A Fight for Love

Natalie and Alisha aren't the kinda people you could call normal. They are always so secretive about what they do and never talk much. Then, one day on one of their missions, they meet two boys. Will they get to know them or will they blow their heads off if they try and move?


4. New kids

I woke up realizing I had forgotten to text Niall. I checked my phone to see what time it was. 

"Shit," I muttered to myself as I ran to my closet to get ready for school. I threw on some clothes and ran out the door. 

"Hey, what took you so long?" Natalie asked as I walked to the bus stop. 

"I woke up late. So what did I miss?" I said as we got on the bus. 

"Oh nothing, just the fact that we were on the news!" Natalie squealed, and I did too. She showed me the video from the news and it just so happened to be of what had happened last night at McDonald's. I started laughing the whole way to school. 

When we arrived at school and we were in 1st period, I noticed something odd. It was like the tension was trying to debate whether to be happy, worried, or scared. Everyone kept looking at the left side of the class. I couldn't see what they were looking at so I decided to go and check it out. When I got over there, my jaw dropped. 

"What are YOU doing here?" I asked as I stared at Niall and Louis and 3 other boys. I've never seen any of them before, and I'm pretty sure if they were here before, I would've noticed. 

"Is this the one from yesterday?" The one with dark black hair asked as he looked at Niall. He nodded and than the one with short mohawk said "Why don't you just give us that phone and we'll leave you alone?" 

I stared at him in disbelief. "And may I ask, why should I? It is mine you know."

"Well that has some vary important information that we need, so I do believe you should give it to us." A guy with a mop of curls on his head said. 

Right when he said that, Natalie came over. 

"And may I ask, who are you?" She asked as she looked around at the boys. 

~Natalie POV~ 

I was sitting at my desk reading when I saw Alisha talking to some guys. I walked over and looked around. I saw 5 boys, and 2 of them looked oddly familiar. 

"And may I ask, who are you?" I pointed to the one with the curls. 

"Why I'm Harry, and you are?" He said, smirking. 

Uhh! I hate guys that do that. "I'm Natalie. What about you guys?" I asked as I turned to the rest. I froze as my eyes landed on him. Louis. The one who's eyes you could spot a mile away. The one who had that same mischievous expression on his face as if he were always up to no good. That expression reminded me of someone, but who? Oh yeah, me. 

"Well, since you asked nicely, I'll tell you. I watched closely as Louis introduced everyone. "This is Zayn, Liam and you already met Harry." 

As he explained, I looked over to my right to see Alisha and Niall staring directly at each other. No! She can't be doing this. She can't be falling for the enemy! If she does that, then we will loose all our missions. I have to stop this before it gets any worse. Without thinking, I said "Why are you guys here anyway?" I'm glad I said that because Alisha snapped out of her gaze and looked at me. 

"We are here because we need an education. So if I were you, I would go sit back down before you get us all in trouble." Liam said out of nowhere. 

Alisha grabbed my arm and led me back to my seat. This was going to be a long day. 

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