2. Uncertain

She shook her head and said

"My moms calling me quick come with me"

she  grabbed my arm like we were one and ran to this huge mansion which must be her home. I noticed a marble fountain sitting on the right side of the lawn, an angel which was perched on the side looking at the sky  while water  spurted on the right side of its hand which gently fell towards the crystal blue pool beneath it. The beach lay behind the backyard where the grass turned in to brown textured sand.

"Wow" I whispered in my head

She ran upstairs whilst holding my hand and locked me in her room. She ran downstairs in a snap knowing her mom would be mad/suspicious. I was just sitting there and before i knew it a little girl came in that looked like the beautiful girl I saw and she screamed. 

"Omg are you Harry Styles ahhhhh"

I was awfully confused at the moment

"um who is Harry styles"

"he is part of a band called "One Direction!!!"

"Oh really i don't even know what that is"

She still looked hyped and showed me a magazine with the band one direction. I spotted a mirror right beside me and glared once more at the picture and then at myself. I stared at myself for 15 more minutes and noticed how attractive I was. I had brown luscious curly hair with grey eyes like the sky on a rainy day (don't worry i'm not in love with myself) The beautiful girl cam upstairs and entered her room with her mouth dropped open when she saw her sister.

"Frapp Frapp Frapp, Lucy get out now and don't tell mom or ill kill you,."

"but Rosaline Rosaline its  Harry my husband he is from one direction omg"


"Rosa just look at this magizine they look exactly alike"

"Yes they do Lucy"







srry if it doesnt make sense i'm still working on it, not that keen with fanfics

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 ~k bye shemurrtilkins

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