Your Superhero

You spent your teen years loving 5 people who don't even know you exist. You spent it stuck in your bedroom, on a laptop. You sat looking into a screen waiting for the people you love just to come online for a moment. Just to tell them you love them. You were called names, fat, ugly, stupid, worthless. You came depressed but these 5 boys always made you smile again. You never got to meet them. 10 years have past, and finally, Diana, you get to meet them.


2. Chapter 2

We made our way down to the car park outside of the apartment block. Georgia and I shared a car. We were students with part time jobs, so we aren't going to have two fancy cars. We had a mini. Georgia choose it, I would have rather had a vintage beetle, but this was my second choice so it's only fair. I tapped my fingers on the top of the car as Georgia scramble through her purse to find the keys. "Don't worry, take your time. It's not like we have anywhere to go." I said sarcastically, giving a small grin. "Oh shut up, I got 'em now." She said pulling them out of her purse and shaking them above her head. Georgia took the drivers seat today, well actually this week. We take it in turns. One week she drives, and the second I drive, and so on.


"You working tonight?" Georgia asked me. "Nah, boss is being nice for once and letting me have the day off." I work in Marks and Spencer's, the dream job right. It's just part time until I complete my course in Uni. And lets just say my boss isn't the nicest. Once when I was working at the tills, I was serving someone who so happened to go to my secondary school. To some people that would be like best friends being reunited, but to me it was my worst nightmare. She of course used to be one of the many who bullied me, and well never stopped not even now. She decided to tell my boss that I was being 'rude' and 'disrespectful' whatever. But my boss shouted at me and lowered my pay. She still hates me, and I did nothing. Oh well, I need the job so I better stop complaining. 


It wasn't long until we had made it to our university. I stepped out of the car and swung my book bag over my shoulder. I patted down my oversized jumper and fixed my new locket to the middle of my chest. Georgia confidently walked aside me as we walked to our first lecture. She is definitely gotten more confident since I met her. And I'm being honest saying that she is beautiful, I really don't understand why she was bullied when she was younger. I wish I looked like her. I don't think I'm 'ugly' as such, but I'm just not pretty enough to stand out. I'm just kinda here, not needed, a waste of space. Ok, stop putting yourself down Diana. It's your birthday, be happy.


We sat down in our seats for the lecture, Georgia was on one side of me and some guy on the other. I reached into my book bag and grabbed my notepad and a few other books. I couldn't find my pen. I nudged Georgia elbow. "Do you have a spare pen?" I whispered. "Erm no, sorry." She replied. I felt a tap on my shoulder, turned to face the guy on my other side. "Here, I have a spare one." He handed it to me. He had his brown hair spiked upwards and blue eyes. I smiled and reached to take the pen off him, until he used it to write something on a ripped piece of paper. He gave the pen and paper back to me with a wink. It said 'Gimme a call - +449369738  David x'  I felt Georgia hit me in the arm a few times. "What?" I laughed. "What do you mean what? Some guy just gave you his number!" She whispered/squealed. "So?" "Soooo you will probably get a boyfriend soon!" She answered. "Not likely." I said slipping the paper in my jeans pocket. Before she could reply, the lecture had started. This is not gonna end well. Two problems. One, I find it hard to trust people. Second, I push people away. 


A/N: I'm sorry I haven't updated in like forever, had a lot of tests, homework and I'm lazy oops. I will do better. Promise! Vote, comment, fan! Thanks :) 

- Niamh x

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