A Fight for Love

Natalie and Alisha aren't the kinda people you could call normal. They are always so secretive about what they do and never talk much. Then, one day on one of their missions, they meet two boys. Will they get to know them or will they blow their heads off if they try and move?


3. Stupid crush!

Niall's POV: 

As soon as Natalie and Alisha left, Louis reached over and slapped me.

"OW!" I some-what yelled. "What was that for!?" 

"That's for being stupid and handing over THE PHONE! Niall! We needed that! Now Simon is going to give someone else the next mission!"

"Sorry," I said softly. "SORRY FOR NOT WANTING TO GET MY HEAD SHOT OFF!" I was suddenly really angry. 

I got up and walked out of McDonald's. 

"NIALL! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?" Louis yelled running after me.

I turned around and snapped," I'm going to find those girls and get the phone back!"

"Niall, what's you problem? All of a sudden you just seem so angry," Liam said.

"NOTHING! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" I ran away from them. I had to find those girls. I needed to tell Alisha. I couldn't hold it in any longer. Truth was: I was falling in love with the enemy. Alisha had these beautiful green eyes that twinkled. Her red hair falls over her shoulders so perf- Snap out of it Niall! You have no chance with her! I walked for hours before I came across enemy headquarters. I didn't care. I just walked right in. 

"ENEMY IN HQ! QUICK EVERYONE LOCK AND LOAD!" a voice yelled out. I held my hands up in surrender. 

"DROP YOUR WEAPONS! HE SURRENDERS!" a familiar voice called out behind me. I turned around and put my hands down. Alisha and Natalie were walking towards me. 

"Yeah, I surrender..." I said nervously as I rubbed the back of my neck. 

"What are you doing on our terf? Isn't your little agency gunna fire you?" Natalie snapped.

"Yeah, but I don't care. I came to talk to Alisha," I replied as I looked at her. 

Alisha's POV: 

He came to see me? I started to blush. Natalie noticed and stepped in front of me. 

"Well she's busy right now so uh bye bye!"

I pushed Natalie to the side.

"Nat, I have a few minutes. Just let him tell me whatever he has to say." 

She looked at me with a shocked expression. I nodded at her and handed her my gun. 

"Take it!" she said pushing it towards me. 

"I don't need it," I said. "If he was going to kill me, then he would do it in front of everyone." 

I gestured for Niall to follow me outside. 

"So, Niall, what did you nee-" I was cut off by him pressing his lips to mine. He cupped my face with his hand. 

"NIALL!" Niall was pulled away by Louis and the guy with curly brown hair. 

"ALISHA!" I was pulled away by Natalie. I reached out for Niall, but he wasn't there. I was still in a state of shock and I felt like I needed him. No! Alisha focus! He. is. the. enemy.

"Alisha! Look what you went and did! You kissed the enemy! Sargent Jones won't be too happy and he wants you in his office now." I hung my head and followed Natalie to Sarge's office. 

Niall's POV: 

I felt sparks through the kiss. Louis and the boys gave me a major lecture on how I shouldn't kiss the enemy blah blah blah. I really just zoned them out and thought about Alisha and the kiss. 

"NIALL!" Simon was walking towards me and the boys. Actually he was more stomping towards us. "YOU ARE FIRED!" I stopped in my tracks. What!?

"I'm what!?"

"You are fired! You have crossed the line! Kissing the enemy is something that we can not have if you are going to be in this agency!"

"Please Simon, give me another chance! It won't happen again! I promise! Please!" 

"One last chance Niall!" 

I thanked Simon and went to the break room.

Alisha's POV:


"Yes! You have crossed the line! Kissing the enemy is a no no!" 

"Please, just give me another chance! It won't happen again." 

"Last chance Alisha!" 

I thanked Sargent Jones and left for home with Natalie.

"Alisha, you aren't focusing anymore! Usually I don't focus, but now it's you!" 

"I know Nat, but I felt something in that kiss!" 

"Don't say that Ali! That is going to get you fired!" I nodded my head. I felt through my pockets for my phone and thankfully it was there. I pulled it out and something else fell out. I picked up a small note that read:

call me maybe? -Niall Xx 

It had his number on it. I quickly stuffed it in my pocket and thought about how later I would text him. 

When we got home, I went straight to my room and closed the door. I locked it and took my phone out. I turned off the tracking part of the phone that told HQ everything we text, write, etc. I then typed Niall's # in my phone and saved it. I put it down as confidential so HQ didn't know exactly who it was. I sighed and thought over and over about if I should text him, but I fell asleep dreaming about him before I could. Do I really like the enemy?

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