'Ever since that day, daffodils have been my favorite.'


3. chapter three

I sigh and trudge up the gray steps to my front door. I open it and let the cool air greet me just like that day I first saw you.


I stood in my doorway for a few moments then, thinking about the cute boy that just said hi to me.

I went to grab a towel and left again, taking the same 10 minute route I took to my house back to the pool. 

I half expected to see you where I first did, right by the street lamp on Chestnut Avenue.

I was kind of disappointed when I didn't. 

As I walked through the gates to the pool, I perked up a bit, because there you were, splashing around in the water with a blonde boy a little bit taller than you. 

I smiled to myself and walked to Alina, laying my towel on the ground next to her.

I patted it down and spread it out, busying myself and trying not to stare at you. 

But once I sat down, that's all I did. 

"Dillan, what are you looking at?" Alina asked, lowering her sunglasses at me.

I felt a blush spread out from my cheeks as I tore my gaze from you to look at her.

"Uhm, nothing, I just kind of zoned out," I fibbed.

She gave me a look but then let her sunglasses rest on the bridge of her nose once again.

She wiggled a bit trying to find a comfortable position.

I looked back at you and then away.

I vowed that day to never be shy around you if I ever saw you again.


And I did. 


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