Stole My Heart

Ally and Ashley moved to London to have fun and get away from their family. What happens when they meet One Direction? What happens when the 2 best friends fall for Harry? Who will he choose? What if Zayn falls for Ashley? Read and find out


1. 1st day in Londom

Ally's p.o.v


Hey my name is Alyssa White but everyone calls me Ally. Me and my best friend Ashley just moved to London to get away from our family and start a new life. We just finished unpacking everything. 'Ashley can we go eat now im starving?' I yelled from down stairs. 'Ok ill be down in just a sec' she yelled. Ashley is an amazing friend but you don't want to get on her bad side trust me.


'Ok im ready lets go, where do you want to go' she said. 'um lets get pizza' I replied. 'Pizza it is' she said with a smile.


Ashley is the pretty one from both of us she always gets the guys. I have only had one boyfriend his name was Jake but we broke up when I found he had sex with some other bitch. He tried to get back with me so many times but finally he left me alone. The reason he cheated on me was because I wouldn't have sex with him. The only reason I wouldn't have sex with him was because im still a virgin and because I want my first time to be special and with the guy that I love. I know it sound cheese but its true.


'Were here' said Ashley. 'Finally I was starving' I said.


When we were done eating we went back to our house and decided to go to the club. I got dressed and wore a short, strapless black dress with red heels. I curled my hair and did my make up light. I don't wear to much make up. I got my stuff and waited for Ashley down stairs. 'Ashley hurry up you take to long' I yelled. 'Im coming, im coming' she yelled back.


After five more minutes of waiting she finally came down stairs wearing a tight red dress with black heels. her hair was straight and she did her make up light. She grabbed her purse, phone and keys and with that we left.

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