3. Hazzed

 I was sitting there awkwardly and thinking hard about meeting the other boys in the magazine right then the girls father turned on the Tv and we could all hear it.  'breaking news Harry Styles is missing the question here is where did he go' 

"Harry omg how long do you think you've been missing" she said in a worried voice 

"I don't know" I mumbled

"Your not helping yourself, god i'm trying to help you" Rosaline shouted

*step *step *step "Harry hide in my closet i think my moms coming" whispered Rosaline hesitantly

I  ran to her closet and i smell a pretty fume that filled up my nose from all the clothes ,. I feel something next to me it felt humanly. It was Lucy Rosalines younger sister.

"What are you doing here" I asked

"Harry I love you you beautful boy' she proclaimed I was rather uncomfortable and told her to please get out before her mom found out anything else

"girls what are you up to" 

"Nothing mom we are just hanging" answered Rosaline

"Ha ha the first time i've seen you two 'hanging" stated the mom 

"Mommy Mommy Harry is at our house he is so cute!! eeekk" screamed Lucy 

"Right... now go do your homework missy and stop day dreaming" 


She walked out the door to her room and I could hear Rosaline in relief and a 'phew'  I got out of the closet and stared at Rosaline oh how beautiful she was. She  really did want to help me get back where i belonged but she still seemed shocked that I was Harry Styles that hot guy in a boy band. She looked back at then stared at the wall for a good 2 minutes I wonder what she was thinking about.


I can't believe that he is in one direction a boy band. I really do want to help him but at the same time I don't. I actually like him I want him to stay but how will I convince him?  I just wanted to touch his lucious curls, he seemed to be perfect for me.  The other side of me is saying that I should just help him and get over with it, and besides he is so not my type.

 -end of P.O.V-









More chapters coming soon depending on the likes that it gets 

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what do you think happens next ???.





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