'Ever since that day, daffodils have been my favorite.'


2. chapter two

I sit down on my steps and scrape the concrete with my fingernails as I think back to that day.


I saw you walking down the street towards the pool, where me and Alina were spending the day. 

I left to run home quick because I forgot a towel. I remember the look in your bluish gray eyes. 

I don't know what it meant, but I remember it.

And I remember the way your dark brown hair flopped a little with every step.

A haircut was definitely overdue.

You said hello as I walked by. Your voice was so small.

You were only 13 then, just like me.

So I smiled, but not with my teeth.

I just turned up the corners of my lips and waggled my fingers at you. 

I walked on and after a few steps I turned around to look at you. 

When I did, my eyes met yours and I turned back again, watching my feet hit the ground as I picked up the pace to my house.


I wish I'd said something back.

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