Caught in Between

Emma is a normal teenage girl, but people at school disagree. When her Cousin's friend shows up and takes her under her wing, she gets introduced to One Direction. When Harry and Niall both have the hots for her, who will she choose?


4. Embarrassing

Walking into the kitchen, I sit down at the counter and lay my head down. I smell a very strong smell of pancakes and bacon so I look up and Eleanor is waving a plate in front of my face. Once my head is all the way up she sets the plate on the placemat that lies on the marble counter.

    “Thanks El.” I mumbled as I stuffed this delicious breakfast into my mouth. Once I was finished I set my plate in the sink and rinsed off the syrup. “I’m going to take a shower.” I told Eleanor as I walked through the arched doorway going out of the kitchen.

    “There are towels in the closet next to the bathroom.” Eleanor yelled as I was walking up the steps. I went into my room, grabbed my iPod and music player and meandered down the hall. I reached the closet, opened it up, grabbed a soft towel and walked the short distance to the bathroom. Walking in, I could not believe how big it was! There was a beautiful ceramic tub, glass shower, full vanity, toilet, and a white bowl sink with light blue handles. I set my towel down on the rack next to the shower and started undressing. Walking over to the counter where I set my music player and put my iPod on shuffle. I sauntered back over to the shower and turned it on. Stepping in I let the hot water run down my body. It at first gave me chills but then I got used to it. I did my business and stepped out. My music was pretty loud and all of the sudden a Kiss You comes on. Oh crap! I’m in One Direction’s house and my radio is playing a One Direction song. As I’m running towards the stereo in this gigantic bathroom, I slip and fall on the wet floor. Are you serious? The universe must hate me. Instead of getting up, I crawl towards my stereo. I reach up and turn it off. That has got to be one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to me.


I'm so sorry I haven't updated in forever! I have been having a really bad writer's block and I had no motivation to write. So hopefully in the next few days there will be a couple more chapters. Again I'm sorry and I feel reaaallllllllyyyyyyyy bad! 

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