Direction? What happens when the 2 best friends fall for Harry? Who will he choose? What if Zayn falls for Ashley? Read and find out


6. Ex-girlfriend

Zayn's p.o.v


It was Emily my ex. Why is she calling me?


Phone Convo.


Emily-'Hey I was wondering if we could talk in person tomorrow?'

Zayn-'But don't you live in L.A'

Emily-'Yeah but I came to London for a few days and I decided to talk to you'

Zayn-'Ok but talk about what?'

Emily-'I would like to tell you in person if that's ok with you'


Emily-'Thanks bye'


End of phone convo.


Well that was weird. I went inside and sat down.


Ally's p.o.v


Zayn finally came back in.


'Who was it?' asked Harry. '' Zayn said kinda nervous. 'Who's Emily?' I asked. 'Its Zayn's ex' Harry said. 'Oh' I said with a sad expression on my face I hope they didn't notice. 'Yeah she wants to hang out tomorrow and I said yes' Zayn said. 'Oh so are you guys getting back together or something?' Harry asked. 'No were just hanging out' Zayn said. Good wait what am I saying am I jealous? Why do these things happen to me?


After we finished our food we went to the movies. We watched Insidious Chapter 2, It was so not scary well at least not for me Harry kept screaming like a little girl. Me and Zayn just laughed at him the whole time.


When the movie was over they took me home and then they left. Today was amazing except for the part when I found out that Zayn was going to hang out with his ex. I swear I got jealous I guess I really do have feelings for Zayn.


Zayn's p.o.v


I woke up and went to go take a shower. I got dressed and texted Emily.


Zayn-What time do you want to meet and where?

Emily-At 12 and at Starbucks



It was 11:45 so I decided to just go know. When I got there it was already 12:00. I walked to the table she was at.


'So what did you want to talk about' I asked her. 'I know you might say no but I need had to ask anyways' she said she said kinda sad. 'Just tell me?' I said rushing her. 'okay okay' she said. 'I want us to get back together' she said really fast. Wait what?

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