Caught in Between

Emma is a normal teenage girl, but people at school disagree. When her Cousin's friend shows up and takes her under her wing, she gets introduced to One Direction. When Harry and Niall both have the hots for her, who will she choose?


2. Meeting The Gang

That Night after we were done eating, we went and stopped at some stores. It was getting late and I was tired, so I asked Eleanor to take me home. Instead of her saying ok and driving me home she said this. “I do not want you home all alone, by yourself, and that’s why you are going to stay with me!”

    “Fine. I understand.” And she drove to my house so I could pick up clothes and whatnot for tomorrow. I walked out to the car when I realized something. “Eleanor, where is home exactly?” I knew she had moved around a ton because of her boyfriend, but I didn't know who her boyfriend was.

    “Oh, my boyfriend and I are back together now, so you’ll stay with him and me at our house.” Eleanor said with a smile on her face.


    We drove up to a huge house and my mouth dropped open. “Oh my goodness! Is your boyfriend a millionaire?!” I exclaimed still in shock.

    “Haha no. But I think I should tell you who he is now. I've been keeping it on the down low because I didn't really know you yet and you told me you loved One Direction.” Eleanor said, but she paused waiting for my reaction. I just stared at her wide-eyed.

    “Go on!” I said excitedly.

“I’m dating Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.” She said as if a weight had just been lifted off her shoulders.

“That’s so cool! I’m so happy for you!” I said reaching over the seat to give her a hug.

    “I’m so glad you didn't fangirl!” Eleanor said and I just laughed.

    “Well, I mean they’re just normal people living their dream. And, I’m not a stalker like some fans are!” We both laughed and then Eleanor got out of the car and I did too. I went to the trunk and got my bags and stuff out. We walked inside and it was huge!

    “Louis went out with the boys earlier for some drinks. I wouldn't be surprised if you wake up in the morning and they've crashed about the house.” Just then, we heard a car pull up and various laughs. Then we heard keys jingle and footsteps.

    “Eleanor, baby! I’m hooooommmmeeee!!!!” I laughed and walked into the entryway. There he stood the famous Louis Tomlinson. Eleanor had went upstairs to get my room ready while I stayed downstairs. Louis, obviously drunk, must’ve thought I was Eleanor and ran up and hugged me. I stood there laughing when El came down the stairs and almost fell over laughing when she saw my face. 4 more boys walked in and then I managed to push Louis off of me and El came over and took him.

    “Hi boys!” El said as she walked everyone into the lounge room. I followed them. Once everyone took a seat, Eleanor motioned to me to walk in the room. I was standing in the entryway feeling very awkward. I stumbled in and stared at the ground. I managed a simple nod and awkward smile. I don't like it when people stare at me, I don't like it because I always feel like someone's judging me someway, somehow. Eleanor spoke,"Guys, this is Emma. She's my best friend and she'll be staying with us for a while." I looked up to see their expressions,studying each face. As I was looking around I had to take a double take on Harry. That cheeky boy was checking me out! I could feel my cheeks getting redder by the second. I decided to look away and I looked over at Niall. Little Irish was checking me out too! At that point I excused myself to the kitchen for a glass of water.

    I looked around in the cabinets for the cups but I couldn't find any. “Looking for this?” I turn around to see a cheeky Harry smiling the most creepiest smile I've ever seen. I hesitate but grab it from him.

    “Um.... Thanks? What are you doing back here?”

    “Well, I just wanted to see if you needed help finding anything. Or possibly a tour guide to show you around the house?”

    “I would love that.” I smile at him and he turns around, gesturing for me to follow him.

    “Please keep all hands and body parts inside the vehicle at all times. No flash photography.” I laugh and just go along with it. We walk around the house, covering almost every square inch. This took about a half an hour and we finally end up at the backyard. We’re alone. I don’t like this. He’s drunk and I don’t want anything to happen. “You know Emma, I think you’re really pretty.”

“Um. Thanks.” Just then Niall walks out.

“Eeeemmmmaaaa! Eleanor needs to talk to you.”

“Ok. I’ll talk to you tomorrow when you’re sober. Okay?” I looked at Harry.

“I guesss.... But don’t be surprised if you find me asleep in your bed tomorrow when you wake up.” With that I just walk away with a disgusted look on my face. Good thing there’s locks on the door. I think to myself.

    “Did you need me El?” I walk up to El and ask.

    “Ummm.. no. Why?”

    “Oh. Well, Niall said you needed to talk to me. This is awkward.”

    “Well, where were you?”

    “Outside in the backyard talking to Harry. Why?”

    “Just wondering. You better head to bed now. You've had a long day.”

    “Will do Mama Eleanor.” It’s so funny how she treats me like a little kid. I head up to my room and remember to lock the door. Then I put on my PJ's and climb into bed. I shut my eyes and instantly open them again. There’s a knock at my door.

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