Caught in Between

Emma is a normal teenage girl, but people at school disagree. When her Cousin's friend shows up and takes her under her wing, she gets introduced to One Direction. When Harry and Niall both have the hots for her, who will she choose?


5. Awkward Interactions

What now? After that unfortunate experience I am forced to go downstairs. I really hope nobody heard that.

    “Hey Emma,” Louis saunters over to me, “are you alright? I heard a thud and it sounded like it came from the bathroom.”

    “Oh ya, I’m fine. I just slipped on a rug.” I hesitated.

    “Oh alright. So what do you plan on doing today?”

    “Honestly I don’t know. School’s out for the Summer so I have nothing to do.” Louis was about to say something but Eleanor called for him in the other room.

    “Sorry, can’t ignore the girlfriend.” He smiles and walks to the kitchen. Just then Harry  walks over to me and smiles.

    “Hey babe.”  Harry says to me.

    “Uh, hi.” I respond.

    “I’m sorry about last night. I was drunk and I couldn’t help myself.” He stops and then leans over and whispers in my ear. “Although I was drunk, I’m sober now and you still look beautiful.” I blush and he winks at me and walks into the kitchen for breakfast. At this point I’m grinning like an idiot when I look up to see Niall glaring at me. He notices me and turns around walking back into the living room. What’s his deal?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A/N  I'm sooooooo sorry I have updated since like last year but I had major writers block and I was super busy. I promise to update a whole lot more often and keep the story going. Again I am soooo sorry! 
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