A Fight for Love

Natalie and Alisha aren't the kinda people you could call normal. They are always so secretive about what they do and never talk much. Then, one day on one of their missions, they meet two boys. Will they get to know them or will they blow their heads off if they try and move?


1. Secret Mission

~Natalie POV~ 

"Come on Natalie. We have to leave before the bomb goes off." Alisha started dragging me away from Jason, who was sacrificing himself to save us. 

"No! We can't just leave him here to die! It's not fair!" I screamed as Alisha pulled me away. I started crying harder now. 

We were walking down a hallway when all of a sudden we heard screaming. We walked down the hallway and crept around a corner.

Standing in front of us were three people, two were standing and the third was in a chair crying and pleading not to kill him. The guy on the right was a pretty tall, about 5'7 with blondish hair, like  me, and ocean blue eyes and had a hand gun pointed to the man in the chair. The guy on the left was taller then the guy on the right, maybe 5'9, with brown hair and bluish eyes and was pointing an MP 47 an the guy in the chair as well. We went around the corner and got behind the two guys, slowly pulling our guns to their heads.

"Turn around and drop your weapons." Alisha yelled out of nowhere. They set their guns down and turned around. Once they saw who we were, the blonde one said "Come on love, you know you're not gonna shoot us. Why don't you just run along like all the other chickens." 

"Shut the hell up and don't tell me what to do or I swear I will shoot the little bit of brains you have out of your head." Alisha snapped pushing him back with her gun.

"A feisty little girl. Cute." The brown haired one said. 

"And who said you can talk?" I questioned, stepping closer to him. 

"Aww. Is this your back-up? A short little blonde with a gun? Not that scary you know." The blonde one said.

Uhh, why can't I just pull the trigger on him yet!?!? I thought to myself as stared him dead in the eye. 

"For your information, we are highly trained secret agents and we are here on a HIGHLY classified case. So why are you two here?" Alisha asked, matter-o-factly. 

The blonde one said something to the brown-haired one and he said "Well for YOUR information, WE are here for a secret mission too. So, what are your names?" 

I looked at him for a while before saying "I'm Natalie and that's Alisha." She jutted me in the arm but I ignored her. "So what's yours?" I asked, not moving a muscle. 

"I'm Louis." The brown-haired one said. 

"And I'm Niall." The blonde said smirking at Alisha. 

"Are you four lovebirds done flirting with each other? I would really like to get out of these ropes you know." 

I looked at the man in the chair in disgust. "How would you like it if I shot you in the head right now?" I yelled at him. Seriously, does he care about anyone other than himself? 

"Please don't!" He cried. We all let out a little laugh at him, but then stopped, focusing on what was happening right now. 

"So when are you going to let us go?" Niall asked looking over at Alisha. I looked over at her and HOLY SUGAR HONEY ICE TEA!!!!! She was blushing!!!!!! NO! She can't do this. She can't like him!! This is going to ruin everything!!I have to do something now. 

"Why the hell do you think we're going to do that." I exclaimed stepping in front of Alisha. 

~Alisha POV~ 

"So when are you going to let us go?" Niall asked looking toward me. I couldn't help but blush. WAIT! WHAT DID I DO?!?!?! No! I can't do this! This will ruin the mission. Luckily, Natalie stepped in front of me and yelled "Why the hell do you think we're going to do that?" 

I looked over at Niall. He was taken aback by surprise. 

"Tough. I like that in a girl." Louis said walking up to Natalie. She lifted her gun to his head and he slowly backed up. 

"Natalie, lets just leave. They're just going to keep acting like dumb asses. It's no use in putting up a fight." I tried pulling her arm, but she didn't budge. 

"If you even think of following us, I'll make sure you will never be able to do anything ever again. Got it?" Holy shiz. Why have I never seen this side of Natalie. She was always the quiet nice one and I had to always drag her along. But now it looks like she's the one dragging me along. 

We ran out of the room and out of the building. We climbed into the van we took to get here and drove off. I was getting bored so I decided to check my phone. I dug into my pockets and expected to pull out my phone, but instead, I found a note that said 'I'm faster then I look-Niall.' 


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